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We are extremely excited to announce that in celebration of All Vegas Poker moving to PokerAtlas, we are hosting an AMA with living poker legend, 10-time WSOP Champion, Doyle Brunson.

Doyle is to poker what George Washington is to the USA. He literally invented Texas Hold'em as we know it, has 10 WSOP gold bracelets, and can tell more stories about poker than Shakespeare can recite literature.

Doyle ("TexDolly") will be joining the PokerAtlas (and AVP) community on Sunday, May 18th from 6-7pm PST...and it is his first ever AMA! Pretty cool, right?!

Doyle has gladly accepted our invite to field all of our questions...and give us his candid, honest, and uncensored answers about anything that we want to ask. So now what?

Post your questions for Doyle by commenting below, and from 6-7pm PST on May 18th, he will be here live on PokerAtlas typing his responses to everyone's posted questions AND any questions that are asked live while he's with us.

We all have our icons in life. In poker, no one has had more significance on the game than Doyle Brunson, and we are honored to have him join us. We sure hope that you all take advantage of this rare opportunity to ask the biggest name in the game anything you'd like! And even if you don't have any questions for him, please feel free to say a quick hello or even thank him for joining us at PokerAtlas!


  1. What is your favorite WSOP event?

  2. Do you think the rise of legal online poker is good for the game?

  3. Do you play online poker? If so what site?

  4. What is your favorite moment in poker of all time?

  5. If you could play anyone heads up for rollz, who would it be?

  6. who taught you how to play poker and how old were you?

  7. what is your favorite poker scene from a movie?

  8. Are we supposed to be asking questions now?

  9. @IronSheik Yes, post your questions now to make sure they are asked on the 18th!

  10. Of all the games that are played in casinos,which takes the most skill? I would say Razz.What do you think?

  11. what is the funniest thing youve ever seen anyone bet at the tables?

  12. THANKS DOYLE! Very cool. I have been a fan of yours and Todds for several years. Hope to see you both at the WSOP final table this year!

    I have a few questions...

    Do you ever really play 10-2, or do you fold that hand like the book says to?

    Do you think the best poker players are the long-time pros such as yourself, or the internet kids that play so many hands everyday?

    Poker became very popular from 2003-2007, then fizzled out a little. Where do you see poker going in the next 10 years?

  13. I qualified for the WSOP for the first by winning a local league. Will be playing in a $1000 buy in event. I am curious what advice you might offer to someone playing in such a large field for the first time? Thanks!!

  14. Doyle, in a cash game, you have several people that are overly aggressive by raising big pre- flop every hand. How is the best way playing these players?

  15. At what point did you see the start of rise of poker to the mainstream? At that point, how big did you imagine it would be as far as the TV exposure, tournament prize money, sponsorships and making poker players household names? How does it compare to where we are now?

  16. I won a Main Event seat best advice you can give me?

  17. Do you miss the 70's and playing against the greatest players from that time, like Johnny Moss?

  18. Has your wife ever given you a bad time about spending too much time playing poker ??

  19. Stepping away from Poker for a minute ... how have you and your wife managed to raise two great kids?

  20. What is your favorite poker room and why?

  21. When you play cash games, do you have 100% stake in yourself, or do you have backers?Same question for wsop events the past 10 years.

  22. Where could get your books autographed?

  23. Doyle in cash games it seems that everyone says you have to be aggressive. Why? I am not aggressive and I actually am the one taking pots from players playing too many hands.

  24. With all these books and forums telling me how to play and win at poker is ok to get u started. But everyone is different. I can't play like you to have it work. To be successful I found I have to develop my on style. If not being aggressive works for me. That doesn't mean I won't be a winning player because everyone else is or forcing themselves to be. What's your opinion ?

  25. Doyle. When you flop top pair on a board 10c-7d-4c. And holding a hand like K9 or even J-10. If someone bets 1/2 or 2/3 of pot into you would you call, raise or fold. So many people try to win the pots on bluffs or even second pair. How's the best way playing hands like this?

  26. Last question. I meant K-10. Not K9

  27. Do you agree not to call raises in cash games for no more than 5% to 7% of your stack? I play $2-$5 no limit I see a lot of over raising pre flop in these games a lot

  28. My question "What's the biggest difference in how you play hands in large cash games versus tournaments?"

  29. Hey Doyle everyone knows you have one of the fastest scooters in Vegas (good for taking their money and running lol), but just how fast is it? Did you have it modified and if so what did they do? I have heard that your current scooter is not nearly as fast as your old one because the old one could literally fly, as in it was seen flying off the back of your car one day. What happened there?
    Would you be willing to race your scooter from the Bellagio poker room to the conservatory and back for a couple of flags?

  30. Doyle, if you had to do it all over again and had the choice between being a PGA Tour Player and Profession Poker Player, which would you choose and why? Thanks for taking time to answer these questions.

  31. @Mamajwes also any regrets?

  32. The gentlemen you were playing with back in the day who dropped dead scooping a pot, what did you guys do with his winning and you guys kept playing, so what did you do with him? Thanks

  33. Are you happier now or before the Moneymaker poker boom?

  34. What happened with the "Doyle Says" matches that were supposed to happen years ago? Wasn't it supposed to be against Patrick Antonius?

  35. Away from poker, I would love to know how you and your wife relax. Favourite films, food. Other hobbies??

  36. Thank you very much Doyle.

    What is your estimation on how many hands of poker you have played? And do you recall ever having a particular moment when everything "clicked" about poker, or did you just slowly and steadily improve?

  37. Ian
    • Ian

    What do you think of Guy Laliberte's accusations about being cheated?

    Is it common for big game players to swap pieces of each other in cash games?

  38. If you hadn't played poker what would you have seen yourself doing?

  39. How does someone recover there poker form when they keep getting sucked out on by the river more times than none. It's really mentally frustrating.

  40. I noticed more and more people now gamble rather than play poker. I was taught to bet or call bets based on my outs and pot odds. People don't seem to use these skills anymore At least at the $1-$2 and $2-$5 levels. By playing these overly aggressive players, I find myself folding a lot because of over raising preflop. How would u recommend playing people like this?

  41. What is the three most common things that differentiates a good player to a great player?

  42. If you had to play against 8 poker players of your choice in a NL Holdem cash who would it be and why?

  43. Will you be playing this year's WSOP Main Event?

  44. Doyle, what do you think of the ultimate last action button straddle ($25) in no limit hold-em ?

  45. I AM JOE HAWTHORNES SON, what's up Doyle lol. I wanted to meet you

  46. Commenting to follow

  47. I loved playing on Doyle's Room. Even played a hand with you (we chopped). Really loved the Bounties, chat was fun. You and Pam were always so welcoming to the awestruck rookies :). Any plans to host an online poker room again?

  48. Hey Doyle I am joe hawthornes son, I wanted to talk to you

  49. In No Limit hold em- both players are running well. Who's the best? Stuey or Ivey.... Keep in mind I'm not asking who's the better overall because apparently Stuey tilted hard and played bad when losing, but if both are running well and playing well, who's better?

  50. Hey Doyle, my question is:

    Have you ever been to the Netherlands? If not, have you ever played with a Dutchman, and what is your personal image of the country?

    Greetings from Holland :)

  51. @Mets1986 This is Doyle. My favorite WSOP event is the 50K mixed game.

  52. Do you watch he haw

  53. @skelly The funniest thing I ever saw was when a guy peed on a dealer. In the old days when the mob guys were here, they thought they could do whatever they wanted. He was one of the mob guys.

  54. @viking I miss the camaraderie of knowing everyone in the rooms. All of my old friends are gone.

  55. What do you feel your biggest achievement is outside of poker?

  56. @viking Johnny Moss was the best no-limit hold 'em player I ever played against. The times were different, but he was amazing. Phil Ivey is probably the best younger player. Chip Reese was the best all-around player I've played with. Stu Unger was the best winning poker player, but he was a terrible losing player.

  57. @boweJack No, we've been married for 52 years and she never one time called me at a poker room complaining about anything that wasn't an extreme emergency. And she has told the kids not to bother me. That's why we've stayed married for 52 years.

  58. @jkinsey435 The Bellagio poker room, because that's where the big games are mostly, and the poker staff is so good there. Before the Bellagio, I used to play at the Dunes, which is where the Bellagio is now.

  59. Doyle is there a single session that you played that for some reason sticks with you the most after all these years? What was special about that session?

  60. Doyle is there a single session that you played that for some reason sticks with you the most after all these years? What was special about that session?

  61. @snevman I'd be a PGA Tour player, because I can't imagine a life any better than that.

  62. @pokerking No one actually taught me, I taught myself just by observation of players that were supposedly better than I was, and I would just watch them and emulate what they did. That was when I turned pro, when I was 23.

  63. @GameChanger I almost always fold. Occasionally just for kicks I will play it and I always show it when I do.

  64. @Mamajwes Be lucky.

  65. A Doyle If you sponsor me in the Main Event and I win 10M, what % do I get to keep?

  66. There's going to be a hand lab at Balleys at the end of June this yr they have two pros for Saturday and two different ones on sunday, I'm 52 and going to the class, what two pros do u think would be a better teacher Saturday its Jason Merson and Joe Cada and Sunday its Greg Raymer and Tom Mcvoy whos your pick for better Instructor Thank You Dennis

  67. @Rrisky1 The person that ran the game took the pot for his errors and put it aside, and they tried to revive him but he was dead. They took him away and we kept playing. For another 2 days in fact.

  68. @voltron12 No one has ever backed me. I always use my own money.

  69. @5150 The Sting, where Paul Newman cheated the cheater.

  70. Do you think experience in live games versus online games makes you a better poker player faster, or vice versa?

  71. Any general advice to players considering going pro?

  72. @dailyvegasplayer It's not modified. I raced Slim one time, and he won because he weighed about 100 pounds less than I did. I lost two scooters off the back of my car but never got them back.

  73. How many bracelet events are you planning to play in the WSOP this year?

  74. @BentonBlakeman The Doyle Says matches never came off. I'm not sure why. I still will play anybody if they play Doyle Says and let me pick the games.

  75. @oceanso7 I am happy for poker because of the money maker situation, because it made poker a lot bigger. But personally I liked it better before because it was smaller and you knew everybody. It makes it more fun when you know people.

  76. What's the most you very won (and lost) at during one cash game session? Can you tell us the story behind it?

  77. @JanB26 If I hadn't played poker, I would have been a high school teacher. That's what my degree was in - administrative education.

  78. @Ian It is not uncommon for players to swap pieces in cash games, but they ethically should announce it to the table if someone has a piece of them that is playing at the table.

  79. @Yoghem No, I haven't been to the Netherlands. My image of the country is of a little girl with her thumb in a dike.

  80. Do you support the introdution of "shot clocks" to limit players' taking too long?

  81. @JanB26 I played all the golf I could play until my leg got so bad. My wife and I watch a lot of films on DVD, mostly westerns. I’m a big John Wayne fan. My favorite John Wayne movie is Red River.

  82. Did your kids grow up playing poker?

  83. My friend Max always criticises me when I quote your book about how I play certain hands. He got mad at me for calling 3BB with 56 suited, which in my (and I think your) opinion is an o-kay call. When he's tilting he sometimes refers to you as a 'donk' when I quote you. What should I tell him?

  84. @robustus I think playing live makes you a better poker player, quicker. It's two different fields. There are people who can play online better than I can, so that stuff works online, but I don't know anyone who can sit down and play the games that I want to play better than I do.

  85. @gypsylady I've never been successful at any kind of business, and I've opened half a dozen or more. My family is my biggest achievement.

  86. @TexDolly Thank you for your Wonderful answer to my question. You are an inspiration!

  87. Do you think you can be a long term winner playing strictly by your gut?

  88. @gypsylady Another achievement is that I set a record with small arms at Camp Polk, Louisiana in the 1950s.

  89. @robustus We never discussed gambling in my house. I never told my wife whether I won or lost, because she couldn’t handle it, and she still doesn’t know. My son turned out to be a professional poker player, but I didn’t teach him. He learned in college, and he came home and told me he wanted to be a professional poker player so I took him around to a couple of games. I saw right away that he had the innate ability that poker players have. I didn’t encourage him but I didn’t discourage him. When Pam finally started playing, it was amazing how well she did, and I gave her a few tips but you can’t really give people tips on how to play poker. It’s something inside you that makes you do things. I never really know what I’m going to do until I do it. Todd has the same thing and obviously Pam did because her percentage of winning was phenomenal.

  90. Goodnight - maybe we’ll get to do this again sometime.

  91. @TexDolly Wow, that is impressive! I bet you have a lot of great story's to tell. I hope we meet someday and I can hear a few. Thank you so much for sharing!

  92. @TexDolly thank you Doyle! We greatly appreciate it.

  93. How come my questions were not answered? What's the point submitting them?

  94. What a rip off!!

  95. Here are some additional questions and answers from the discussion with Doyle:

    Q: Do you ever go on tilt?
    A: Everyone tilts, but I exaggerate and pretend to be more tilted.

    Q: What’s your biggest thrill in poker?
    A: When my son won his bracelet at the World Series.

    Q: Do you have any superstitions?
    A: I do have some superstitions that I don’t really believe but I adhere to because they didn’t cost anything to observe - walking under a ladder, when I spill salt I throw it over my shoulder, etc.

    Q: How do you know when to quit a game?
    A: I quit when the game gets bad. It has nothing to do with whether I’m winning or losing, I just quit if the game warrants. For example, if the guy with all the money goes broke and quits, and everyone else is a tough player. I never let being a winner or loser dictate whether I quit or not.

    Q: How do you play against aggressive players and passive players?
    A: The players you play against dictate how you play. If they’re playing very aggressively, you sit back and wait. If they’re sitting back and waiting, you play aggressively.

    Q: What’s the longest session you’ve ever played?
    A: 5 days and 5 nights with nothing but coffee. I don’t even remember if I was winning or losing. In Fort Worth when I was 25 years old. The mark of a real player is how he plays when he gets tired. I think that was Chip’s strength, and I think it’s also mine.

    Q: Do you play online?
    A: Not now. I did a little bit, but not a whole lot. I had my own online site, and I played there quite a bit. But I never played in any of the really big games. I just didn’t trust them because it was too easy for people to collude.

    Q: Did someone steal your scooter?
    A: It was stolen at the Rio at the World Series. They found it 2 days later. The 2 scooters that flew off the back of my car, I never got back.

    Q: Do you play anything other than poker?
    A: I used to play a lot of bridge. I was really a good bridge player. I played Oswald Jacoby - he was one of the old-time greats, I beat him. I don’t play any casino games. There are too many pitfalls in Vegas. My weakness is sports betting. My favorite sport to bet on is whichever one is on. The NBA playoffs that are on now are my favorite.

    Q: What’s your favorite sport?
    A: Basketball is my favorite sport. I was MVP at a division 1 school. I was going to get to play at the pros. I shook hands with Dr J and his hand must have been 3 times as big as mine. He was also a very nice guy. I met Michael Jordan and played golf with him. He is a very nice guy.

    Q: Was it rare that, pre-boom, you played at at a game where you didn’t know anyone?
    A: Pre-boom, I almost never played at a game when I didn’t know anyone. You had to get an invitation to come to a game back in the day. If you had a bad reputation, you wouldn’t get invited.

    Q: We know you’ve been robbed at gunpoint. Where and how did it happen?
    A: I got robbed at gunpoint 5 times - 3 times in Texas, once in West Virginia, once in Las Vegas during a home invasion 12 years ago. Two guys followed me home because they knew I’d won a tournament. I threw them the car keys, they said “we’re going inside.” I pretended to have a heart attack and fell down and called an ambulance. They opened the door with the keys. The alarm was set. I gave them the wrong combination. When the alarm went off, the guy pistol whipped me. These guys were real pros, they didn’t panic. I didn’t have any money in the house but I had 4 or 5 thousand in my pocket, which they took. I had just won the razz tournament for 90,000 at the World Series. This story and many more are in my autobiography, “The Godfather of Poker.”

    Q: What was the biggest pot you ever won?
    A: 700 and something thousand. And that was 30 years ago.

    Q: What do you like to do outside of poker?
    A: I played all the golf I could play until my leg got so bad. My wife and I watch a lot of films on DVD, mostly westerns. I’m a big John Wayne fan. My favorite John Wayne movie is Red River.

    Q: What music do you like to listen to?
    A: I’m not much of a music person. I like 50s and 60s music. Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and ABBA. Johnny Cash wrote a lot of songs toward the end that aren’t very good, but they’re so soulful. He knew he was about to die. He’s got several songs about the afterlife, and the man upstairs, and the highway to heaven. I didn’t much like those. Him and Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis and were all the same age, it was hard to believe. I liked Waylon Jennings. He was married to a poker player. Willie Nelson hung around gamblers sometimes.

    Q: What are your favorite TV shows?
    A: My favorite sitcom of all time is Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray Romano and Brad Garrett are both poker players.

    Q: Are you a Cowboys fan?
    A: Yes. Once a Texan, always a Texan. But I’m not a Tony Romo fan.

    Q: Did you ever teach your kids to play poker?
    A: The hardest thing you can imagine is how to teach somebody how to play poker. You can have percentages and EV’s, but if you don’t have the sixth sense or the innate ability to see things, you won’t be really successful. My gut feeling is usually right. The first impression you get in a poker game is usually correct.

    Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in Vegas?
    A: Prime at Bellagio.

    Q: What do you eat most of the time?
    A: I eat really simple most of the time. In-N-Out, Applebee’s, IHOP, etc. I can lose 200,000 and then take my wife to IHOP and have to hear her fussing about how they didn’t give me my senior discount.

    Q: Are you doing anything between now and the WSOP?
    A: I play poker every day at the Bellagio. I play try to get home about 10:30 or 11 if I start at noon.

    Q: Do you ever play without looking at your cards?
    A: I have, but I think it’s kind of overrated. Players are too aggressive now so you couldn’t do it, but you could do it in the old days.

    Q: How much time do you spend playing poker?
    A: I’ve played poker 300 days a year, for the last 60 years.

    Q: Do you think poker is gambling?
    A: No. It’s a game of skill. In the long run, the best player will win. I’ve never had a losing year in 60 years.

  96. That was awesome!!! Thanks Doyle!!! And thanks everyone for submitting your questions!

  97. Wow @TexDolly that was great reading and thank you for answering all the questions and especially mine ;) I love the old John Wayne Movies too...True Grit for me :) Hope to bump into you in Vegas in June :D

  98. @PokerAtlas That was so interesting to see all those questions & answers with Doyle Brunson, what a great guy!

  99. @TexDolly thank you so much for your response, I pray I #rungood at the Main event, hope to meet you again :)

  100. @TexDolly really enjoyed all the questions especially the answers, good job!

  101. @TexDolly Great interview