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Wed: 2pm-midnight (Closing after Aug. 31, 2016)
  • Rockingham Park Poker Room
Aces Up wrote a review about Rockingham Park in Salem, NH

Dealer @#$%

I've been enjoying poker at Rockingham for about 10+ years now. Management Staff and dealers come and go. I find them friendly, professional and on occasion, pretty entertaining. However, recently; they hired Ashley. Let me tell you about Ashley....oh wait, better yet, if you have the MISFORTUNE of sitting at one of her tables, within 1 minute of sitting, she will tell you how great she is and that she is the daughter of "Big Al" - one of the Management Team. She will tell you how she should have not lost her seniority as she used to work in the concession stand.... she will tell you how great she is at softball and how everyone finds her pretty.... and that she deals quads everyday. She does not shut up. Ever. When she gets rotated out, we ALL sigh a breath of relief. She rolls her eyes at management after they stop to watch her deal [as they do for all dealers]. She makes a commotion when she arrives and leaves. Everyone in the room knows exactly where she is as she is that disruptive. Too bad something cannot be done about her. If they took a blind survey, perhaps they can get a better idea of how this woman tortures us at the table. I used to attend 6 days a week and now have cut it down as she has impeded on my poker enjoyment. I wish management can see what we see.... Someone needs to tell her to take it down 10 notches or have the nerve to tell Big Al to keep her at home! Note: The rating below is for the experience at Rockingham WITHOUT taking Ashley into consideration!!

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