All Vegas Poker and Poker Atlas Welcome Our New Team Members!

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All Vegas Poker and Poker Atlas would like to welcome our new team members!

Many exciting things are on the horizon for All Vegas Poker and The Poker Atlas! We will be making several big announcements over the next few weeks, but today’s is a very special one. This year, we as a company (PokerTrip Enterprises, Inc.) have been dedicating a great deal of efforts into planning the further expansion of our resources, information, and community. We have also been working diligently to extend our member benefits into the online gaming space. More on all this later…

Our #1 priority is to provide the best resources for poker enthusiasts to make their decisions on where and when to play, in addition to offering special value to our community members. With several hundred poker rooms throughout Las Vegas, the US and Canada, this is no easy task! As such, we have recently expanded our team, and would like to introduce the newest members of the AVP and Poker Atlas family.

First off, we have added 3 new Poker Information Specialists, all of whom are recognized AVP members. Together, they will help us continue gathering and maintaining the most accurate and up to date information on all of the poker rooms, and tournament and game information listed on AVP and Atlas. Please welcome the new additions to our AVP/Poker Atlas Information Team, 'Dap Poker', 'RobVegasPoker', and 'Scooter7'!

Additionally, we would like to welcome our new VP of Product Development, Kat! Kat will be contributing in a multitude of areas, mostly working behind the scenes with our CEO Jon Friedberg and others to make AVP and Poker Atlas better. We have big plans in store for this Fall (and beyond), and very much look forward to Kat’s ongoing contribution!

Please join us in welcoming Rob, Scooter, Dap, and Kat to the All Vegas Poker and Poker Atlas team. We couldn’t be more excited about their new involvement, and look forward to continuing our progress as we move into a new era for the AVP, Atlas, and PokerTrip team and community.

This welcome announcement continues in our AVP Forum. Please click HERE to welcome everyone aboard!

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  1. Really excited about the new team! Welcome aboard gang!

  2. Welcome to AVP. So happy to have such a great team here.

  3. Thanks Jon, Brian & Benton! Happy to be part of the team and looking forward to doing my part to keeping the information up to date and accurate for everybody here and at The Poker Atlas. I'll probably be doing most of my work over at Atlas for now, since I'm covering a number of the Midwest rooms. But, I'll still poke around and contribute in these forums in my off hours.


  4. Yep Rob one and the same. I didn't recognize the real name either but I think either you or Brian mentioned your screen name. Happy to be a rookie with you as well.

    Rob said it first, but it holds true for me as well. If anybody has any issues with the Midwest rooms on The Poker Atlas, please let me know what's wrong. I'll look into it and do my best to get things corrected ASAP. Thanks!


  5. So ... if Rob will be writing for AVP, will there be a huge expansion of the web pages? After all, we know that once Rob gets writing nothing less than a novella will do ... he he. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  6. Congrats to all of you, I'm sure your contributions will make an already great site even better!

  7. Sweet! Great news! Got anybody covering the East Coast? :smile:

  8. Jess,

    Scooter7 is covering the East Coast including the NY rooms you call home.


  9. @Dap Poker

    Dang Scooter! :wink: :sigh: Too late to the party I guess.

  10. Welcome to AVP everyone!

  11. Thank you very much LVM - both for the warm welcome to the team and everything you've already done to make this site and community so fun. I hope that we can build off that solid foundation and make this site and The Poker Atlas even better going forward.


  12. @jkinsey435

    You had to be quick on this one; I got a resume in right off the bat. I guess I got lucky and they didn't get many responses from the Midwest because they hired me :open_mouth:

    Seriously, I'm thrilled to be doing this and putting my research skills into something I enjoy.


  13. @jkinsey435

    Dang Scooter! :wink: :sigh: Too late to the party I guess.[/quote]

    Who's covering the hotbed of the West Coast--or at least the Northern California area I call home?

  14. Yup, that'd be lil' ol' me, out here in the heart of New England, lol. ... A belated thank you to Jon for the welcome and to all who posted replies for the kind words, it is very much appreciated.

    I hadn't had a chance to get back to Vegas since July '11 , so I had inadvertently disappeared from the AVP message boards (not intentional at all), but I promise to be more visible moving forward - especially when the new Poker Atlas website launches this year.

    I'm always looking for news in my region, so if Jess or anyone else has info or news that they'd like to pass along, please fell free to email me at the address in my signature below. Best of luck at the tables to all.