2014 World Series of Poker Schedule

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The 2014 World Series of Poker Schedule is Now Available on PokerAtlas!

The Rio Las Vegas will host the 45th Annual World Series of Poker running from May 27th - July 14th, 2014. This year's WSOP will feature 65 bracelet events with an expected combined $200 million in prize money, and a $10,000,000 guaranteed 1st place prize to the winner of the $10,000 Main Event.

• NEW $1,000 PLO event added - May 28th
• $1,500 NLH "Millionaire Maker" with $1 million 1st Prize - May 31st
• NEW $1,500 Dealer's Choice event - June 19th
• 10 Mixed Events with both $1,500 and $10,000 Championship bracelets
• $1,000,000 buy-in "Big One for One Drop" event – June 29th
• $10,000,000 Guaranteed 1st Prize in the $10k Main Event July 5th – July 14th
• Daily Deepstacks are back – running daily at 3pm, 6pm, and 10pm.

See the full WSOP schedule and details on every event at:

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  1. I will be there! Hoping to play one or two of the smaller WSOP events, and will try to get in to the Main. I think it will be a big turnout this year, especially if WSOP runs online satellites!

  2. I'm planning on coming to play at the Golden Nugget, Venetian, and hopefully an AVP event ;)

  3. I'm confused as to the purpose of the $10 mil ME guarantee. I guess it just gives the press a big number to throw out there. But I don't know how that's going to get someone that wasn't going to play the ME to change their mind. You're playing for the title and a boatload of money no matter what!

  4. I'm calling Badeucy and Badacy EVERY time!

  5. Damn good job on the mixed games. The 10k's are a little self-serving to WSOP because the odds are pretty good some big names will win those events so it helps publicity. But it's cool big dogs and the casual player will get to play them. Dealer's choice will be insane as you can see by Petey there. Dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge ...

  6. Anyone feel like plunking down the $25,300 for the One Drop Satellites? Whee!

    Glad they got rid of the Carnivale Events. It was a nice idea on paper but running 3 different series didn't make sense along with everything else going on in town. The deepstack events were great last year.

  7. @Jon - What do think the line is on players in the Main with online satellites running? And does that actually some of the other events close to the Main with people maybe staying in their rooms/homes to try to get in online?

  8. Saw the 4-max is gone. That kinda sucks. That was a pretty good event but I guess the pros get a bunch of 10k's so something had to go.

    No open-face chinese event. I think that was a good call. They made a ton of money on that for the cash games and I'm sure they'll be spreading that. It's not a bracelet event.

    Weekend of 6/13-6/15 looks like the pro break weekend. That weekend is pretty light.

    Good week for the mixed game players - Dealers Choice, PPC and 8 game in an 8 day span.

    Intriguing event is going to be the Monster Stack. See how that blows up.

  9. No one is going to be tanking the heads-up in the Main Event now. It's going to be a 4.5-5 million dollar jump now from 1st to 2nd.

  10. That dealer's choice is going to be a damn nightmare! I'd be willing to bet it's going to have a pretty good turnout and all of sudden some of their rookie dealers who don't know Omaha from Oklahoma are going to get forced into dealing it. I can hear the floor calls coming now - may be a WSOP one-event record. My prediction is a disaster!!!!

  11. Oh, cmon. You don't they'll be ready for that. And I don't think the turnout's going to be anything they can't handle.

    Honestly, I think this is the best schedule they've had in a long time. It's really got something for everyone and the mixed game crowd will be happy. And the everyday player should be happy all those 10k's are out there - gets the pros out of the way.

    Nice job to the WSOP. :wink:

  12. Amazingly enough, they managed to f#ck up the Big One for One Drop. First, why the hell are they playing it at Caesar's (a dying card room). So now you have to bounce venues if you want to watch and who's going to do that? Second, that Sunday start is dumb. The business men want to play Friday to Sunday and they probably just shut some out. Not good.

  13. Didn't see that on the One Drop. That is a HUGE mistake taking it to Caesar's. Be interested to hear the rationale behind that.

  14. No one commented on the 10 mil guarantee for 1st in the Main? Definite marketing ploy there. I did look over the payout chart and it really only hits the top guys. The lower payouts it's a very marginal loss from the prizes.

  15. The blowout tourney is going to be the Monster Stack. 1500 with a 15k starting stack? That's going to be a HUGE draw!

  16. People had better start learning those mixed games. I'm going to get into some of the $1500 buy-ins and load up. NLH will always be there but that's where the money is going to be eventually because the Hold 'Em games are going to get too hard to win.

  17. Those big buy-in mixed games are there because the pros begged for them. It's a huge advantage event for them because that's mostly what they're playing now in the high roller events. It's a good chance to swallow up some fish if they enter.

  18. @DontEvenWasteYourTime FYI - Big One for One Drop is not being held at Caesars. Contrary to earlier announcements back in October stating it would held at Caesars, PokerAtlas has confirmed with WSOP it will be held at the Rio.

  19. I'm pretty excited about the Millionaire Maker again. It was wild last year and can't wait to hit it again. Just pre-register because the lines last year were ridiculous.

  20. LOVE THIS SCHEDULE! We mixed game players are going to have an awesome summer!

  21. The surprise draw of the tourney will be the Monster Stack tourney. Getting all those chips will be big for rec players. Watch the numbers on that one.

  22. Honestly, the best buys are the Daily tourneys. Don't wait until the last week of the Main to play them but they had some massive prize pools last year. Then you can win your way into the ME and not worry about it!

  23. The biggest event on the calendar may end up being the Monster Stack. Extra chips just make people feel warm and fuzzy. And who won't want to play that?

  24. How can anyone not get excited about the Big One for One Drop? It may not be an event many people can play but it is a sight to see. Watching it two years ago was incredible and I'm sure it'll be even better this time around with so much on the line. If you can go, watch it!

  25. I'll be there...the daily Deep Stack's are great tournaments with a relatively soft field. Good money making opportunity.

  26. @Goosebumps I agree about the $200 deep stack tourneys. They have some incredible value that gets overshadowed by the primary WSOP tourneys. Last year I played in a $200 that had nearly 1,500 players and 1st place was something like $50k.

  27. The deepstack tourneys are a VERY good value. Probably going to play a few WSOP events and hit the deepstacks tourneys hard.

  28. Very excited about the WSOP this year! The $1500 mixed game tourneys are going to be my home plus the Dealer's Choice. It's going to be something else this year. Great schedule!

  29. These events all sound cute but I want the 10 million. Gonna get it too. Bring on the Phils and The Beast. I've got a cheering section too!

  30. Why is everyone forgetting about the Millionaire Maker? Does anyone remember the insane lines from last year? That thing is a must play.

  31. Trying to decide which $1k to play besides the millionaire. Anyone know which one will be the best? Or is it better to play 2 DSE events?

  32. @BigDog223 I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, although the first couple of events and last couple before the Main are usually the biggest.

  33. Ummmm I HOPE I can go! And more importantly, I hope I can PLAY!