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60 Tables
Wed: 2pm-midnight (Closing after Aug. 31, 2016)
  • Rockingham Park Poker Room
thewolf wrote a review about Rockingham Park in Salem, NH

Rockingham for the poker lover

I've been up to Rockingham Park a bunch of times this winter, and while the place is no resort, it's got a lot of what you might want if, like me, you just want to play cards.

Are the floors dirty? Yeah. Are the tables beautifully groomed? Nah.

But a bunch of the dealers can deal, the competition is pretty passive at 1/2 NL, and if you're one of those who _must_ have a massage at the table, you can get that.

I personally love the weird feel of playing at an old racetrack. Come check this place for a no-frills poker game on the up and up.


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