Got banned for calling out a sexist at the table today

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I was playing in the $80 NLHMTT @ Argyle casino in edmonton when a male player says to a female player, "Its a good thing you folded because i would have raped you while you were still alive!"
10 seconds later this player asks me how I am doing so I said, "thats what you have to say next after the last thing you just said?" The whole table knew what was up but nobody says a word. A few hands later I busted out, rebought and was seated at a new table. At the first break I was washing my hands after using the lavatory and this man saw me and aggressively got in my face and pushed me in the chest several times and tried to tell me he was completely justified in what he had said earlier. I told him to check his English, which he speaks very well, and then had to sidestep and dodge him to leave the bathroom. I immediately went to the tournament director, who went to the top of the ladder. After the tournament I was told we both needed a timeout and I was given a ban till Monday. The management at the top of this casino is completely out of line on this matter and several others. This player has openly threatened to shoot people in this poker room and has been given serious bans in the past. This player also teats his wife horribly and will make her hang out at the casino reading books and doing tai chi while he plays poker day after day. He says rude things to women all the time and nobody seems to correct his negative behavior. The facts are clear, this casino had a large portion of employees quit in the last few months due to lack of pay and now the roof is leaking and having serious issues in the middle of the casino. I mean if they aren't tying to run the business into the ground slowly and quietly, then what are they doing? We are treated like cattle, not customers for some reason and there needs to be serious change of management. A few other things, got told to f off at a final table by a dealer last year and nothing happened... saw a security guard get promoted a few weeks ago and today saw him picking his nose and playing with his hair, while on duty at the main entrance of the casino. Unfortunately it better than the yellowhead top because nobody even orders food from there and they let the players abuse the staff on a regular basis so what do you think they would do to a player who take their money? Nothing good im sure.


  1. It sounds like you have a lot issues going on with this poker room beyond just this one player. Either you’re a hot head and I say that respectfully or why not save the aggravation and just play at another casino?

  2. @tahoemike777 im just the whistle blower. I actually win a lot and want nothing to do with the drama 🙃

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    Just weird thing to post about here, play at another casino, learn to be more social and get along with others and keep the drama to yourself. If someone makes a comment you don’t like especially words like that who cares? You weren’t involved had no reason to get involved and the fact you can’t let it go and now spread it to other peoples lives is toxic. I’ve heard way worse things said at poker tables and I’ve never let other peoples comments affect my life but then again I’m a man so I’m not as emotional as you are obviously.

  4. @LVG thanks for your 2 cents

  5. If somebody was caught saying that at a reputable casino, he would be banned for life. Heck he might face criminal charges. I have a tough time believing a player threatened to rape a female player and people just went about their day.

  6. This person was previously banned for threatening to shoot someone.... its why I posted this. It wasn't handled right and I just need a little validation.... I was told to f off at a final table last year and by a dealer and it got swept under the rug to....this casino group needs new management and if more people shared their stories and shed light on these issues, they will not happen as often by the same people. They also let the another guy get drunk and pass out at the cash tables everyday. People get drunk and drive home all the time.... don't shoot the messenger here, I'm not the bad guy!!

  7. @LVG well you’re an asshole lmao. If you see people getting treated poorly you’re advice is to stand by and let it happen? Hope I never have to play at a table with you lol. The poster was obviously upset about the situation and came to a poker forum to vent about it, which is more than reasonable. Only toxic people in this thread are you, and the person in the posters story. And seems kind of contradictory of you to tell the poster to move on and stay out of it, while you deliberately go out of your way respond to his post. Why not just stay out of it and move on xD

  8. @N8RBOMB good on you speaking up about it. Poker is a male dominated game, largely because of instances like these. While the average player (and average Poker Atlas commenter apparently) would have put up with this nonsensical shit, you had the balls to say something about it. Despite getting pushback from the casino, I’m sure your actions were appreciated by other bystanders. And anyways, this sounds like the type of casino you probably don’t want to be coming back to any how.

  9. This kind of thing also happens at the Orleans poker room in Las Vegas. Dealers are allowed to steal money out of players winning pots, while some people get kicked out for simply using the word 'fuck' to someone...others won't be kicked out for using the same term. And its usually the men who do not get kicked out

  10. Poker rooms need to start doing the right thing and kick out the person who created the bad experience in their room. People who report this kind of thing to their management should not be affected in any way for simply letting management know. This has also happened to me for just bringing the matter to the attention of management.

  11. @eliosh Thanks for your support. You're absolutely right about the male dominant side of poker and we started having ladies only tournaments one Friday of the month. I don't want to have to teach grown adults manners. This situation has gotten worse too. I found out this man has also groped more than one woman in the casino. He also came at me again in the same bathroom, same situation on Saturday afternoon. Casino gave him an overnight ban but I expect more to be done now that there are more serious issues. I've kicked the hornets nest, will take my stings and move on. I get along with 19 out of 20 people lol. If you're nice to me, im nice to you. If you give me attitude and are rude and expect me to kiss your ass, that's never going to happen.

  12. @mypokerreview different house people seem to run the poker room differently and my main issue is the inconsistent treatment of players and the staff. You're allowed to rip cards and throw them in dealers faces at this place when you lose money. The cheap cards only though lol of you damage one chem card you get a 1 year ban. Someone threw a chair at another guys head the other day and got the lifetime ban. Still don't know the whole story. Probably never will.

  13. @mypokerreview it's been that way my whole life. If someone rats me out, they are a super star hero of the day. If I catch a thief or stand up to bullies, racist, jerks then I somehow become the bad guy. Earth is ran backwards in this universe. Do the opposite of common sense lol

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