The Inaugural PokerAtlas PAYDAY Event at Prime Social in Houston TX, May 1st – 5th, 2019

Announcement by PokerAtlas about Prime Social Poker Club Posted

Houston, are you ready to make history? Because we at PokerAtlas and Prime Social are about to, and we’re inviting you to join us!

We’re excited to announce The Inaugural PokerAtlas PAYDAY Event, which will be held at Prime Social on May 1st through May 5th.

The PokerAtlas PAYDAY is a $580 buy-in No-Limit Texas Hold’em Event spanning 5 day of exciting action, with four Day 1 starting flights (May 1-4th) combining on Day 2 (May 5th) and playing down to the money, the winner, the trophy, and perhaps most important of all, the bragging rights.

The format for this Event was created by the PokerAtlas team, and comes with multiple guarantees. We guarantee it’ll be more fun and action packed than any other tournament in Texas. We guarantee a great structure with amazing value and multiple ways to win money. We guarantee that you do NOT want to miss this event. And best of all, Prime Social is stepping up *Big Time* to GUARANTEE A $150,000 MINIMUM PRIZE POOL!!

Oh, there’s one more thing. The first 1,000 entrants will get a FREE T-Shirt from this Inaugural PokerAtlas Event. We’re only printing 1,000 shirts, and they aren’t for sale. Some might consider them exclusive merchandise and some might consider them really comfortable souvenirs. We consider them your piece of Texas poker history.

Don’t. Miss. This. Event.

- $580 Buy-in No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament
- $150,000 Guaranteed Minimum Prize Pool
- 50,000 Starting Chips
- 30 Minute Levels (Increasing to 40 Minutes at Final 2 Tables)
- Blind Structure will be Published Soon

- Day 1A – Wednesday, May 1st @ 12pm
- Day 1B – Thursday, May 2nd @ 12pm
- Day 1C – Friday, May 3rd @ 12pm
- Day 1D – Saturday, May 4th @ 12pm
- Day 2 – Sunday, May 5th @11am

- Early Registration for Some Day 1 Flights will be Available. Dates TBD.
- Late Registration Available Until the Start of Level 5 (2:15 Hours) on Each Day 1 Flight
- Unlimited Re-Entries are Available During Late Registration Period

Survive Day 1 and Get Paid!
All Day 1 Survivors receive a $600 cash payout (“Bag Bonus”) when play concludes for the day.

Survive Multiple Day 1’s and Get P-P-P-PAID!!!
Players will receive a $2,000 cash payout (“Multi-Bag Bonus”) for EACH additional Day 1 Survival, after their first Day 1 Survival.

Play in One or Multiple Day 1 Flights!
Each of the four Day 1 flights will conclude when 15% of the field remains. At that point, everyone will receive a $600 Bag Bonus (or $2,000 Multi-Bag Bonus), and advanced to Day 2. Players with multiple Day 1 finishes will carry their largest stack forward into Day 2. Day 2 will resume at the same Level/Time as the EARLIEST of all four Day 1 finishing times, and will play down to the winner.

Here’s an Example of How the Bag Bonuses and Day 2 Chip Stacks Work:
You play Day 1A and survive the day with 30,000 in chips. You will then receive a Bag Bonus of $600 in cash, and you are qualified for Day 2 with a 30,000 starting stack.

You can either come back on Day 2 and continue playing with 30,000 chips, OR you can play any additional subsequent Day 1 Flights in an attempt to earn additional $2,000 Multi-Bag Bonuses, AND have a larger Day 2 starting chip stack.

You decide to play in Day 1C, and once again you survive the day with 150,000 in chips. At the end of Day 1C, you get a $2,000 Multi-Bag Bonus, and your Day 2 starting stack has now increased to 150,000 (instead of 30,000)….and you’ve already pocketed $2,600 in prize money.

Again, you can now either come back on Day 2 and continue the tournament with 150,000 chips, or play Day 1D for another shot at a Multi-Bag Bonus and a larger Day 2 starting stack.

You play again in Day 1D, and you’re a Rockstar so you survive again, but with 75,000 in chips. At the end of Day 1D, you get ANOTHER $2,000 Multi-Bag Bonus, but your Day 2 starting stack is still 150,000, since that was your largest finishing stack in your multiple Day 1 survivals.

Now you show up for Day 2 with 150,000 chips on the table and $4,600 in winnings in your pocket. All the glory and bragging rights are still ahead, as you compete for a top spot, a huge trophy, and many thousands more in prize money.


  1. How do I sign up for this tournament?

  2. @Bigheed Registration is open at Prime Social.

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  4. Is poker now legal in Texas

  5. pretty sure this is not happening now. Place got raided 1 hour before the event was supposed to start

  6. @derekneuman for real?

  7. @robogo
    Yes, the raid is now even on the local news