Cantor @ Palms No More

General Discussion by BentonBlakeman Posted

On April 1st (not a joke), the Palms hotel and casino will resume control of it's poker room once again. The poker room has been under contract and run by Cantor gaming since May of 2012. Hopefully the Palms will throw some advertising money behind the poker room (something Cantor never did) and try to get some local business back. The room is beautifully situated on a raised deck on the outskirts of the sports book, giving clear and beautiful views of all the huge flat screens to watch sports on. This truly is a beautiful and well situated room and I hope the management at the Palms stands behind it. I played there for two days during the opening week of March Madness and it was an ideal spot.


  1. That's cool.... Thanks for the heads-up. I'll try to check it out while I'm in town. I have fond memories of playing cash-games at the Palms during WSOP back in '05 (before the Rio spread their own during the Series).

  2. I used to love the palms poker room, but the whole property took a dive. Hopefully this is a sign that they are coming back and not a sign that they are tumbling even further