MGM Poker Room Now Offers Sit-N-Go Tournaments.

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Yesterday the poker room at MGM began offering Sit-N-Go poker tournaments. Buy-ins are $60 and $110. These SNGs are offered all day long.

For those who may be curious, a SNG tournament gets its name because these tourneys don't begin at any scheduled time. Instead, these tournaments "go" as soon as enough players are in their seats. Most of the SNG tourneys in Las Vegas are 10 player single-table tournaments (including these new SNGs at MGM). As soon as 10 players are sitting at the table, the tournament begins.

The MGM poker room offers SNGs in two flavors: $60 buy-in, and $110 buy-in. Both are No Limit sit-n-gos. Players begin with $1,000 in chips. The tournaments have 15 minute levels, and the blinds start at 25/50. These SNGs usually last a little more than an hour. The payback structures are described below:

$60 buy-in:
1st place = $250
2nd place = $150
3rd place = $100
House rake = 16.7% ($100)

$110 buy-in:
1st place = $500
2nd place = $300
3rd place = $200
House rake = 9.1% ($100)

On their first day of availability, about four SNG tournaments managed to get going. Management at MGM expects the popularity of the SNGs to grow as the word gets out. Hopefully the MGM can get at least one SNG going per hour during prime-time hours.

Personally, I really like SNG style poker tournaments. SNGs usually don't have re-buys or add-ons so my maximum exposure is established when I sit down and pay my initial buy-in.

I expect to see these in more Las Vegas poker rooms in the near future.

FYI: "sit and go" is one of the most popular search queries at All Vegas Poker. I'm considering adding a dedicated area to the site for SNG poker tournaments. Or, I might just modify the current tournaments list to show them more easily. What do you think? Good idea?

Thanks very much to the inside source that provided this update.

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