Is AVP gone?

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So I no longer see the link to the old AVP forums on the front page, and my bookmarked link leads to a 500 error. Are they gone? Has my blog disappeared? Please say no.


  1. That link at the bottom just points to the table talk discussion of the move over to poker atlas, not to the AVP forums.

  2. ZZ - honestly, other than your blog and the updates on your poker room, there was very little except prodigious amounts of spam in the AVP forums -- I was deleting 15 or so spam posts a day. So, I'm not surprised to see it go away.

  3. Yeah Dave it was pretty spammy over there. I didn't archive my blog so I guess that's gone. Sucks for me!

  4. It would be nice if you at least received an answer to your question.

  5. @zzjitterzz - we apologize for the delayed response. We are aware of the issue with the AVP forum no longer being accessible - this happened during a recent system upgrade. We are actively working on a solution and will post updates here. However, we can confirm that we did not lose any data, including your blog.

    Thanks for your patience,

    The PokerAtlas Team

  6. @PokerAtlas Thank you! Thankfully I've only dealt one straight flush in the interim. :D

  7. Replying here so i remember to put it on my blog if it comes back- I dealt what I think was a King-high straight flush in the Omaha8 game about 2 weeks ago, so another non-paying one. I played last week in my room. $1/2 didn't go well- best hand was T6o getting a 6-6-X flop and beating 86o. I moved over to $2/5 and immediately doubled up Ks9s>TT on a Ts-6s-3s flop, but lost all of that profit in two hands against a guy who I couldn't beat. I had a high pair and each time he would make 2 pair to beat me. Lost a few hundred in the session.

  8. Glad to see the AVP flame is still flickering.

  9. Glad to see the AVP flame is still flickering. Vegas is booked for the week of March Madness.
    And I enjoy reading the blog zz.

  10. Another update to put on my blog if it comes back. Played the tournament and a little cash in my room yesterday. KK and AA both held for decent pots in the tourney, but TT lost to 99 AIPF- 9 right in the window- to nearly bust me. With 1bb, I shoved next hand to bust for real. Hopped in the cash game but was so card dead I played near zero hands and left after 2 hours down $30. Overall, a meh playing day.

  11. Well, I finally dealt a straight flush after I don't know how long, because the tally was on my AVP blog. It was 7-high and I got a good tip from a guy who was just joking that I was one of his least favorite dealers. I moved out of that unenviable position with that pot and bonus, lol.

  12. Played the tournament and cash games in my room earlier today. It didn't start well in the tourney- AKo & AdQd both went down in flames to cost me half my stack. I continued to lose until it all went away when I got it in with A8o on a 9-8-x board, only to run into A9o, lol. I re-entered and my new table was infinitely better. I chipped up by picking up orphan pots and well-timed aggression. Won AJo>JTo to bust a guy then that favorable table broke. The next one was tougher and I went on a chip rollercoaster but prevailed to have more than I came with. We broke again and down to the final two tables. My first hand at the new one I had AKo UTG and raised. A couple of people called but the BB shoved. I overshoved to isolate and was pleased to learn she had KJo. But, wouldn't ya know it, a freaking Jack fell on the turn. I doubled her up and lost a chunk. I never really recovered and the blinds got high so later I shoved in late position with A7o but the BB woke up with AKs. No miracle for me and I was out in 14th. Got into a new cash game then table changed to an established one. I shouldn't have- the one I left looked juicy. I was so card dead I couldn't get any traction, finishing down $80 after 2 hours. Another losing session but I like the way I played in the tournament. I have some poker trips coming up so hopefully it turns around soon.

  13. @zzjitterzz - you have to watch table selection in cash games, best thing you can do for your win rate.

  14. Funny you mention that Dave. I table changed to that one because another dealer that was playing said he "wanted a piece of me." Okay, so I went over there and as soon as I did, he table changed back to the one I left. I shouldn't have left my first game because it was soon populated by a second dealer and a couple of loose players. Oh, well! I'll get 'em next time.

    I dealt another straight flush- a Royal, in fact- earlier today. I got a good tip from the player who I believe was from out of town. He was elated to get $200 extra. Oh, and he flopped it. After not dealing any for some time, two in a week seems like the floodgates are opening. I'd be okay with that, especially if it results in dealing our nearly-$190k bad beat jackpot. That'd be nice!

  15. I believe I have opened the floodgates- I dealt yet another straight flush today- 6 high. Got a small tip from a regular. Also, I was 1 card away from dealing the bad beat- I dealt 1 guy AA and another 88. Flop was A-8-8. It was a $4/8 limit game so once they got heads-up they raised again and again until 88 guy was all-in. It blanked out and after the hand it was learned the the last Ace was folded. So close! It's over $190K now so business has increased as a result, including multiple limit games on the weekends. Plus, the backup is now over $100K. Gonna be busy for a while!

  16. I'll update the Prairie Meadows page with the following information should AVP ever come back, but as of next Thursday, we will no longer have straight flush jackpots. We will add a second backup to the bad beat jackpot, however. BTW, the current jackpot, as of 10pm CST on 2/15 was $196,500, and the backup was $105,000. We continue to be busy as the high BBJ (second highest on record) is driving players to the room.

  17. I actually sent a message several months ago wanting to buy the AVP domain and database and even offered to buy this site as well. Not interested. Both seem to be being neglected soewhat