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Our next stop on the FREE $1 Chip Tour is Ocean’s Eleven Casino, the San Diego area’s largest poker room. Ocean’s Eleven offers a huge selection of games and stakes, including NL and Limit Holdem, Omaha, and several Mix games, in addition to a comprehensive tournament schedule. Whether at 5pm or 5am, Ocean’s spreads some of the best action and promotions in the country, around the clock. Ocean’s Eleven also uses our PokerAtlas TableCaptain software system, so you will see all of their live action in real-time right here on PokerAtlas!

Whether or not you’ve had the chance to play at Ocean’s Eleven, you can still add one of their $1 poker chips to your chip collection by writing a review or trip report (for any casino) on!

To get your free $1 Ocean’s Eleven chip, write a Poker Room Review or Trip Report for ANY poker room(s) on PokerAtlas. Then, send us an email at with your screen name, real name and mailing address. Once we have your info, we’ll mail your chip.

Keep in mind there is a limit of 1 Ocean’s chip per person, we will only mail chips to US and Canada mailing addresses, and all Reviews and Trip Reports must be approved by our moderators as ‘real’ to qualify. Also, this offer is from us at PokerAtlas, not from Ocean’s Eleven Casino, so please direct any questions or inquiries to us.

As always, thanks for using PokerAtlas and making our site and community a better resource for us all. Best of luck at the tables!

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  1. Great Tournaments, Deepstack with a lot of room for good poker!

  2. Such a great site for all poker information

  3. nice website!!!!!!!!!

  4. I've just came back from Mohegan Suns Casino in Pa. the dealers, TD's and hosts was very nice, had one issue about price in one event they was doing in price but proved them what Poker atlas showed and they honored me the price for tourney. I will not only go back but will check out other PA-Del casinos that Poker atlas has


  6. POKER ATLAS IS THE BOMB! Whenever I travel I check with P.A. to find tournaments.

  7. I love Ocean's 11 Casino

  8. An all time favorite amaIng service great food ( reasonably priced ) and always good action -

  9. I like it!

  10. great site. going to vegas and tourney listings is helpful

  11. We're on our way to Vegas tomorrow. This is my first time one this site. It's great!

  12. Great NL Holdem tournament info!!!

  13. I love poker Atlas!

  14. Thank you

  15. Really enjoy this site. It has all the updated information. I frequent Vegas alot living 4 hrs away. So kudos to this site / App is Great!

  16. Our trip from Ocala, FL to Las Vegas, NV:
    10/26 - 7 hrs to Biloxi, MS, played 2 hrs 1/2NL at IP Casino win $45
    10/27 - 11.5 hrs to Durant, OK, played 2 hrs 1/2NL at Choctaw lose $2
    10/28 - 11 hrs to Sandia resort Casino (just North of Albuquerque,NM) win $8 at 1/2NL
    10/29 - 10 hrs to Henderson NV, no play, resting
    10/30 - check in fpr a week timeshare unit at Polo Towers on the strip; play 3 hrs at Orleans Casino win $207

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  19. Went to a new card room at Boston billiards , I know that it's the first week so even though I left as a disappointed poker player I will most likely try this place here's what I think they should try , maybe my suggestions are wrong but here they are. ..if you are using pokeratlas keep it updated we might be driving in from work ( awsome new tool ) when used right....
    If I checked it and the info reflects that when I pull in I probably would be playing soonand I'm not " Let down"so.... example: I parked checked poker atlas this is what it said ...
    Tables :1/2 2 tables , 2/4 1table both tables had waiting 1/2 table 2 waiting was at the door next one in maybe 2 min later ( great greetings at the door) checked the screen gave my name there's 5 people on the screen I was the only player to get to that screen 3 or 4 min since I checked it and I had my phone in my hand it didn't now I sit and watch the activities by the way did I mention I'm a poker player love all the other games going on and the good time being had by all but pokers why I was there, 25 min later I'm still 5 on the wait list and in my experience would have made a great 3rd 1/2 table but in my almost 8 years of NH poker room play I know everyplace has thear way , so I waited 15 more min nothing changed so I headed out, on my way out I saw 3 poker players from around town when I got to my car I checked the Atlas one more time and the waiting list grew but that 3rd table wasn't closing here's what I think: poker players want to play ( pool is a good game but in 16 years in nashua I never went to a pool room ) also a starting table of 5 grows fast ( and that dealer could have been bringing in tips rather than shuffling a deck for 30 min. ) just saying....
    Well I think I said enough for now , oh by this is no reflection on the floor at all the person who put me on the wait list perfect gentlemen and Joe the other floor I've known for some time good the Man in the suit keeping that dealer company with the clipboard didn't know him but I'm sure it was his call to get us 5 plus players off the list and playing poker...just saying...Well thanks for listening/reading like I said I will try one more time but for today it's back to Manchester don't enjoy the ride but the game is strong...Don't give up BBC it takes time to build see Ya soon.....

  20. Ace High A K