Another Chip Scandal!

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Did you all see this one? Guy named Chan Pelton who won his third WSOP Circuit ring pulled at 25k chip off the table after he won the event in Palm Beach. When he got caught, he claimed he "just wanted a souvenir" from the event. Guess the ring wasn't enough.

WSOP froze his winnings from the event pending an investigation.

You buy that story or do we have ANOTHER major scandal? WSOP had better be watching this carefully for the summer. They need to do something to make sure this stuff doesn't happen at the Rio.


  1. More security/floor people would be good. Saw Parx is taking some extra steps at the table for counts and checking chips.

  2. They're going to have to go to multiple chips sets and change them randomly. What else can they do?

  3. Think WSOP will allow backpacks after this?

  4. Guy had to be stealing the chip otherwise he would have just asked! Poker criminals = dumbasses.

  5. I don't know if I'd call this a major scandal as much as I'd say a wake-up call. WSOP put their noses in the air that it couldn't happen at one of their events. It's doubtful this guy hasn't done this before so now they have to react. It's another black eye for poker we all have pay for. Thanks, Chan.

  6. What an asshole. Poker players have GOT TO CUT THIS SH!T OUT. And people wonder why can't get sponsor and grow the game. Who would want to with all these morons involved in the game. Damn!

  7. This one is going to be interesting. I'm sure they'll be review video of him playing all tourney to see if he slipped a chip in during the tourneys he won.

    It's eventually going to cause severe changes in how rooms run tournaments. If you apply what Parx is doing on a larger scale, it has to take playing time away or extend days. WSOP has a big issue on their hands.

  8. No one is letting a 25k chip walk off the floor - souvenir or not. Obvious set up for a later time. The only reason this would be considered a major scandal is it's on the heels of Borgata. It was one chip.

  9. It's pretty crazy. Poker tourneys are going to soon be on lockdown if people keep pulling this stuff. And if they have to provide extra security or staff to monitor tables, guess who pays for it? We do.

    Not to mention poker tourneys are typically loss-leaders for casinos. They make their money on the rooms, food and gaming from the players. If it starts to not be cost-worthy to run tourneys because of dealing with all this stuff from the day of events through any legal wranglings, some of these rooms may give up. Plus they don't want the PR hits either.

    These guys need to stop biting the hand that's feeding them or we have a lot of trouble in the industry on our hands.

  10. My guess is WSOP does nothing. After all, who would cheat in the biggest poker event in the world with the most money on the line?

  11. These scandals are going to have a long-term effect on cost. It's a great point. More security, extra chip sets, more cameras, RFID - they're all going to be big ticket items and we're gonna get stuck with the bill.

  12. What I hope is both casinos if guilty get put away for a substantial jail sentence. Since this hasn't happened recently in such a public way, they can send a message real quick this won't be tolerated. Cheating in a major tourney series should be dealt with in a major way.

  13. If anyone buys his story, they're nuts. Say what happened out loud and listen to the BS pile-up. Wasn't the ring good enough? He has three - he could have given his dad one!

  14. I'm curious if all the casinos pass these guys info around so they get blackballed. These guys that cheat should be kept off the tables. Poker can't handle more black eyes.

  15. What more can they do? They caught both of them. Yeah, they'll have to be a little more careful on chip inventory but both got nailed. That's what we all want, right?

  16. Poker can't take another hit - especially at the biggest event of the year. I'd be surprised if WSOP didn't take some sort of extra measures but they'd better do something to at least show some strength on this. If they just act nothing's happening, it'll send a bad message.

  17. Don't know anyone saw this yet but some people got busted for counterfeit chips at Maryland Live! too. This is getting ridiculous but at least they're getting nailed.

  18. Everyone's going to have to go to RFID. I know that'll cost some money but it's gonna have to be done. Too much money on the line.

  19. I just got this Official Statement from the Palm Beach Kennel Club....


    For Immediate Release
    February 26, 2014


    WEST PALM BEACH, FL – An investigation into an incident which occurred during heads up play during Event #9 of the WSOP Circuit Event at the Palm Beach Kennel Club on February 16, 2014 has been completed.

    An act of theft of poker room property – the removal of a poker chip off the poker table – by one of the two remaining players in the event – was confirmed by video surveillance and by the perpetrator in question, who later returned the stolen chip. PBKC’s review confirms that the integrity of the event was in no way compromised, and the impact of the incident only caused harm to the perpetrator himself.

    The chip stolen came from the players’ own stack – and impacted only his chances of winning – but the act itself is a violation of WSOP Tournament Rule 39, Section A, Part ii (chip stealing) and is also considered theft of property. The player’s intent in taking the chip is not considered by the WSOP Tournament Rules.

    As a result of the incident and in accordance with tournament Rule 39, Section D, the player in question is disqualified from the event, effective the time the act was confirmed to take place. The remaining player in the event is now declared the winner and will be awarded the first place prize money, the WSOP Circuit ring and the first place points for WSOP National Championship tracking purposes.

    The perpetrator of the violation of tournament rules in addition to being disqualified also has his prize money forfeited and his points rescinded. The forfeited prize will be redistributed to other players who cashed in the event, consistent with WSOP Tournament Rule 44.

    “The integrity of our games is of upmost importance and regardless of the intent in question from this incident, we cannot sit idle and risk the stolen chips being re-introduced in the future,” said PBKC Card Room Director Noah Carbone. “We take great pride in providing a fair and secure environment for our valued patrons and this unfortunate incident, while discovered and handled swiftly, should serve as a reminder to players that tournament chips are the property of the poker room and must remain on the table at all times.”

    “As operators, we must follow the rules – just as we expect players to follow the rules – and any violation of the rules, must be dealt with in a manner that ensures integrity of the event in question, as well as future events. If rules infractions occur, we view incidents in the worst case scenario plausible, and as such impose penalties governed by our rules to ensure the best possible outcome for all players in the future and to best ensure integrity of events on a going-forward basis,” Carbone added.

    In accordance, the PBKC is also extending a permanent ban of this patron from participating in future events at its property. While the perpetrator was originally suspended from participating in the event’s Main Event, now that the final investigation is complete, it has been determined that this individual will not be allowed on PBKC property in the future.

    As this was an officially-sanctioned World Series of Poker Circuit event, the WSOP will provide its own statement as to how this incident impacts the WSOP National Championship and any additional disciplinary action they consider.