Iowa poker room changes

General Discussion by zzjitterzz about Jumer's Casino Posted

I don't know where to specifically post this, so I'll just put it here, While I was at work the other day, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman from the Quad cities who told me the poker room at the Isle of Capri Bettendorf is closing permanently at the end of March. The Isle is currently building a land-based casino to replace the riverboat which is scheduled to open this summer, and a poker room will not be included. However, he did say that the new Rhythm City casino going up in north Davenport will have a poker room when it opens, tentatively scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. So, whenever someone gets to the Quad cities this summer, please visit with them and update PokerAtlas, please. I want to do a tour of all the Iowa rooms but that's not going to be in the cards for a while. So, thank you in advance to whomever does.

As an aside, Omaha has a metro population of around 900,000, with one poker room, the Des Moines metro has just about 600,000 and one poker room (if you don't count the 1-hour-drive away Meskwaki, which I don't), and the Quad Cities area is home to 400,000, but will have two poker rooms (Jumers in Rock Island being the other). Weird.