Are they called Donuts or Cookies?

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Ok guys I need to settle a debate going on. When you spin your car in circles, do you call it doing a cookie or a donut?? I have never heard of the term cookie, but the guy next to me is insisting that's what everyone calls them. I have only heard them refered to as donuts.


  1. It's called "doing donuts".

  2. It's a doughnut. Guy's either an idiot or pulling your leg.

  3. doughnuts

  4. Was he European? Not that I've ever heard the term cookie used but maybe it's common in other countries?

  5. Because I do research for a living, I looked it up online. Wikipedia gives a couple other names for doing doughnuts, in a really poor article. So, I went further and found a few references to "cutting cookies" or "making cookies" -- one was from a retired Navy guy posting the same question in a Nebraska firearms forum, so it could be a regional thing in that part of the country.


    P.S. Wikipedia also said that "spinning brodies" is also an alternate name and search for that came up with posts on a Ford Trucks forum and on NPR's "A Way with Words" program which both said that the term derives from the name of Steve Brodie, a New York City bookmaker who allegedly jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge in 1886. Because Brodie had a knack for self-promotion and lived in NYC, that term entered popular culture at the time and meant to jump or fall (it also became slang for a boxer "taking a fall" to throw a fight). Eventually it was used to refer to doing any kind of a stunt and was picked up in car circles as a term for spinning out or doing doughnuts in a car.

    Interestingly, a "suicide knob" for a steering wheel -- the little rotating knobs that attach to a wheel and make steering with one hand easier, is also sometimes referred to as a "brody knob" and was also derived from Steve Brodie -- again probably because of the stunt.

  6. @Dap Poker My father-in-law called that "suicide knob" a "ladies helper". They used to put them on old semis before power steering came along so the women (and lesser men) could drive them. (My father-in-law had forearms like Popeye.)

  7. Thanks everyone!

  8. Donuts. He's Jedi mind-tricking you into calling them cookies.