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Staff are top notch and friendly. Great service. Competent dealers. The only issue I have are the valet parking... Read More

Great Sat tournament good format and deep stack, the only thing wrong is it starts too late in the day, it would be... Read More

Not only is this the nicest most comfortable card room in San Antonio, but the staff is also very accommodating.... Read More

Poker in Southern Nevada

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In addition to the famous attractions of Las Vegas, the Southern Nevada regions of Pahrump, Laughlin and Mesquite are the sites of some competitive poker fare. Indeed, the Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino poker room is like a miniature taste of Vegas. Affordable daily tournaments run to give you the chance for a solid poker fix if you wander away from the bright lights of Sin City. The Eureka Hotel & Casino offers a nice selection of tournaments and cash games. Of course, one other main draw to Southern Nevada for poker lovers is the availability to play fully legal and regulated online poker. So long as you stay within the state’s borders, you can play!

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