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First I want to say that Red Rock is super close to my house so my frustration with this poker room is even more upsetting.

The last game I went to here I got there late. I was an alternate & about 20 minutes later they opened a new table.

Last night, however, I made a concerted effort to get there ON TIME so I wouldn't have that problem. Unfortunately, I STILL don't know where the best place is to park & I ended up parking in the East Garage (I think that's the one) and it was all the way on the other side of the casino. So once I made my way to the Poker Room the blinds JUST rolled to 15:58 (they are 20 minutes long) and I was FOUR MINUTES LATE. I was told they had no tables & was put on a wait list behind about 8 other people. I was told they only had 4 tables because all the others were cash tables & once a cash table broke they would open a new tournament table. Wait - you are telling me I need to wait for TEN people to get up from A CASH TABLE or 8 people to get knocked out of this tourney (and not rebuy) before I can get in? Tournament director assures me this just happened yesterday & it is no problem. So I waited for 40 minutes. The blinds are 20 minutes long. Finally I gave up & left & of course 7 minutes later he texted there was a table available. So basically what I am saying is unless you are a regular Or an early bird or read this - you won't know you will have to wait 47 minutes just to get in the game if you aren't EARLY. He literally told me it fills up by 6:15 & the game starts at 6:35. So this is a consistent problem?

I've never in my life had to get to a tournament more than 20 minutes before start just to get IN the game. So - the point is. DO NOT GO TO THIS TOURNAMENT unless you can get there 1/2 hour early. Which, then I don't want to get to a casino 1/2 hour early & sit around & wait for 1/2 hour before the tournament. So, I really doubt I'll go back which really sucks because they OBVIOUSLY have a lot of regulars who fill up the game immediately & I could have been one - if I had the patience to wait an hour to get in the game & be at a huge disadvantage because I missed an HOUR of the game where I could build my stack & learn my table.

So - Red Rock - it seems like you should expand your poker room and add some tables, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table. I am not the first person to run into this - anyone else who has might not even bother to come to the game if they can't get there early & if you have that many people waiting to get INTO the game for an hour & many more came in after me,, then that is thousands of dollars that is not being added to the prize pool or your rake - DAILY?

And this probably isn't the casino's fault but for some reason the last time I went there the guarantee was a lot less than the guarantee on Poker Atlas

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