Decent room. Nice tables with auto shufflers.

Mostly drunk tourists. No locals at the table I was at. Everyone was drunk, and with the $50 max buy in, no one seemed to care about losing the money. Wished I hadn't have been card dead.

There were three dealers that cycled through my table. The first had no personality, and looked like he had better places to be. Very robotic, but no mistakes. The second acted like he was in a comedy show, adding jokes and commentary to every deal. Many times he tried to goad people into calling, called out possible hands after a card was dealt, and made several mistakes. I didn't mind the comedy, as bad as it was. But his commentary on the hands was very unproffessional. When a flop came two diamonds, and I checked called with the nut flush draw, he said "someones on the draw". When the diamond hit the turn, he told the table to "fold to his bet, he sucked out the flush." I made no money on the hand because of this, and was extremely ticked. I told him to keep his mouth shut, and that it was his job to deal, not immitate Norm Chad. I mentioned it to the floor man, who did nothing but shrug his shoulders and go back to counting money.

Played for over an hour, and only got cocktail service once. She took 20 minutes to bring the beer, and never showed up again.

Both floor people seemed very disinterested in the players in line to sign up for tables. The 1/2 NL table had two open spots when I signed up, but still took them 10 minutes to seat me. When I informed them of the dealer's habit of commenting on hands during play, they literally said nothing, and blew me off.

Didn't sign up for a card, but was told the rate was $1/hr, average for the strip.

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