Here we go again ... rooms closing for weather


Hi all, Foxwoods and Mohegan have announced that they've cancelled all tournaments today, and The Poker Room at Hampton Falls, Rockingham Park and Seabrook (N.H.) are closed for the day due to another lovely contribution from Mother Nature. I'ts safe to assume the other rooms are closed too.


  1. Thanks. The road conditions are terrible. I played a mega turbo at Rockingham on Saturday. I think the cold alone kept people away. Only 55 runners in that tournament. I'd imagine that this snow would most people away.

  2. @orcusvox Yeah, it's bad here. We're getting nailed with close to a foot already, and it's still falling fast. Ugh. ... But I'm OK with it, just more time to read about the Super Bowl XLIX champions Patriots! :)

  3. That's right. Four time Superbowl champions. If
    the roads weren't so bad, I'd be heading out to get my championship gear at Dicks.

  4. @orcusvox That sounds like a good idea! lol. Maybe before I go to work I'll check out Olympia here in town and see what they have.