Parx reschedules canceled O8 tourney from Big Stax

Announcement by Scooter about Parx Casino Posted

Parx announced via its twitter feed earlier that the Big Stax $200+$30 Limit Omaha 8 or Better event -- originally canceled on March 3 due to inclement weather -- has been rescheduled for March 10 at 11am.

This is a great move by Parx. Weather has caused countless problems to almost every casino on the eastern seaboard this winter, postponing and canceling events left and right. There are many good non-NL players on this coast, and even though they're well outnumbered by the NL players, they still deserve the same quality tournaments and structures that venues like Parx are willing to offer.

Furthermore, Parx may have the best O8 structure in the entire country, and the tournament staff is among the best I've encountered during my 11 years of tournament play.


  1. Oh, nice! I'm playing hooky from work that day!!!!