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Hi All,
It's that time of year again! The WSOP of poker is right around the corner. As I have done on AllVegasPoker the last few years, I will be selling some of my action for the WSOP events. I am playing a solid schedule this year and am hoping for a few deep runs.

I have put together two separate packages, one that includes prelims only and another for the main event only. If you are interested, please write which package you're interested in and what percentage you'd like to buy. I will be cross posting this on several Facebook poker groups as well as on PokerAtlas. Last year I sold out pretty quickly.

I will be offering 30% of each package for sale. The markup for the prelim package is 1.2:1 and the markup for the main event package is 1.25:1. I feel these are reasonable and below what many other pros are charging this year.

My prelim package consists of TEN $1500 buy in events totaling $15,000 in buy ins ($18,000 including markup)
Markup for this package is 1.2:1 meaning:
1%- $180
2%- $360
3%- $540
4%- $720
5%- $900
10%- $1800

My Prelim Schedule is as follows:

Friday May 30th (4pm): WSOP Event #7- $1500 Limit Razz

Saturday May 31st (5pm): WSOP Event #8B- $1500 Millionaire Maker No Limit Hold Em (Guaranteed $1 Million to the winner)

Monday June 2nd (Noon): WSOP Event #11- $1500 6-max No Limit Hold Em

Tuesday June 3rd (Noon): WSOP Event #12- $1500 Pot Limit Hold Em

Thursday June 19th (4pm): WSOP Event #41- $1500 Dealers Choice 6-max

Monday June 23rd (Noon): WSOP Event #47- $1500 Ante Only No Limit Hold Em

Wednesday June 25th (4pm): WSOP Event #50- $1500 Eight Game Mix (HORSE + Limit 2-7 Triple draw + No Limit Hold Em + Pot Limit Omaha)

Thursday June 26th (Noon): WSOP Event #51- $1500 No Limit Hold Em Monster Stack (15,000 starting chips)

Monday June 30th (Noon): WSOP Event #58- $1500 No Limit Hold Em Mixed Max (9 handed day 1, 6 handed day 2, 4 handed day 3, heads up matches for final four)

Wednesday July 2nd (4pm): WSOP Event #63- $1500 Ten Game Mix 6-max (same as 8 game + No Limit 2-7 single draw + Limit Badugi)

This year will mark the fourth time that I play the WSOP Main Event (2006, 2012, and 2013 previously). I have made day two on each of those years but have yet to cash in the WSOP Main Event. The tournament suits my style very well as I am very accustomed to playing deep stacked. I am looking forward to playing great poker and will do my best as always to make a deep run.
The tournament is a $10,000 buy in ($12,500 with markup)
Markup for this event is 1.25:1 meaning:
1%- $125
2%- $250
3%- $375
4%- $500
5%- $625
10%- $1250

I am unsure of what day I will start but the schedule is as follows:

Saturday/Sunday/Monday July 5th/6th/7th: WSOP Event #65A/65B/65C- $10,000 No Limit Hold Em Main Event (Guaranteed $10 Million to the winner)

About Me:
As most of you know I am the resident pro here at AVP and at PokerAtlas. Prior to that I was a sponsored player at FeltStars (now defunct) which was a skin on the Merge Network. I specialize in no limit and pot limit cash games as well as a very large sample of winning results in mixed game. With that said, I do have a solid tournament resume for my sample size. Some tourney highlights include:
-1st in UB 250k gtd Sunday Major for $45k
-3rd in UB 250k gtd Sunday Major for $13k
-4th in $150k gtd @ Beau Rivage in Biloxi for $10k
-Final table Sunday Brawl on FTP
-Multiple wins in the $33 and $55 rebuys on UB, FTP, & PS
-4 way chop in $1065 Bellagio tourney for $15k
-2nd place in WSOPC 6-max No Limit at IP Casino for $9k
-Final Table in WSOPC HORSE Event at IP Casino
-4th place in $150k guarantee (500+ players) Beau Rivage Million $ Heater ($10k)
-6th place in Gulf Coast Poker Championship Main Event for $13k

For anyone to verify my online names were:
BootnTee (UB)
RascalKing (FTP)
lvcajunkid (PS)
Benton Blakeman- live results

References include but are not limited to:
Jon Friedberg (CEO of Overlay Gaming)
Vookenmeister (Valued AVP member and excellent poker player)
Joe Tehan (WPT Champion with 4 million plus in lifetime earnings)
Miamicane (WSOPC Single season most cashes record holder)
QueenTenOff (AVP Blogger and strategist)

Payment Info:
If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Once you reserve a piece I'll hold it until I receive payment. I will accept cash in Vegas, PayPal, a personal check, or Wells Fargo transfer.

I will need your personal information in the event we make money on this. I will require whatever information is required by the IRS, including, but not limited to, a completed IRS form W9(including SS# or TID) and a copy of your identification. I will use this information solely for the purposes of transferring tax liability by issuing a 1099 for your share of any winnings. You are responsible for all state and federal taxes on your share of the winnings. In the event that you refuse to provide the personal information that I request, I reserve the right to withhold up to 30% of your winnings to cover taxes.

*Any event not played for any reason will be fully refunded including markup

*Any event that I choose to play outside of the events listed in the packages will be on my own and will not be included in these packages

*In the event of any sponsorship bonus, all benefits will not be included in the package

Thanks for reading and considering an investment in my packages for this years WSOP.

-Benton Blakeman

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  1. An update. Between old friends back home, Facebook, and the website that I write for, AllVegasPoker, my 2014 WSOP Package is officially SOLD OUT! Thanks to all who invested. Good luck to us this summer.

  2. @BentonBlakeman

    I'm sorry I missed your post (I was slow on the transition to PA), If someone falls through please let me know. Are you now a moderator for PA? How are the forums organized? It would be nice to go to a staking forum to see the members seeking stakes. (or do I just use the old AVP forums) Not being able to go to the wsop this year and getting the $ from my circuit win, I wanted to do more staking than the past. Thanks, Ryan

  3. I'm in for $500 of whatever I can get (preferably ME and/or big-field NL events, if they're separate). TYVM sir GLGLGL

  4. Sorry you're just seeing this now. I wish I had more shares to offer but unfortunately ive been sold out for a while. I don't know the best answer to your question since we're making such a big transition with AVP merging into PokerAtlas but I'm sure it'll be something that we discuss very soon. Thanks again.

  5. @JonFriedberg Dang dude. I've been sold out for weeks! Talk soon. Headed to Vegas next week