(309) 698-6693
Minimum Age:
Poker Tables:
4 Tables
Daily: 9am-6am
AvocadoTrees wrote a review about Par-a-Dice Casino in East Peoria, IL

Only Card Room in Area

Below average poker room. Dark Dingy 5 table room at the top of the River Boat. Only place within 2 hours. Just a no frills poker room. Regardless of the pros and cons below, the room gets the job done if you're looking for poker. I will return when jn town.

-dark room with bad lighting
-room just seems dirty
-seats are hard as rocks. Have plenty of cushions available. Need 2 to suffice
-seats have no support. You can't sit up straight because you will lean back in chair
-dealers are barely average. Do not expect anything exceptional from these folks and I'd watch things close if you're in a hand
-bathroom downstairs
-not on bravo app
-straddle UTG only

-only poker room within 2+hours
-you can buy chips at table
-cocktail service okay
-outdoor smoking area 10 FT away from tables. With heated structure.
-complimentary fountain soda 10ft away
-vending machine 10 FT away
-call in list
-4 TVs. And magazines available to read while waiting
-$4 10%rake
-have a jackpot
-usually have 2 games running 1-2 NLH

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azole wrote a review about Par-a-Dice Casino in East Peoria, IL

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