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sixfivesuited wrote a review about Mountaineer Casino in New Cumberland, WV

Cash games all day? Yeah right...

Their Website advertises all day cash games. Today was the third time I went there in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday and was told they didn’t have any games available because of the tournament using all of their dealers, and it would be “a few hours” until they would run cash games. Tournament had 48 players on 5 tables and there were at least 6 tables not being used for the tournament play. I went with another player, and there were others waiting, As they had started a list, but, like myself, players were walking away when told that it could be a couple hours. This wasn’t a Tuesday at 3 o’clock in the morning mind you, it was Sunday afternoon at 2:30 in the afternoon. This poker room pulled the same crap a few months ago with the exact same situation, a Sunday afternoon with half their tables full, but no one to spread the game. I understand if they are using all the tables for tournament, as they were one time on the last Sunday of the month due to their bounty tournament, however I thought it was @#$% to be less than half The capacity of the tables, and not have dealers available. I certainly won’t ever go back with the intention of playing cash game there, three strikes and you’re out mountaineer....Pay the dealers enough to be there whether they are dealing poker or not, you are a casino, basically a license to print money, and keep your patrons happy. My wife probably would have dropped a couple hundred on slots while I played poker, but instead we took the short drive up to Pittsburgh and spent our money there.

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