Palcohol and Poker

Off Topic by Mets1986 Posted

Anyone actually tried Palcohol?

Any Vegas casinos serving it yet????


  1. LOL what in the heck is palcohol??

  2. @GameChanger Yeah, I had to look that one up: Powdered Alcohol -

    Sounds just awful.

  3. what is yr next question going to b, METS1986? sniffing glue and poker? z-bars and poker?

  4. @angerisagift loooooooool

  5. @Tulas Moreno thx. first it was what poker rooms in cali or colorado can i smoke weed. well rec. weed isnt legal in cali. just colorado and washington . i guess this person doesnt want to go to washington state. if he or she wants a buzz from THC then get some THC edibles. i guess

  6. @angerisagift Do Washington rooms allow it?

  7. @Mets1986 what do u think?

  8. @Mets1986 sure . u can also sniff lines of coke off the female dealers tits too. also, on wednesday, u can shoot heroin BUT only in the sit and go's .

  9. @angerisagift hahhaha, too funny

  10. @angerisagift Whats funny is look at my avatar...Darrrylllll

  11. @angerisagift looooooooooooooooooool

  12. @Tulas Moreno ty ty