NH room closed today (1/24)

Announcement by Scooter Posted

This just in: The Poker Room in Hampton Falls (N.H.) is closed due to the snowstorm.


  1. I've never been there. I usually play at Rockingham. I hope to get to Hampton this spring.

  2. @orcusvox I haven't had a chance to get there, or to Rockingham. ... Outside of Keene, I haven't been to any NH rooms despite living withing 2.5 hours of all 6 of the other rooms. Guess I just prefer a traditional casino ;)

  3. Rockingham has really good tournaments. It close enough for me. Only bout 25-30 minutes. I'm going to Foxwoods this summer.

  4. @orcusvox Sweet to have a room that close to you. Keene is 30-35 for me, the rest are 1:35 or more, so it's not as easy.

  5. What snowstorm? It was sunny and 74 degrees today. Oh wait, wrong city.....

  6. Sorry to hijack this threat, but was interested in the state of poker in New Hampshire. My parents have a house practically on the slopes of Mt. Monadnock, in south central New Hampshire. Am planning on being in the area for as much as a week this coming summer. What can you tell me about the state of legal poker in New Hamshire? Before answering, I will tell you that I am a $1/$2 no limit player first and foremost, having played quite a bit in Vegas, Colorado, and other places around the country. Would the New Hampshire rooms compare to a typical casino room? What is the closest room to South Central New Hampshire (is it the Keene room)?

  7. Check Playatrock.com. Best run room In NH. Unfortunately cash is limit by law in NH and all rooms operate for charity.