AVP/PA Dealers Choice game @ Mirage, Sat 7/5, 7:30p

Announcement by JonFriedberg Posted

We have a plan!

AlaskaGal1 has been kind enough to reserve us a table at Mirage for our own Dealers Choice game! It is up to those that show up to play whatever we want (well, except for 52-pickup or building card houses), but the game will start out as Dealers Choice with 3/6 blinds for Limit Games and 1/2 for NL or PL games. Our table will be reserved starting at 7:30, but feel free come a little earlier if you'd like.

PokerAtlas will be buying us pizza around 8p for those that are hungry, and Mirage will be comping us beverages!

Hope to see y'all there! Feel free to RSVP below!


  1. I'm in. Love dealers choice, and really appreciate Kristy AlaskGal giving us some comfortable chairs and a table to play on :)

  2. well i will try to be there by 11:30 if all works out. hope the game runs late.

  3. I'm planning on being there. Love me some mixed games, so good to get another chance to play them.

  4. Unless I'm deep in a tourney I intend to be there. Sounds like a blast!

  5. We had a blast playing Dealers Choice tonight at Mirage! Thanks to everyone for coming and to AlaskaGal1 for making it happen!

  6. @JonFriedberg Bravo shows the game still going at 4am

  7. @ingermort - yeah the last 4 of us broke up about 4:30AM.