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Any tips for a first timer in a live game other than home games?


  1. Go all in every single hand. U can win fast

  2. Buckle up for a potential rollercoaster of a ride with this dynamic game.
    Stuff I Wish I had known when I started this game.
    Maintain composure, be cool when you win and lose. If you lose your $hit, you can become a target for those that like to get others riled up/tilted. Allowing your emotional highs and lows to surface has the potential to cloud your judgment and to lose sight of playing smart/strategically. Take a stretch away from the table for a couple of minutes if you get tilted.
    If you're unfamiliar with the term "position" (in relation to the Button) and ways in which your position may be an advantage or disadvantage, as well as cards to play in X position,
    give that a Google.
    Pay attention to chip stacks of other players before you put chips in.
    If you know someone bet or raised, don't ask the amount until action is on you.
    Pay attention to where and what the action so when it's your turn you'll know when and how to proceed.
    When you call a bet on the river, wait for that bettor to show their cards 1st - get the information for which you paid.
    When last to act, don't muck your hand until you've seen other player's/players' cards to be sure you didn't win; if unsure, always show your cards, let the dealer determine win or lose. Don't take someone's word if they tell you they have the winning hand, let them show it. If they say that you're good, make sure they muck before you do, otherwise the dealer pushes the pot to them - this is not ideal.
    If you make a bet on the river and get called, show 1st or muck, keep the game moving.
    Avoid giving free information about how you play by not talking about what you folded, at any time.
    If you're really new to the game, don't advertise it. Consider viewing YouTube content from pros Alex Torelli, Jonathan Little, Doug Polk/Upswing Poker, as well as and checking out YT content from poker vloggers Brad Owen, Ashley Sleeth, Lex O. Poker, Kyle Fischl, PokerfaceAsh, Mariano, Andrew Neeme, etc. The 1st 3 are multi million $ winning pros that are good resources for improving your game via their charts and hand reviews. The vloggers provide reviews/analysis of some hands they've played and often inject humor and sarcasm, as well as provide a snippet of what it's like for them as a poker pro or recreational player.
    Best to ya!

  3. Tipping
    With regard to dealers and other poker room staff: the majority of these people I've encountered will greet me, tell me good luck, bring chips to me when I'm seated, and, in general, be hospitable. I like to always try to reciprocate by returning a greeting, welcoming a new dealer to the table (I have fun with this stuff!), giving thanks and saying hello when a dealer arrives or leaves and tells everyone good luck or hello, as well as greet the table when I join. When I win a pot, I tip the dealer at least a small blind, especially if they are dealing my cards where I want them rather than where I have to slide them in front of me; if they help keep the game moving, and have a good disposition.
    When I tip, I use their name and tell them something like, "here ya go, that's for you" or "thanks for being so proficient" just to let them know that I've given it some thought on whether or not to tip. If they don't give a "thanks" or acknowledge the tip, I hold back next time.
    If floor staff bring racks or chips, I make sure to tip. Winning or losing, I tip 'em and tell them thanks for their hospitality.
    I also greet and tip the cashier, when I'm cashing in my winning chips.
    When I have beverage or food service, I tip, unless they forget napkins or something else that I requested or is usually needed to accommodate a drink or container of food (ideally, mgmt should want me to always be at the poker table rather than off rounding up a rolling table to set food on or in search of napkins or plastic ware).
    When a cash in a tourney, I tip back to the tourey staff/dealer tip bucket, as appropriate.
    I like reward proficiency and excellence of service.
    I consider tipping just another part of the price of poker. If I can't afford to pay the tips I shouldn't be playing the game.

  4. Best of all try not to get drove, and be sure to leave on a "win" it feels much better as you head to the parking lot pondering your thought process for the day.
    Do Not take every dollar you have inside the casino leave at least 25-30% of your cash on hand in your trunk or at home or you met regret your decision to gamble.

  5. Here are a few tips.

    Observation Is Key: Take the time to observe how others play. It can provide valuable insights on the pace, style and dynamics in a specific environment.

    Stay Patient: Don't rush decisions. Spend time thinking through your decisions. You don't have to rush.

    Manage Your Banking: Create a personal budget that you will stick to. While live games are enticing and fun, it is important to stick to your budget.

    Social Etiquette Live sports often involve interaction. Always be polite, respectful and show good sportsmanship. It makes the atmosphere more fun for everyone.

    Learning is important: Every experience in a game can be a valuable learning opportunity. You can learn from every game, whether you win it or not.

    Stay Calm: Don't let emotions guide your decisions. Stay composed even during challenging hands.

    I Hope this is helpful.

  6. @JasmineSmith great advice!

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