The only thing that I didn't like about this room is the chairs. They aren't bad, but when you sit down for 3 or more hours they can get really uncomfortable. I did however, discover that if you ask, management will give you a seat cushion like most of the dealers use. Other than that I really enjoyed the Luxot experience.

There was a pretty good range of players at the table. I was there for just under 6 hours and there were 4 seats that were like a revolving door of dead money. The other 4 seats were filled with solid players. If you have never played no-limit I would highly suggest this for starters. The play was all around solid and as soon as I figured out who to stay away from I was just fine. Anyone who knows their way around a limit table should fair fine at this room.

I was really pleased with all of the dealers who sat at my table except one who was a little grumpy with players in seats 3 and 7 because she couldn't reach across the table to rake their bets. However the rest of the crew more than made up for her. They were personable, but not to the point that it slowed up the game and made no major mistakes.

The cocktail waitresses were very good all around. The drinks were at the table faster than most restaraunts I ate at during my stay. No real knocks outs here, but solid service.

Mangement was very friendly and helpful. Best room that I visited during my entire stay. They were around checking on everyone and saw to it that everyone was seated as quickly as possible.

High hand prizes up to $20, Badbeat jackpot $1000 (I think), Decent poker room rates, Rake Chop for player that log 15+ hours, and I got a $4 meal ticket for playing about 4.5 hours. Not too many rooms have that many comps so I'd have to rate these comps some of the best in Vegas.

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