Cash will no longer play at MGM properties


[Cross-posted on AVP] As I saw on Twitter from AlaskaGal - - starting April 1st (no foolin!) cash will no longer play in the poker rooms of MGM properties. This is an attempt to be more compliant to federal money reporting regulations. This will likely slow down the games as you will now have to wait for a chip runner to play a hand. It's also said this will push the other rooms to stop allowing cash to play. Personally, I'm used to it because my local room doesn't allow cash on the tables, but one of the unique joys of going to Vegas for me was getting to put 100s out. I think it'll be fine as long as black chips play in the lower limits.


  1. Thanks for the update. Overall I think that it is better . . . no more asking "How many bills do you have?" . . . No more going with the bills. Now we just have to remind to keep the black chips where everyone can see them.

  2. It will be nice to stop wondering how many bills people have, but for the most part this is kind of annoying to me. It's so convenient to pull out an extra bill and in some of the larger rooms the chip runners take forever.

  3. black chips shouldn't play in the smaller games, highest denom should be green ($25).

    aria and bellagio do not have enough chip runners currently to make this a smooth transition
    and doubtful they will hire more, so best for players to buy chips prior to sitting down at those rooms.

    if i had to pick, i would prefer chips to cash on the table, players are more likely to enter
    pots more freely with chips than they are with a $100 bill.

  4. @robvegaspoker

  5. mgm and mirage created a bottleneck when they got rid of the cashiers and started selling and cashing chips at the sigh in podium.
    one solution would be to add $25 chips to the dealer trays so larger buy ins could be handled at the table.

  6. Cash doesn't play in MD but you are allowed to buy chips from another player and then they can wait for the runner, so it doesn't slow the game at all.

  7. @zzyzx I recently played in Lake Charles, Louisiana and the dealers kept $1000 or so in green in their racks. This really does up the games since cash dleant play there either.

  8. You are right. Kind of fun using centuries rather than chips. I guarantee that all casinos will be doing the same. It's perfect for the casinos. Costs them nothing to look like they care and who cares about the customer..