What is the best show in Vegas?

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I'd like to go to a show but there are so many to choose from, any recommendations on the best ones? Cirque Du Soleil?


  1. Blue Man Group, Jabberwocky, Criss Angel are pretty good. The Strat has that burlesque show that's pretty good too.

  2. Sapphire is nice. :)

  3. I wouldn't suggest Criss Angel - ok show but not your typical Cirque show nor worth the price of the ticket.

    I say Thunder From Down Under!!! :muscle:

  4. Agree with QueenJ, Thunder From Down Under is a blast!

  5. Rock of Ages was good. Nice throwback show.

  6. The best show in Vegas is just walking down the Strip. Name one other city you can watch giant fountains, an exploding pirate ship, hot girls and get great deals on exciting entertainment from those guys passing out coupons. That's a win!

  7. Definitely NOT Britney. O at Bellagio is really good.

  8. So, Duke....I hope you didn't actually go to see Britney. There will be questions.

    Hit Cirque de Soleil. By far the best show you'll see.

  9. Geez, no one mention Penn and Teller? C'mon!

  10. Boys II Men do a great show - especially good on dates. I do like RWB's Sapphire idea though....

  11. Try Craigslist! LOL

  12. No one is up for Donny and Marie??? I'm a little bit country....I'm a little bit rock n' roll....

  13. Why bust on Criss Angel? That show is a blast. So is Penn and Teller.

  14. Absinthe, hands down. Absolutely hilarious and brilliant.

    And for Cirque - O at Bellagio. It's unreal.

    But who goes to Vegas to play poker and ever sees the shows?? Lol

  15. Blue Man group was the most fun I've had watching a show (witty and lots of drums).

    KA was good but the ending was off since they modified the show.
    Mysterie was good and there wasn't a bad seat in the house.
    Terry Fator was really good (if you like singing and ventriloquist).

    Criss Angel was awful. I want my money back.

  16. Beatles Love is great at the Mirage...

  17. Thunder Down Under! Ladies night anyone????