Encore Boston (zero stars)

General Discussion by TLO569 Posted

Tried to post a review at Encore Boston and I guess they're not accepting reviews anymore (probably since they're all negative since reopening 2 weeks ago)
So they must have taken all reviewing down.

The best poker room (in 2019) on the east coast is now the worst.

Has Anyone else noticed the number of tables posted at Encore Boston on poker atlas??

Even when the Encore poker room is closed -
The number of tables doesn’t change… 24/7 these are their tables that show full - you cannot even put your name in until 11am - even though they open at 10am? And it looks as if they are full before they actually open?? They want you to think that so poker players don’t come in?

Great REOPENING Encore!!! Kudos! :-(


  1. They need more table. How can they call themselves a world class casino with a 12 table poker room