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Brackets are out for the NCAA tournament. Lot of tough games here. What did you think of the brackets and who do you like? Not sure who to bet on some of these so I thought I'd ask.


  1. A shame that Midwest bracket got so messed up. I like Michigan State and Louisville to play for the title. Both of them are ridiculously underseeded. Not sure what they were watching but loaded that Midwest bracket was ridiculous. If Wichita can find a way out, they'll have earned it.

  2. The brackets were TERRBILE. Doing what they did to Louisville messed it all up and that Midwest bracket is loaded while the East is poor at best. You know when two #4 seeds are two of three favorites to win the title something's not right.

  3. I think Arizona is in great shape. They got the easiest bracket and stayed off the side with Kansas and Florida. I'm taking them all the way.