AVP XVI is TOMORROW! $100 Rake Free NLHE Tournament at Mirage

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Tomorrow is the long awaited AVP XVI Meet and Tournament. It will include free pizza, a rake free tournament with deepstacks and a generous structure. Reserve your seat today!

Tomorrow at 6PM at the Mirage will be the much anticipated AVP XVI Meet and Tournament. It will include complimentary pizza, a $100 Rake Free NLHE Tournament with 10,000 starting stacks and 30 minute levels, and a whole lot of fun and entertainment.

Hosted by All Vegas Poker in conjunction with Chris Coffin, the Mirage Poker Room Manager, this event is sure to sell out, so we encourage everyone to reserve their seats in the AVP Forum Thread below.

Early registration is open at Mirage, and reserved seats must be officially registered at Mirage by Noon tomorrow. Registration will open to the public at 2PM tomorrow, so it is highly encouraged to both reserve your seat on AVP and register prior to noon Saturday.

All alternates will be guaranteed a seat into the event, and registration will stay open for two hours after the tournament starts at 7PM.

A trophy, custom title on AVP Forums, money, and major bragging rights are to be awarded tomorrow, and we encourage everyone to come on out and support this great event!

To reserve your seat, please click: HERE

Please be sure to register in person at Mirage no later than noon tomorrow.

See you at Mirage tomorrow night!

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  1. RESERVED SEAT LIST - AVP XVI - Saturday, June 23rd at 7pm

    little arrows
    captain ahab
    Jane Gold
    Beaureguarde + wife
    Lauren Failla
    Robin McCarty
    Chuck Norkowski
    Ken Cronk
    Chris Cronk
    Stacie Irish
    The Sledgehammer
    Steve m
    Mark Humphrey
    Darrell Plant
    Mike Baker

  2. Please add Benton Blakeman to the list :smile:

  3. @AVP
    Yeahhhhhhh.... lol. Yes I did. Thanks for already putting me on the list. Cuz, yeah, I'll be there. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  4. congrats to the Mirage. this could work as in have AVPT events @ MGM and AVP events @ Mirage,two of my fav rooms. i will guess some other room will/do want to host also so let the competition begin. sadly i,as of this post,will be unable to attend but i am looking/hoping for an AVP event in Oct '12. Great job Jon and all AVP members who put forth the effort to make this event happen!!
    RAKE FREE TOO!!! BONUS BONUS BONUS i forgot what is the O/U?

  5. Sign me up.

  6. I signed myself up since Mr. Chris Coffin was nice enough to grant me a day off!

  7. please add me to the reserve seat list , thx ....will be lookin forward to THIS ...

  8. Also, just to avoid any confusion, the text of the OP refers to the event happening on June 12. I assume that's a typo? :laughing:

  9. In and In!! Hold a seat plz... :smile:

  10. @missingflops

    I just noticed this as well. I will confirm it's the 23rd but will change the original text in the meantime.

  11. @missingflops

    I'm guessing it is to test zzjitterzz to see if he will pay the change fees to move his trip again to another week. :grin:


  12. @CRM114FGD135

    I'm guessing it is to test zzjitterzz to see if he will pay the change fees to move his trip again to another week. :grin:


  13. @zzjitterzz

    I'm guessing it is to test zzjitterzz to see if he will pay the change fees to move his trip again to another week. :grin:



    That's almost as good as:



  14. Confirmed 23rd

  15. @AlaskaGal
    Heck, if I were able to get there and participate, I'd like to see him play--maybe with a bounty on his head. :smile:

  16. Sign my dead money a$$ up for this. If I eat 25 slices of pizza, I'll be freerolling!!

  17. Count me in! Look forward to the tournament.

  18. Sign me up! Looking forward to it!

  19. A chance to sit at a table with Benton and Missing Flops? That's as good an excuse as I need to book a Vegas trip...I'm in. Thanks.

  20. Ouch! What about the rest of us?? Lol JK. Great see you there!

  21. My bad Jon, after a quick google search.....I have the chance to sit at a table with a WSOP bracelet winner! Now I better google LVMichael, Alaska Gal and the rest of the line up to see who else is going after my $100 donation.

  22. lol...Flops and Benton are way more of a reason to come to XVI than LVM or I am (sorry Michael!). AlaskaGal, on the other hand, she's another great reason. Big fan!

  23. I'm in!

  24. My flight shoud arrive at 9.50 pm, so I can´t make the tournament :disappointed:

    Let´s hope I´m not too tired after travelling more than 20 hours to come and say hi and thanks to you great AVP people.

  25. Sign me up- I'm looking forward to it.

    ScienceTeacher - formerly scitchr888

  26. @Spilikki

    Definitely come say hello. It will be a late night, and we will have plenty of beverages available for you! :sunglasses:

  27. @ScienceTeacher
    Ever have one of those things that hit you 20 years after you first heard it? This is one of those things- I now understand your original screen name. D'OH! :open_mouth: :laughing:

  28. Please sign me up ill be there on that weekend

  29. This will be a great event! I am greatly looking forward to it, and taking home another trophy. :wink:

  30. ill be there. love the mirage. see ya in june

  31. I am going to see if I can rearrange things and stay for this. I love the site, but the only AVP person that I know I have met is Las Vegas Michael, so I am looking forward to getting to meet more AVPers.

  32. Please but my name in. Thanks

  33. I will try to make it if I am not working but probably will not play the tournement just some cash game. :sleeping: seldom play tounements and nlh is my least favorite game)


  34. I expect that a cash mixed game of the 3/6, 4/8, or 6/12 variety will spring up at Mirage the night of our tournament.

  35. @LasVegasMichael

    Great news! I love dealer´s choice cash games and really hope that I´m able to participate this even after long trip.

    Great news for all of you is that most of our DC games are some kind of pot limit or no limit Omaha or Pineapple. So there should be some easy money from North European degen trash available after midnight.

  36. Dammit...that is the day of my stag. I will definitely not be in any shape to be playing in this with you all. I would have loved to have joined you tho. That sucks man!!!!!!

  37. Saturday June 23rd? The Mirage? Home of Chris Coffin? A trip from St Louis has just been booked! Please sign up acetenguy and franker31...Look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Just tell me a 2/5 nl game will open??

  38. 2/5 nl game? that will not be a problem during that time

    Looking forward to seeing you and everyone!!!

  39. @Mirage Poker
    Max is 1k correct

  40. @Clem2754
    Max is 1k correct[/quote]

    no, current game buy-in spread is $200 to $750

  41. Please sign me up. Looking forward to it, as this will by my first AVP event.


  42. I will be there...put me on the list!!
    I may have a few buddies with me also,, if they are also welcome??

  43. The more the merrier! Looking forward to seeing you there! Thibodaux representing :smile:

  44. We will be there.. how will we represent is a different story

  45. please add me to the list(little arrows) am in vegas between 17th to 28th june and have never played at the mirage,looking forward to it

  46. Count me in. I will be in town that weekend. No long trip for me this year sadly.

  47. how do i register for tourny on sat 23rd june, HELP !!!!

  48. Put me down for this please. Right in the middle of my trip from Aus.

  49. @edtheveg

    Show up to the Mirage poker room early on the day of the event. One of the staff members behind the podium will be more than happy to help you sign up.

  50. I'm in !!! This should be fun. Can I add a plus 1? if so, reserve 2 spots for me !!!

    I'm planning on playing the 12pm event @ Binion's on the 23rd, should I be fortunate enough to make the final table....does anyone know what time these Binion's Poker Classic events usually end?

    I'll be in town with friends but, most not arriving 'til Sunday. Hangin' w/ my crew and the AVPer's too. This will be an epic trip!!!!!!

    UPDATE : Looks like it will be me plus 3 !!! A

    My plus 3 are:
    Chuck Norkowski
    Ken Cronk
    Chris Cronk

    Can you please add them to the Reserved list?!?!?

  51. Sounds like a great time, sign me up!

  52. Please sign me up, I will be in town, great timing!

  53. I want to belly up to the table....please put me in!

  54. Add me on I'd be honored to play!

  55. Add me to the list.

  56. have you got to be registered with the site to play? my friend wants to play as well

  57. Will try to make it. Our plane lands at 7pm, so it depends on how fast we get a car.

  58. Can we go ahead and check in and pay the day before? I will be tied up the day of until about 4 o'clock. I dont mind donating my 100

  59. Please add me to the list. It took some doing, but I was able to move a project around at work so that I can finally attend one of these!


  60. Pls add me to list sign me up

  61. Please add me to the list. ty ty. Can't turn down some free pizza ya dig!

  62. Add me to the list.......Looking forward to a great tournament!

  63. Please add me to the list

  64. I will be in town....I would like to play in the tournament.

  65. Unfortunately I have to be removed form the list - I will be out of town that day.

  66. I will be there.--------Sounds like a great day & night @ The Mirage poker room.

  67. add me to the list I will make it work

  68. @missingflops

    Whatttt?? What could possibly be more important than this, Mr. Flops? Sorry you won't be able to make it. You will be missed, sir. :neckbeard:

  69. @JonFriedberg

    Whatttt?? What could possibly be more important than this, Mr. Flops? Sorry you won't be able to make it. You will be missed, sir. :neckbeard:[/quote]

    Good to be missed. I will be attending a course at Pepperdine that finishes up on the 23, and then will be spending the rest of the weekend sipping cocktails on the beach in Malibu with Mrs Flops - so yeah, that beats poker degening! :grin:

    Sorry to miss it though.

  70. any word of the structure for this event?


  71. I will ask Chris from Mirage to post the structure.

  72. sweet thanks

  73. I spoke to Chris at Mirage. He is going to create the blind structure. But there will be 10,000 starting stacks, and 30 minutes levels. The blinds should be posted here next week.

  74. Please sign me up for the AVP XVI tourney on June 23 :grin:

  75. please sign me up for the AVP XVI !!!!!! June 23 at mirage!!! tyty and GL to all

  76. 9 more sleeps to Vegas, can you register me for AVP XVI, pls?

  77. How many entries are expected

  78. More than we have room for which is why you want to RSVP here!

    Between 165 and 200, easy

  79. I can't reserve because I'm scheduled to play the WSOP this day, but I'll come by and try to snag an alternate seat or just hang out if I happen to bust out at the Rio.

  80. I can't believe I'm actually now considering (a) wasting $100 from my bankroll, (b) missing the biggest San Francisco event of the year for the first time since I moved here in '93, and (c) doing the Friday-to-Monday drive to Vegas (if I can get that Monday off) to join y'all, all because I found on Kayak the same nice and convenient hotel I had last time for the same F-M trip for the Mirage freeroll--for less $$$ per night.

    Is the player list in the first topic up-to-date?

    Would I actually get to play for more than an hour and with a full table at the IP mixed game Sunday night if I were to go?

    Would Chris have Steve deal all the downs at my table(s) so we can get more hands in?

  81. Kayak shows the Ramada on Flamingo for $44/night from June 22-25. Decent place, walking distance to a convenience store (past the shuttered Key Largo, which is a bit creepy), and free breakfast and wifi. Just a quick 5-minute (or so) drive to the Mirage parking garage.

  82. I've reserved earlier but don't see my name on the list. Please consider this another RSVP for me and Jane Gold, thanks!

  83. Please add me and my wife to the list. We will be there as soon as we get our rental car. We arrive in Vegas around 7:30.

  84. how can you see a list of who's entered

  85. @little arrows

    The reserved seats are in the second post in this thread.


  86. ignore last question,just seen im on it,cant wait,arrrive in vegas on 17th,wishing my life away

  87. family in town this weekend, will do my best to make an appearance

  88. Please add janiesen to the registration list.

  89. Please add janiesen to the reservation list.

  90. @robvegaspoker

    Thanks Chuck....that's near the corner of Paradise right? Is it a hotel or a motel? I'm thinking that used to be named something else at one time.

    And thanks for reminding me to check Kayak from now on! What is their cancellation policy (assuming you use them)?

    BTW, is there some kind of list anywhere to see who's coming? I see some people saying they are not on the list--where is that list? I think I said I was coming on page 1 or page 2 of this thread. Still planning on it![/quote]

    It's a bit closer to Paradise than to Koval, but not at the corner. Not sure if it was ever anything else. It's a step up from a motel--all it's rooms open to secure indoor corridors--but it's "only" three 3-story buildings. And they have the typical under-window noisy air-conditioning units.

    I believe the cancellation policies are similar to booking on any third-party site.

    I also found a Hotwire listing for a 2.5* hotel $42/night in the near Strip south area. Betterbidding.com lists the only 2.5* hotel in that area as the Microtel. No guarantees, of course, but if it's that one, I've stayed there before, and it's nice also, with free wifi & breakfast.

    Interestingly, Kayak lists Ramada.com as one of the sites offering the $44/night rate for the 3-day weekend, when when I went there, I was getting $60+/night rates.

    I'm gonna ask tomorrow for that Monday off, and if I get it, I'm driving my new ride to Vegas for the weekend.

  91. Just moved here on May 15th. First post on AVP and sign me up! Sounds like a great tourney!

  92. Just ran across Terribles on booking.com via Kayak for $33/night ($109.73 for 3 nights single occupancy). Stayed there once, wasn't all that bad. No luxury, that's for sure, but hey, $110 for a 3-day weekend stay during the WSOP and the AVP event ain't bad.

  93. Please add Lauren Failla and Robin McCarty of High Heels Poker Tour.

  94. Just a reminder to everyone that Mirage is limiting "pre-registration" to people on this list, until 12pm on 6/23 (the day of AVP XVI). At 2pm, registration opens to the public. So if you are on this list, please remember that your seat will ONLY stay reserved until 12p on 6/23.

    With this being said, EVERYONE who registers before 9pm (which includes 2 hrs late-reg) will be guaranteed a seat in the event, however that will be via the (probably long) alternate list.

  95. Jon- When will tournament registration open? The day before?

  96. Let me check with Chris (or you can, if you see him before I talk to him)

  97. We can start early registration at any time - whenever you want - I'll just have to keep a list of usernames that have RSVP'ed at the front desk so they can be checked against as people come up to register

  98. Can you please add the following bums to the list?

    Chuck Norkowski
    Ken Cronk
    Chris Cronk

    Thank you.

  99. @Mirage Poker

    So basically we can register early than Saturday?

  100. This is pending what Jon wants - I will gladly have registration open at whatever point time he wants

  101. Woo! Please add me to the list!

    I got Monday off so I can make it real weekend (drive down Friday afternoon/night, drive back Monday afternoon/night) and play in the IP mixed game Sunday night. (Hope we get some AVPers in town for this event over there as well; sorry Chris, but these are about the only 6-8 hours out of my whole time there that I don't want to play at the Mirage, but I expect I'll be there grinding away all the rest of my poker-playing non-tournament hours. Too hot to bring chocolate treats along though.)

    Are we gonna have name/handle tags so we can all figure out who's who? (It's my first AVP event.)

  102. After all the research, ended up booking a room at Terrible's (where I've stayed before) through booking.com for $33/night for the three nights.

  103. I say let's go ahead and open up Registration to folks on the Reserved Seat list ASAP.

    And yes Twriter, we will have nametags!! Looking forward to meeting you (and dozens of others) in person!

    Gonna be a fun event. Very appreciative of Chris and Mirage for making it happen!

  104. Please add me to the list of people reserving a seat.



  105. @JonFriedberg

    Ok, I will get our staff fully up to speed and get the registration open no later than tomorrow by 5pm!

    I will continue to monitor this thread for RSVP's to add to the list at the front desk so everyone can get registered early.

  106. Chris, see you next Saturday morning.

    Have you finalized the structure yet? Or does it depends on how many entries you expect?

  107. The Structure

    Ante Small Big
    1 50 100
    2 100 200
    3 25 200 400
    4 50 300 600
    5 100 400 800
    6 200 600 1,200
    7 300 1,000 2,000
    8 400 1,500 3,000
    9 500 2,000 4,000
    10 500 3,000 6,000
    11 1,000 4,000 8,000
    12 2,000 6,000 12,000
    13 3,000 10,000 20,000
    14 4,000 15,000 30,000
    15 5,000 20,000 40,000
    16 5,000 30,000 60,000
    17 10,000 40,000 80,000
    18 10,000 50,000 100,000
    19 10,000 60,000 120,000

    30 minute levels

  108. @Mirage Poker


    The structure looks a bit quicker than the last one, with no 25-50 level & antes starting at level 3 instead of another 100-200 with antes. How long do you anticipate the tournament will last?


  109. The structure is a tad quicker, due to the much higher expected number of entries.

    This structure will have the tournament lasting until between 2:00am and 2:30am with 150 to 200 entries in the tournament.

    It was quicker as it was originally designed to be done by 1:00am, but it was slowed down a bit because it was just too quick.

  110. Oh and by the way....


  111. I'm setting the over/under for the completion time at 1:52 a.m.

  112. @TheGameKat

    deal or no deal?

  113. Might as well add me to the list. I was planning on walking the strip on Saturday and playing the Aria 7pm, but I guess I can play at Bellagio until this starts and do my strip walking at 7pm Aria on Sunday and then head over to IP after I bust out of Aria tourney. Sounds like a good weekend!

  114. @Mirage Poker

    There are some interestingly large jumps, especially between rounds 6 and 7 and rounds 12 and 13.

    20 minute breaks?

  115. Also, after I bust I would be willing to start a LHE or a mixed game up to 20/40 at Mirage. GOGOOGOGOGOGOGO

    Since I will be drinking, I will start with anyone there HU as well.

  116. and we will spread whatever you and anyone wants (as long as there are no wild cards, stripped decks, and passing of cards - otherwise BRING IT!)

  117. If'n there are still seats open for this I'd like to be placed on the list so I can give my $100 away.
    Thanks :smile:

  118. Please sign me up for the Mirage June 23rd tournament!

  119. I can't reserve because I'm scheduled to play the WSOP this day, but I'll come by and try to snag an alternate seat or just hang out if I happen to bust out at the Rio.

    Here's hoping that you won't be able to play in the meet as you will be tied up making a deep run and winning a bracelet at the WSOP.

  120. Count me in!

    @mdgpoker on twitter

  121. @Mirage Poker

    deal or no deal?[/quote]

    my algorithm assumes a 4-way chop

  122. @that_pope

    Brought a nostalgic tear to my eye...

  123. @TheGameKat

    deal or no deal?[/quote]

    my algorithm assumes a 4-way chop[/quote]

    ok, then I would take the under by about a minute or two on a 4-way chop with 150 to 200 entries :wink:

  124. Chris, do you have the structure yet> Also has it been determined when we can registered?

  125. Clem,

    You are forgiven

    Go page to page 12: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17483&start=110#p225063

    and again on page 12: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17483&start=110#p225066

  126. I'll definitely take the OVER!!! Book me for $2!

  127. @TheGameKat

    Brought a nostalgic tear to my eye...[/quote]

    Well you can bring it back by helping me start a game even if I happen to win the tourney.

    Hell, I'll help to start it on breaks.

  128. Suggestions for my wife to chill and have fun at the Mirage while I am playing the AVP tourney.... She is not a big Poker player, or gambler. Good entertainment, lounges/bars???? I am hoping Ill be deep and she will have a Long time to wait LOL

  129. @JonFriedberg

    And playing the roll of the Paper Boy in the movie Better Off Dead.....

  130. I need to cancel.Good luck to everyone.Have a great time.

  131. @robvegaspoker

    Why not just come for the pizza and to socialize and just hand me your $100? It's the least you could do for me.

    I do have a slightly more serious comment. How are the Mirage folks taking registration going to know we are who we say we are? I mean, we're all reserving under our screen names.

    Now, I realize I couldn't get away with saying I was "Alaskgal" but how about if go up there and said I was "grrouchie". Or worse, he said he was me? I mean, believe it or not, it doesn't say "robvegaspoker" on my driver's license.

    Just wondering.[/quote]

    The Mirage people will see you looking at the breasts of every woman who walks past. They will then have positive identification that you are robvegaspoker. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  132. Count in cubswin623 for the tourney on 6/23!

  133. I imagine that VJ's social calendar is already too full. I have already told her that I doubt I will even see her in Las Vegas. :smile:

  134. Sign me up (although I will have to double check sched).

    I'd rather spend $100 on mixed games, but how can one pass up a rake free turny?

    Better bust me, I'm not chopping, as there has been mention of some trophy.

  135. @NegligencePerSe

    While we can arrange that (busting you, I mean)--or maybe we can't "arrange it, but we can each individually work to ensure it happens--I'd think if a money chop were ever agreed to, we'd probably play it down to see who gets the trophy (and the glory that goes along with it).

  136. @twriter

    While we can arrange that (busting you, I mean)--or maybe we can't "arrange it, but we can each individually work to ensure it happens--I'd think if a money chop were ever agreed to, we'd probably play it down to see who gets the trophy (and the glory that goes along with it).[/quote]

    Mmmm, shouldn't be too difficult, I intend to continuously consume adult beverages.

    Is this all a bit premature? I don't know; my game improves as I drink.

  137. Please sign me up on the list...Thx

  138. I plan to be there. To the list, please.

  139. Hi! Please add me to the list for the Saturday Mirage $100 tournament. Thank you.

    Very Josie

  140. Please sign me up for AVP XVI.

    Linda E. (MaddiMax)

  141. Hi, please add me to the list for the Saturday AVP XVI on June 23.

  142. Please add a seat for me

  143. Please add Stacie Irish to the reserved seat list

  144. Add me to the list please

  145. Hi Gang! Looking forward to a great time and turnout at Mirage on Sat night.

    REMINDER that this list is for people to reserve their seats until 12p on Saturday. Registration is open NOW, so I recommend getting over to Mirage to sign up ASAP. After 12p on Saturday, registration is open to the public. Everyone will still be able to register around the starting time (actually until 9pm), but I'm pretty sure that people registering then will be alternates. So if you don't want to be an alternate, please register ASAP. Thanks, and see y'all there!


  146. @Cardiac

    Hi Cardiac, there are several bars inside of Mirage, and dozens of others within walking distance from Mirage. One place that I hear is pretty cool is the Revolution Lounge inside of Mirage. Supposed to be a nice place to hang while the hubby is taking down a tourney. Just depends on her preference of music, age, pretentiousness, etc. lol

  147. Also, she can go see the Beatles' Love show if she doesn't mind going by herself.

  148. It's only two days away! I'm looking forward to adding to my AVP Trophy collection....again. :smile:

  149. @LasVegasMichael

    Nice (not so) humble brag there LVM lol. Glgl sir!

  150. Nevadass and Steve m well be there. Looking f.orward to a good time. Please put us on the list

  151. Please register me for this tournament. I am flying in from Seattle and my plane does not land in Vegas until 5:30. I am staying at the Mirage for a week so I guarantee I will be there, please hold my seat despite the fact I will not meet the 12 noon "in person" registration.

  152. Hi Nutz, Unfortunately by law, we cannot hold seats. BUT we can guarantee that you will be able to register for the event when you get to Mirage, as long as it's before 9pm. Just try to get there as soon as possible, so if you are an alternate, you will still get in into the event early!

  153. sign me up please

  154. please reserve a seat

  155. Please add the following crazed poker players to the list for the 7pm $100 tourney
    Mark Humphrey
    Darrell Plant
    Mike Baker

  156. I need to remove my name from the list of players.....sorry if you ordered extra pizza.....


  157. @swivet

    Thanks for the update - I am more concerned about not having enough pizza than I am of having too much -

  158. @Mirage Poker

    But....but...but...isn't California Pizza Kitchen, like, right next door? :smile:

  159. please sign up barracudabob99

  160. sign up barracudabob99

  161. @twriter

    But....but...but...isn't California Pizza Kitchen, like, right next door? :smile:[/quote]

    oh so it is.... :scream:

  162. Put me down for a seat please!

    Chris Holmes

  163. Please add Michael Howie to the list. Thanks.

  164. How long do you expect the tournament will last?
    I have to drive to LA on sunday at around 9..
    If the expected finish is around 3-4 am, write Dario Caldarola on the list! :wink:

  165. Count me in please. - Jennifer Winter.

  166. Please add me to the list.
    ~ Lin Stahl

  167. We would really like to see as many of you that have RSVP'ed to take advantage of the early registration! Any time between now and Noon tomorrow to pre-register and make sure you have a seat at the start of the tournament!

    It is expected to be over 100% full by 7pm which means many will be standing in line waiting for others to go busto!

  168. will not b there but gl to E1!!!! hopefully i will c u in oct. i forgot what is the O/U?????

  169. Please add to the list:
    Chris Barone
    Brian Poll
    Bill Saunders
    Mike Esposito

    See you all there!

  170. @Mirage Poker

    Just got checked in to my room at Terrible's. (Awful hour-long traffic jam for the 20 miles or so west of Primm.) As soon as I get up in the morning, I'm headed to the room to sign up and to grind away some more hours at $3/$6. Save me a seat!

  171. please save a spot for me! Sunshine aka Gayanee

  172. Reserve me

  173. Please reserve a seat for me if it's not too late

  174. It is not too late!

    You and everyone still has until Noon today to register early (you do have to go to The Mirage though) and then after 2pm registration will be open again for everyone - either way register as early as possible so you can make sure you have a seat at the start of the tournament.

    If you can't, do not worry as you can still register all the way through 9pm - everyone that wants to play will get in as long as you have registered by 9pm.


  175. Reserve Seat Please: David Chicotsky

  176. Registration is now OPEN to anyone and everyone on a 1st come, 1st served basis (as of 2pm).

    Get here early to register to make sure you have a seat at 7pm and not be on the alternate list!

  177. just a quick update on what's happening, now that I have a moment to breathe....

    had 187 entries total

    currently at 26 with 18 in the money at 12:20am

    the 2am O/U is looking good (pending any chopping action)

    but with a 1st place of almost 5k, I'm not sure any big stacks will be feeling generous :wink:

    lots of action in the room otherwise - mixed games, multiple 2/5 NL games, and more!

  178. Thanks for the update.

    BTW, may be a forum bug.You say 12:20 AM but the post shows 23:30... and we're both on West Coast time.

  179. @AdRock
    That may be a setting on your end. Shows 12:30am for me.

  180. Thanks to Michael, Jon and the Mirage for hosting this tournament. A money deal/chop was agreed to at six people. I finished third at around 3:15. Thanks for a great tournament!


  181. We just finished! Mike from Chicago is the AVP XVI Champion! Look for Jon's tweet with a picture!

  182. Congrats to Mike from Chitown!! Midwesteners do know how to play poker!

  183. @AlaskaGal
    That may be a setting on your end. Shows 12:30am for me.[/quote]

    I did not have Daylight Savings Time turned on in my control panel accounting for the hour difference.

  184. We had such a great turnout, AND a great time at Mirage on Saturday. Thank you so much to everyone who came to play, came by to watch, tweeted about it....and of course, major thanks to Chris Coffin and Mirage for the great hospitality, tasty pizza and for hosting our event.

    I am planning on our next event, AVP XVII to take place in September. Location and date TBD.

    Thanks again, everyone! Pictures will be posted very soon.




  186. Here is our winner! Congrats to Mike, who we nicknamed at the event "Chicago Mike"!

  187. Hi Rob, I'm glad to hear you had a good time, but sorry to hear about the table situation. Our event took up a lot of tables, so naturally not all of them could be within close proximity to the 'center' of the action. That said, let me touch on a couple of points:

    - The Mirage sound system was difficult to hear from every table in the house, as the volume was not equipped for a jam-packed poker room. So this was not only the case at your table.

    - LVM should never have done that, and I certainly hope that isn't what happened. He (or anyone involved with hosting the event) SHOULD be able to move tables as needed to perform his/her hosting duties regardless of TDA rules....but not just because the table was in a bad location. I will talk to him about this, and find out what happened. As for you being seated at that particular table, everything was purely random and had nothing to do with order of registering (except for some of those who late-reg'd).

    - If you (or anyone) ever have any issues at an AVP event, please let ME know about it RIGHT AWAY. I would have made sure everything was taken care of fairly at that time, but obviously can't do anything about it now but apologize.

    Thanks again for coming, and again I'm sorry you randomly got a less desirable table draw. I'll always do what I can to make sure the AVP events are enjoyable for everyone (barring money issues lol).


  188. No fair! I didn't get to hear about a walking penis! See? All the variance works out in the end. Lol.

  189. I will say that LVM only requested a table change because to fulfill his duties would require him to interrupt two other players at the table constantly and I moved him to a different table that made it easier for everyone involved.

    There was only one player with an original ticket that said Table # 8 and that person was reassigned a different table to table # 14 because Table # 14 (which was originally supposed to be one of our tables reserved for a cash game, had been moved and thus made it ineligible for a cash game) so we had to switch it with Table # 8 - making # 8 a cash game reserved table and table # 14 a tournament table.

    100% table # 21 was momentarily forgotten about and fell short of players but it was quickly remedied.

    If I had known everyone was not hearing announcements I could have turned up the volume on the system - we have full control of that in the room.

  190. Since my name got included I will say my two cents. Chris has to run a room and I don't think you stop a cash game to put the tournament on a table closer to everyone else. They have 15 tournament tables I believe for the tournament and they put everyone as closely together as they could. It is just how the chips fell so to speak.

    As far as LVMichael, yeah I wasn't happy to see him move off the table. I think he should have just played that table and maybe that table breaks first.

    The fact that we got down to 7 players could have happened at any tournament. Not sure if Rob has played that many tournaments, but you really just ask for the floor at that point and it can be corrected, which it was.

  191. Hello everyone,

    Yes, the only reason I requested a table change was due to ease of maneuverability. It would have been a major inconvenience to constantly ask players to get up just so I could run around the room talking to people. I assure you, it had nothing to do with the people at the table, just comfort for those in the other seats.

    Had a GREAT time at the meet, despite busting early, and the cash game afterwards was a ball.

    Thank you to all those that played!

  192. Rob I have 1 tremendous advantage over yourself,i never have any intention of willing an AVP event. i personally just attend,meet and greet,Clem i am sorry i did not attend as i want to meet you finally:(. for me its like a Dodgers game,we show up about 3rd inning stay till 7th inning and leave. for me its more a social experience to meet new and old,hey wait i am 52yo now and retired!!,people from the AVP board. sir enjoy the experience,pizza,rake free and enjoy yourself. Life is excellent enjoy.

  193. @robvegaspoker

    I've actually played in quite a few tournaments, Clem. And in some of them I've actually played more than two hands. :smile:

    I never said anything about the table getting down to 7, and the person who was actually complaining about LVM not staying at our table was you.

    My only issue was that location of our particular table was the worst in the room, although obviously, one table has to get that distinction. What bothers me, and I reiterate that is a very minor issue, was that I got assigned to a different table and then just as the tournament started, I got sent to the one we were at just because LVM happened to have someone else's reg slip in his hand when I asked him about it.

    So I was actually penalized for being the third person to register, early last week. The table assigned to me was later changed to be designated a cash game, and they didn't make any announcement about the switch, I guess because, lucky me, I was the only one affected. And never in a million years would I think it would be a good idea to move a cash game just to switch it to a tournament table.

    I wouldn't have even said anything but I was kinda reminded of the lousy table when I saw that there were no pictures of our wonderful little group on Facebook.[/quote]

    Actually I saw a picture of myself in the facebook group and it was at our table, the shot was taken from your side of the table.

    Rob, sorry it was actually Coffin that made the comment about 7 players I think.

  194. The problem was probably just me being a bad photographer. Lol

  195. @robvegaspoker

    Rob- Jon actually admitted to me privately that is the reason he did it. We don't want a bunch of jealous people on here taking shots at our valued members. No one should be penalized for their handsomeness! :smile:

  196. I wasn't going to admit that, but I cannot deny the truth! Rob presents an unfair advantage to all of us single males...and we, as a group, voted to remove Rob's face from the photo so as to not eclipse the rest of us. Seriously though, I'm sorry that I didnt capture everyone's photo. I was just in a hurry snapping pics and trying not to blind off.

  197. @JonFriedberg

    Don't you mean trying not to donk off?? #FAIL

  198. Next time we should get one of those printed backdrops with the AVP logo all over it so everyone can get their picture "red carpet" style! :wink:

  199. I have some good cameras, including a dSLR and a brand new superzoom. And I have experience with event photography (mostly conferences and sports). If I am able to attend another AVP event, I'd be happy to bring my (photography) equipment and take a bunch of photos (assuming whatever room we're in--and I hope it's the Mirage again--will allow it) and try and make sure everyone gets captured for posterity.

  200. @AlaskaGal You're just trying to come up with ways to keep me from attending to improve your chances at moneying.

  201. Hi, I was wondering who won AVP XVI? and where can I view any photo's and blogs about the night?

    Thank you!

  202. @Antnee920


    First couple posts on the above link should answer your questions.


  203. @AlaskaGal

    great idea!

  204. @JonFriedberg

    great idea![/quote]

    The person who will be happiest if this happens is LasVegas Michael.... he has always wanted to work for the TV show EXTRA... IT is his life long dream to work the red carpet....

  205. WHAT????

  206. @Clem2754

    great idea![/quote]

    The person who will be happiest if this happens is LasVegas Michael.... he has always wanted to work for the TV show EXTRA... IT is his life long dream to work the red carpet....[/quote]

    I can't think of anyone who would do a better job on the red carpet . . . knowledgeable, friendly.

    Make it so.