Best action in vegas during wsop?

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Will be in vegas june1-9 for the series. Does anyone know where the best action for 1-2 and 1-3nl typically is? I used to live in vegas but not anymore out of the loop. Any inside info? Thanks!


  1. Honestly during the series, every strip room is going to be packed, most with huge waiting lists.

    Of late, it seems like Venetian (now spreading 1/3) is getting a lot of games, primarily because they've been doing a lot of giveaways. Both Harrah's & Bally's are doing WSOP freeroll promotions which are attracting a lot of local freeroll chasers, although both those promos will be done by the time you get to town. MGM also seems to regularly have a decent number of games.


  2. Hmm, sounds like fun then.

  3. @DapPoker A Super soft $2-5$ NLHE CASH GAME IS HAPPENING AT THE FLAMINGO AS WE SPEAK 2:08pm Sat June 8