what other games do u play?

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i like to play blackjack and sometimes craps too. anyone on here play games besides poker?


  1. I play Omaha sometimes. Oh wait nm.

  2. twister and beer pong with semi-naked female CSU students.

  3. Craps! And a little double double bonus video poker

  4. Mississippi Stud. It's a table game similar to Hold Em/Stud combo. House edge is less than 3% and can be reduced to 1.5% if the house had laxxed rules about showing cards. Comps = 2% value so it can be about break even if done perfectly. And there is math involved so it mimics poker in a way.

  5. I've played slots when I get freeplay for getting a player's card or some such. I think that's it.

  6. Sometime I relax playing slots. Black Jack from time to time.

  7. If you are talking about card games then I also like playing blackjack. But also I like playing video games

  8. I am visually impaired, so I don't see well enough to play blackjack anymore, at least not effectively. I used to enjoy doing that. I have also been known to play a slot or some video poker with my wife. I had a big win on video poker once, but mostly have always preferred real poker.

  9. yes) I like everything! Mostly poker, but sometimes roulette and as a rule is to start with and finish with slots!