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  • Silks @ Tampa Bay Downs

Other than the old players that are just there to sit around and wait for a high hand all day/everyday. This poker room is a great room. The staff and dealers are down to earth and are there to make your life as stress free as possible. First time going and I felt like I knew the dealers as friends, ever since I keep going back. The view from the tables over the track is awesome too. They just got some new tables which are very nice but could use some more comfortable chairs. I would definitely recommend going and trying out the silks and see for yourself.

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The Silks Poker Room Promotions

Daily / 10am - 1pm & 1am - Close All 4 of kind and higher using both cards get paid cash prizes (pocket pair for 4 of a kind)

Sunday - Thursdays 10a - 1p / Highest Full House of each 1/2 Hour Wins $100 *1 card pays 50%

Sundays & Mondays / 1pm - 1am / Every 30 Minutes / $200 High Hand Payouts / Aces full of 10's minimum *1 card pays 50%

Tuesday - Thursdays / 1pm - 1am / Every 30 Minutes / $300 High Hand Payouts / Aces full of 10's minimum *1 card pays 50%

Friday & Saturdays / 10a - 1p / All High Hands (4 of a kind and higher) $500 on 2/5 NL / $400 on 1/3 NL/ $300 on 1/2 NL/ $200 on 1/1 NL / Both cards play (pocket pair for 4 of a kind)

During all high hand periods all qualifying hands (4 of a kind or better) using both cards that do not win will get paid $50 each / 4 of a kind must be a pocket pair

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21 days ago

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