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60 Tables
Wed: 2pm-midnight (Closing after Aug. 31, 2016)
  • Rockingham Park Poker Room
bigwilly wrote a review about Rockingham Park in Salem, NH

poker at track more like poker at dump

I'm a very active poker player...playing between 4-6 days a week....the only reason I still attend that dump of a room is because of all the fish that are there...the room is disgusting. .trash everywhere, spills of beverages all over the floor...I'm a 2-4 player and they have the main game by the toilet. ..whoever made that decision should be fired immediately. .the place is a dump ...and most of the dealers DONT HAVE A CLUE ON WHAT THERE DOING....there more focused on getting high or getting laid than they are about running a poker game....I'm embarrassed to play there...but the play is so horrible. .I've made over 35k in 4 months playing. ...thanks to all u fish

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