Announcement by PokerAtlas Posted

Our new Android Mobile App is NOW AVAILABLE in the Google Play Store!!!

However, our new Android App requires a new download from the Play Store, as it will not automatically update the previous Android App version on your device(s).

Once you download the new PokerAtlas Android App (with the Blue Icon), please delete the old version (with the White Icon).

Due to Google Play Store'a policies regarding gambling-related content, we were forced to make this change to remain in compliance with their terms & conditions.



  1. App crashes everytime I go to the upcoming tounaments & special events tab

  2. @newarknjpoker are you still having this problem? We can't seem to replicate it. What type of phone do you have? And are you on the most current version of the app?

  3. @JonFriedberg no issues here in Costa Rica

  4. Good app

  5. App crashes when I try and use the Map Feature and zoom in.

  6. @newarknjpoker

  7. @Andydang01

  8. @newarknjpoker

  9. is there anyone making any money? I noticed some ghosting of players, and a lot of events where the only pay down to 5 players or less for a high buy in. And yes it crashes frequently.

  10. In addition, when I winning a hand the cards will changes. I think someone needs to check them out. Something is really fishy and it stinks to high heaven.

  11. Have you won anything?

  12. @CrazyJulius - Have you won anything?

  13. @makeitdirty - Have you won anything?

  14. @Andydang01 - Have you won anything?

  15. @newarknjpoker the Bankers casino poker live games is not working, please tell me who fixes it as poker is now back?

  16. App works great in Las Vegas area!!

  17. @CrazyJulius

  18. Bay 101 is 0pen. San Jose, CA