College Basketball Picks

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Honestly haven't been paying much attention to college basketball but now that football is over, it's time. Gotta get those bets in!

Who are the best bets for #1 seeds and who are the Cinderella teams out there right now?


  1. Syracuse, Arizona and Wichita State (as long as they don't lose) are locks. Fourth one probably comes down to Florida/Michigan State/San Diego State.

    Underdog specials right now are Texas and SMU. SMU is playing lights out right now and old man Brown can still outcoach anyone.

  2. No Villanova there as a #1 seed contender? They'd smack San Diego State.

    And no love for the Big East there on your Cinderella list? Didn't notice Creighton has been playing off the charts? St. Louis and Southern Miss are scary too.

  3. Nova's gotten blown out twice - once by the only other good team in their conference at home. Not a chance, 5150.

    Cinderellas - I agree with SMU, Southern MIss and Texas. Both playing well. Two mid-majors no one is watching are Harvard and North Dakota State. Both could pull a first round win.

  4. Florida haters. You'll pay for that when they win it all this year! Go Gators!

  5. San Diego State is a #3 seed at best. I'll throw New Mexico out there a potential upset team. If Michigan State runs the table through the Big 10 tourney, you'd have to put them ahead of Florida.

  6. I think Syracuse is the clear favorite right now but I like Wichita State too. With Arizona a little beat up I'm not sure where they really fit in.

  7. I'll predict Wichita State gets hosed out of a #1 seed. If there was ever a mid-major that deserved it, it's them. And while they were in the top 10, if they get in Oklahoma State is going to rally together and be a very tough out.

  8. San Diego State has no chance now after they lost to Wyoming last night. Sorry, a #1 doesn't lose to Wyoming under any circumstance. I think unless there's some sort of major upset winner in the Big 10 tourney, they should get a #1 over Wichita State - undefeated or not.

    I like Texas and Creighton as your underdogs this year.

  9. I don't suppose anyone noticed Duke has got it back together. They're gonna spank the 'Cuse at Cameron. Hope they end up on different sides of the bracket. I'll take 'Cuse, Duke, Wichita State and Michigan State as your four best teams. Like SMU and Southern Miss as bracket-wreckers.

  10. Southern Miss lost by 24 last night at UAB. Incorrect call there!

  11. Green Bay, Virginia and St. Louis will shock the world.

  12. Now that most of you guys have totally been wrong, let's look now.

    #1's - Florida, Wichita State, Arizona, winner of ACC
    Can't count Virginia as a Cinderella anymore considering they're #5 in the country.
    Watch Green Bay, Harvard and North Dakota State. All three are very dangerous.

  13. Yeah, say goodbye to Green Bay. They MAY get lucky and get in but losing the conference tourney was not good. Stephen F. Austin will be interesting as long as they win their tourney. A 29 win team can't be that bad. Tennessee could make a decent run. Ton of talent there. Oregon is looking pretty good too. Harvard's in and they can play. NDSU? Eh, dunno but they should win their tourney.

    I still can't believe a team that lost to another one twice by a combined 49 points and probably won't win the Big East tourney is being talked about as a #1 seed ahead of whomever wins the ACC or Big Ten. NO WAY Villanova is a one-seed.