Get a Massage at the MGM Poker Room.

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I feel like a million bucks! The MGM poker room is now offering a massage service for its players. This is a first for Las Vegas card rooms, and I hope it sticks.

Last night I lost $60 at the $1/2 NL game at the new MGM poker room. But, you know what? I felt like a million bucks when I left. Why? Because I treated myself to a short massage by a beautiful young masseuse named Alicia.

Alica is an employee for a new massage company that is trying to get contracts with a few of the Las Vegas poker rooms. This weekend, the new poker room at the MGM Grand is testing the service. My personal evaluation is that the massage service is A+. And, if I were the decision maker, hiring these ladies full-time would be a no-brainer. As a Las Vegas poker player, I love this service.

At-the-table massage service has been offered at the California poker rooms for quite awhile, but this is the first time I'm aware of it being offered at the cash games in Vegas. Honestly, I'm surprised it has taken so long for a massage service to show up at the Vegas card rooms. (Note: it's not unusual to see masseuses at some of the Vegas poker tournaments).

Throughout the night there were several attractive and talented young ladies massaging the poker players. The MGM poker room was full of players, and a ton of them were paying for the massage service. The ladies appeared to be working non-stop, which is a strong indication that the demand is definitely there for this sort of thing.

The price is right too. At only $2 per minute, players can get a massage of either 5, 10, or 15 minutes. And in my opinion, $20 for a fantastic 10 minute massage by a gorgeous young lady is a heck of a deal. Especially during a long session at the poker room. I've spent more money on Internet porn chats (just kidding).

Alicia the masseuse sent me on a short trip to heaven. I've never felt better at a poker table. No joke. I hope the MGM poker room decides to keep these ladies around. And, word on the street is that Wynn will be evaluating the service soon also. I really want to see this catch on. I think it will. And, if you're at the MGM poker room this weekend, I highly recommend Alicia!

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