Mohegan (Ct) Tuesday 7pm tourney "change"

Announcement by Scooter about Mohegan Sun Posted

Hi all,

I caught a mistake in our listings on Poker Atlas on Tuesday nights at 7pm this month at Mohegan Sun, starting tonight. It's usually a $100 green chip bounty, but Mohegan's calendar has today, June 16 and June 30 listed as an $80 no-limit tourney (no bounty).

I thought this was odd, since the June 2 tourney was a $100 gcb, so I called tournament manager Rebecca Carabino and asked if this was a permanent change or just a mistake that wasn't caught on time.

She confirmed that it was a mistake, and that it would return to the $100 gcb starting in July. ... However, because no one caught it in time, she has chosen to run those 3 mislisted $80 NL tourneys tonight and on June 16 and 30.


  1. Scooter. Thanks for keeping up with the new england poker rooms. good information.

  2. @Swager Sure thing Swager, all part of the job :)