Harrah's poker room's Bad Beat Jackpot is now over $10K, and the qualifer has dropped to Aces Full of Kings!

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Harrah's Las Vegas's table share Bad Beat Jackpot is now over $10K, and can be hit when Aces full of Kings or better is beaten!

Harrah's Las Vegas is one of the few properties on the Strip to have a Bad Beat Jackpot as a running promotion.

The current qualifer is Aces full of Kings beaten, and the jackpot is currently over $10K!

The jackpot is tableshare only, and requies that both hole cards play. This means that if there are 3 aces on board, and one player has KK and the other Ax, the jackpot has hit. Also, if one player has pocket aces and makes Aces full and the other player makes quad kings, the jackpot hits.

The jackpot increases daily, and the qualifier drops every two weeks.

To discuss this promotion or the host of other promotions that Harrah's poker room runs, please see the Harrah's Poker Room thread in the AVP Discussion Forum located: HERE

We are pleased to have Leo, the Harrah's poker room supervisor as an active member of our forum (AVP Handle: HLV Poker Guy).

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