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Welcome to TableTalk, where we are giving YOU center stage to share your questions, advice, feedback, stories, comments, and more with our community.

Have a question about poker in a particular area?
Seeking advice or feedback on a hand that you played?
Want to share the details of a recent poker session or trip?
Looking for a good place to keep your blog?
Care to introduce yourself to the PokerAtlas community?
Just won a huge pot and want to show everyone your stack?

Whatever you’d like to post, poker-related or not, we invite you to do so!

Just a few simple rules:

1. Please keep things clean (for a poker audience, not kindergarten!)
2. No spam of any kind
3. No trolling or flame wars
4. All posts are moderated by PokerAtlas
5. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

If you have any feedback or suggestions as to how we can make PokerAtlas a better resource and experience for everyone, please email us at support@pokeratlas.com.

Thanks and enjoy!

The PokerAtlas Team


  1. Very excited about this. Looking forward to reading everyone's posts!

  2. Wow - this is going to be pretty cool. Looking forward to using this A LOT!

  3. Love the look...gonna go write a post now. Nice work!

  4. This Should Be An Interesting Aspect of The Poker Atlas Forums.
    Looking Forward Seeing How This Develops.

  5. Great step up. Trolls need not apply here! A A

  6. A A Hmmmm....we'll see about this..... 2 2

  7. Congrats on the new feature. This should be a lot of fun but as one person said - KEEP IT TROLL-FREE. They can stay on other sites who shall remain nameless.

  8. Looking forward to doing some Table Talking!

  9. Very cool feature, PA! It gets the LazerTron 21-Gun Salute!

  10. Are you guys sure you really want to hear what I have to say? LOL

  11. @BiggBaddDogg So long as it's about poker, have at it.