$2.5 million overlay at Hard Rock


WOW I just heard there was a $2.5 million dollar overlay at the $10M guarantee at the Seminole Hard Rock this weekend. Did they even advertise this tournament was coming up? I didn't see much about it. Too bad because I doubt they will run this again next year after taking it up the @$$ for 2.5 milly.


  1. True indeed. Aprils series had quite the opposite but yes many conflicts in this time frame.

  2. What are you talking about ??? My friend Natasha is at the final 2 tables today and trust me when I tell you there were Plenty of players in that tournament to cover the 10 milly. I think you mean the Super High Roller tourney they had. $100K buy in only had 9 players.

  3. @reddog37 do the math chief. 1499 entrants with 5K into the prize pool = 7,495,000. So ya, 2.5M overlay played against your friend before, think in the April series. Best of luck to her. I'll be there today for some of the final events.

  4. @reddog37 and high roller had no Gaurentee bc staff didn't even know if they would get a full table. Historically that one doesn't always shake out.

  5. I played in this event. $5300 down the tube in about 8 hours play. Glad I could contribute lol. Luckily I had very few investors so the only one who was really disappointed was me! With that said, the overlay was awesome value. From what I heard they weren't nearly as aggressive with their satellites as they were last year which could have contributed to the "low" number of entrants. Also, many players only shot one bullet like I did rather than 3, 4, 5, or 6 like some did last year.

  6. @ThaddeusMcP I stand corrected. There WAS a shortage of players for the 10 Milly. $2.5 Million.. Wow !! 1499 players when they needed a Minimum of 2000 just to break even.