Luxor Poker Room Closing

Announcement by robvegaspoker Posted

The Luxor is closing their poker room on June 19.

I don't have the details confirmed but they are apparently going to be giving away the jackpot money with high hand payouts. As soon as I get the details I'll post them.


  1. Sucks losing a poker room that kinda got you away from the drama of the bigger rooms but i guess its one less room to spread players out

  2. I meant to play there on my trip next week but they never had a game going. I missed out on the promo fund giveaway also.

  3. LAST week. Can't edit my comment it would seem.

  4. I am sad, but not surprised, to see this room go. This was off and on my favorite room in Vegas for the last ten years. However, a few years ago they switched to $1/$3 and apparently it really offended the locals. When the locals went over to Excalibur instead, they lost the critical mass needed and sometimes couldn't get a game going. Also, Luxor was continuously changing their promotions. Some promotions attracted too many grinders and locals (and I liked this less). Some promotions attracted gamblers more and I liked those more. I remember one promo where, if you got quads or better using both hole cards, you could pull a cardboard pyramid out of a bucket. You opened your pyramid and there was a slip of paper that told you what your bonus win was. I remember a buy at my table hitting a small four digit bonus win. I hit quads moments later and won the minimum. I don't chase big scores myself, but liked the idea that it might just happen (which I don't feel will ever happen with a bat beat jackpot, for example). Regardless, this game at times had some really soft games. Dealers were good too. RIP Luxor Poker Room.

  5. It figures that I arrive in Vegas on June 20, two days after the room closes...

  6. Apparently, it closed yesterday- a week early- because they couldn't maintain a staffing level sufficient to running a poker room. Understandable, really.

  7. @zzjitterzz Exactly right. It closed on Sunday, early because they had managed to place most of their staff in other rooms. The couldn't even run tournaments the last few days. And after they gave away all the promo money and weren't offering any promos, it was almost impossible for them to get a cash game going. It had become a zombie poker room. Now, it's just a memory.

  8. I am glad for their staff. I will say that I was last in this room October of 2016. It was a Friday at about 6:00 PM and there was not a single player in the room. Being in Vegas, I didn't see a point waiting to see if that situation would change and I walked down the street to the Excalibur. My impression is that this room was a ghost town far earlier than the last few weeks.

  9. I missed out on the promo fund giveaway also.

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  10. That was the first poker room I attempted in Vegas. Only played there one time over 10 years ago. They had sit n go's then, so it was fun for a first Vegas poker experience. @phallyka

  11. I am glad for their staff

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