100,000 addon chips at MGM Grand Poker room

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I have played this Tournament several times and cashed 4 times out of the 7 times I played the biggest cash was $3000 the prize pool went and smashed the 5000 guarantee and went to $12600 I am telling you this is the hottest game in all of Las Vegas


  1. The game structure sounded sick with being able to add on anytime u drop below 25k if u want for $100 you get another 25k in chips. So say ur first hand u have 25k and call $100 small blind and fold now you have 24,500. You can get 25k more for another $100. Also no matter how many chips you have at the end of level 7 everyone gets the option to add on for $100 you get 100k more in chips. Now the negatives… after level 7 level 8 start back up pretty high so pretty much it’s not a choice to get the add on bc if u don’t u have no shot at winning. Even with a huge amount of blinds after late reg it always comes down to a shove fest before u even get to the final table because the blinds double so fast. The only thing that makes it better is there are no antes. I have played it 2 time this week both times I final tabled with a 7th finish and a 4 way chop which I for 2nd place money. I like the event it just wish they would get rid of 1-2 of them during the day and just run 2 maybe 3 and make the blind levels 20 min to start then go to 30 min blinds after level 7 so you can actually play deep and not just gamble at the end so u don’t get blinded out. That takes the skill out of poker. Just my opinion.

  2. @NeverTooLate85 I've cashes 29 times now and always with a chop. It's full of fish drunks and tourist so it's pretty easy to get to final table. All tournaments are designed to make you a donkey but that's the nature of tournaments like it or not

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