cell phone usage during tournament play

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Played in the MSPT in Black Hawk. Guy next to me on his phone the entire time he sat there. During all hands including hands he was in. Complained to Golden Gates floor, MSTP Officials.. All stated he was aloud to text at the table. Never heard of such a thing.


  1. That's a house rule that varies by casino. At mine (Prairie Meadows in Altoona, IA), cell phone use is explicitly banned during tournaments. I had to kill a guy's hand at the final table today because he hadn't put his phone away in time when I started pitching cards. That contrasts with our cell phone rule in cash games, which is you can do everything except talk on your phone. MSPT used to have a no electronic device rule but softened it a couple of years ago at the behest of the players.

  2. Not sure who you complained to...but I'm a regular in that room, especially tournaments.

    Part of the announcements they make before EVERY tournament, including the MSPT, includes them mentioning that if you are using your phone during a live hand your hand can be killed immediately. They are VERY clear about this.

    I have asked the dealer to address that many times, pretty much every dealer there will warn the player that's on their phone during a live hand that if they don't get off the phone during the hand their hand will be killed. Some dealers will call the floor, and I have called the floor myself about this...no exceptions, the floor is not casual about this rule if you point it out! Casinos don't like ANY possibility for collusion! Especially during large tournaments!!

    I actually even got to meet the Founder of the MSPT during the event...nice guy!

  3. OP... when he was texting, was his cards live or folded?.. if its folded than its ok... if live, you could tell the dealer. im sure the dealer will kill the card his holding

  4. He can be on the phone texting as long that he's not in the hand. Annoying but true.

  5. Then you must have been playing your first tournament, it's common practice these days. Welcome to the 21st Century.

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