CCW permit required to bear arms or not?

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Who is the penny pinching casino manager at the Hustler who thinks it's okay to eliminate the necessity for security personnel at the casino entrances? Does Larry Flynt know about this?


  1. Thank you for your comment. While we at Hustler Casino understand your concern, please know that we take security very seriously and have made recent adjustments in order to better protect all those who come to our property. These adjustments include increased exterior security in our parking lot and placing officers at posts where they are most needed, amongst other measures. We expect this approach to yield the best possible results for the safety of our patrons and our staff.

  2. @HustlerCasino Make certain you know why security arrangements have been changed, before you criticize them by referring to a security manager as a penny pincher. After spending 27 plus years in security, I’ve learned from extensive experience that everything is multi-dimensional....nothing is obvious...nothing is as it seems. Sincerely-New to Gambling