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10 Tables
Daily: 2pm to 4am
  • Turtle Creek Casino

Yes you read correctly, the ONLY poker room in a very large multicounty area in northern michigan that believes it is not important enough to the casino bottom line to keep open. It runs 4 tournaments a week and a monthly that always have 3 to 6 tables (6 table room) playing. A large and mostly elderly social poker community has developed over the 3 decades in existence that will literally have no place to gather in a non smoking organized fashion that is legal. The players have tried to do their part, the poker room "Management" has no clue how to do theirs. The Symbiotic relationship of poker room to casino is very important or all you have is a BIG slot palace. Good luck Turtle Creek slot palace. Enjoy the fruits of the $215,000 bad beat that you will be keeping, paid for by all the poker players over the 3 years that it wasn't hit.

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