"Big Game" Promos in Vegas


I'm opening this thread for "Big Game" promos in Vegas. I will list what we have now, and if we learn of any more, we list them here in a follow-up post. If you know of any we are not listing here, please post them below. Please don't hesitate to call the room itself for more details. Thanks.

MGM: Begins 11am on Sunday, runs until 2am on Monday // $3/hr comps during the promo // Random Seat Winners every 15 minutes draw a prize envelope // Players can also draw a prize envelope by flopping a flush and winning the pot // Players will draw from a prize drum with prizes of $25, $50, $100 or Bonus Drum // If they draw Bonus Drum they get to select from the drum of prizes left over from the Playoff Push drawing that is held on Saturday. // Depending on the prizes selected Saturday, there could be up to three $2k prizes and two $5k prizes available in this drum. MGM is guaranteeing at least one $2k prize to be available.

MIRAGE: Football squares worth $400 each during the game. Players earn squares for five hours of play from now until 2pm game day.

CLUB FORTUNE: Football squares during the game. Squares are worth $50, $100, $150 and $200 (1st quarter thru game end). Players get square for full house of better starting January 31. Drawings at 7pm ($50) 8pm ($50) and 9pm ($100), players get drawing tickets for winning max raked pots that day.

MANDALAY BAY: All scores worth $50 with multipliers plus 4 random seat drawings before and after game.


  1. the last place you would want to play if you are a tourist are these rooms with "random" seat drawings. they are filled with local nits, with short buy-ins, just sitting around waitng
    for AA or their name to be called.

    the best rooms in town don't need these silly promos, they will be filled with actual players
    and you get to keep more money from the pots you do win since their is no "promotional"