Off Topic by Las Vegas Thunderbirds Posted

As we approach the announcement, let’s give our new hockey team the name...



  1. @robvegaspoker but do we want to hear a bad beat story every time the "aces" get beat?

  2. @zzyzx lol. There's also already a Reno Aces minor league baseball team.

  3. Are Las Vegas Gamblers or Las Vegas Sinners (Sin Ciy) options? I really wish this was talk of an NBA team coming to LV

  4. I know Negreanu is a big supporter of getting hockey here. If he can get Guy Laliberte to do a Cirque du Soleil co-branding (maybe "Cirque du Soleil Frozen" to appeal to the younger crowd), then it's a guaranteed sell out at stupid high prices - and they are supposed to play at MGM's new arena behind NYNY, so no conflicts on the location.


    P.S. being Italian, I'd like to see something like the "Las Vegas Wise Guys" or "Las Vegas Hit Men" to honor our mob heritage -- probably help get ex-Mayor and Mob Museum booster Oscar Goodman behind it too.

    Do you really think LV will get an NHL team? I think it's a bad move - hockey in the desert. Has it worked in Phoenix? With the Cdn. dollar at about 20%, folks won't be travelling south to follow their team. LV doesn't have the numbers of kids playing the game as more northern climates do, nor does the majority of the population have an understanding of the game.
    Quebec City before LV!

  6. @billycanuck Already 12000 season tickets for 3/10 year contracts. It is a no-brainer for Bill Foley. Soon we will also have an NBA team. Come visit.

  7. @Las Vegas Thunderbirds God I so hope you're right about NBA team. I will be in the front of the line for season tickets for that

  8. Foley has already said that the NHL does not want the nickname to be gambling related otherwise Aces would be the logical choice.

  9. Would have for them to paid homage to old Vegas by calling them the Dunes/Sands/Stardust...

  10. @BentonBlakeman sorry Benton, but they got this one right. NBA is absolutely unwatchable, and the NHL - IMO - is a great fit in LV with all of the east coast people and other snow birds who have moved into the area and still love the sport. I wouldn't walk across the street to watch the NBA, but I'd fly the 2,600 miles to Vegas to see an NHL team in a heartbeat. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. :)