Is AVP gone?

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So I no longer see the link to the old AVP forums on the front page, and my bookmarked link leads to a 500 error. Are they gone? Has my blog disappeared? Please say no.


  1. That link at the bottom just points to the table talk discussion of the move over to poker atlas, not to the AVP forums.

  2. ZZ - honestly, other than your blog and the updates on your poker room, there was very little except prodigious amounts of spam in the AVP forums -- I was deleting 15 or so spam posts a day. So, I'm not surprised to see it go away.

  3. It would be nice if you at least received an answer to your question.

  4. Glad to see the AVP flame is still flickering.

  5. Glad to see the AVP flame is still flickering. Vegas is booked for the week of March Madness.
    And I enjoy reading the blog zz.

  6. @zzjitterzz - you have to watch table selection in cash games, best thing you can do for your win rate.

  7. I actually sent a message several months ago wanting to buy the AVP domain and database and even offered to buy this site as well. Not interested. Both seem to be being neglected soewhat

  8. Sounds like a fun session. Tournament poker can is hard when opponents get on a heater.
    I chopped a local tourney for just under $700 ( Cdn) so that will help my bankroll for Vegas during March Madness week. Can't Wait!!! Best hand was 33 with 5 left. Short stack shoved and got two callers including myself preflop. Flop comes QJ5 with the QJ suited. Checked around. Turn is a 3 that misses the flush:) Checked to me and I bet almost half the pot and I get two calls:) River is a K that hits the flush draw. We get it all in - my full house beats a flush and a straight to get us down to 3. Hopefully I'll see cards like that on holiday.
    Keep on dealing those good hands zz and watch for a trip report in a few weeks.

  9. @zzjitterzz

    looks like the spammers are back

  10. @zzjitterzz - You said this:

    In about 45 minutes, I had doubled my stack. Normally, I would go on lockdown and try and preserve most of it, but i had so much time to kill I played on. A poor decision as the cards turned against me.

    It sounds like you have the same problem that I have, you put together a good win playing your A game and then you get concerned because you have a decent win and you start to play differently. It's something you (and I) need to work on. If your best game is good enough to build up a win, then you need to keep playing it. The ONLY adjustment you should be making is to how strong a hand you'd be willing to play for stacks. Even with that, you should only make that adjustment when you are in a hand against another big stack; against any other stack with a standard buyin or less, you need to play exactly like you did when you were building the big stack. Again, I'm "lecturing" you because it's something I really need to work on as well and we both need to do better at it if we are going to put together some really big wins.


  11. @zzjitterzz -- yeah build that bankroll up so you can come out here and crush it -- except in pots with me :)

  12. @zzjitterzz

    spammers were back yesterday

  13. - Dude the spammers are on here multiple times daily. And I'm serious about that because I used to clean up the AVP forums and I'm friends with the guy who cleans out these forums. It's a testament to his efforts that the boards aren't continuously 4 or 5 pages deep with spam posts because it is becoming that bad. Hopefully, management will see this post (I'm not holding my breath) and do something to make it harder to create an account. That's the only viable long term solution to the automated spam bots slamming the site.

    Sorry, rant over.

    P.S. Honestly, I'm glad other people care enough to notice. Thank you for being one of those people!

  14. @zzjitterzz - if you have a chance get in tough with me when you are in town (if you don't have my number then send me a friend request through the OG's group on Facebook and I'll get it to you via a private message.


  15. @zzjitterzz - good luck at the MSPT.

  16. @zzjitterzz Sorry to hear it's been such a rough run. While you are on your break do some work away from the table -- reading, watching poker strategy videos, running hand through equilab, whatever. Just do some work on your game and try to figure out spots to improve.


  17. Wow! I hope you were tipped decently.

  18. @zzjitterzz - when you go to the RunGood tournament, don't even think about your recent runs, stay in the moment and crush the tourney field. Until then, keep grinding away. I've been talking to a former blogger over on AVP (the guy who always hypes the U Miami sports teams, even in his screen name), and he told me that poker is a volume game, you have to keep playing for the odds to even out. So, keep the mental focus strong and keep grinding away until you bink that tourney in a couple weeks!


  19. @zzjitterzz - Good attitude. A good poker player told me that poker is a volume game, you've got to play enough volume for the luck to even out. So, as long as you are playing good, keep grinding!


  20. Ugh, sorry to hear about the run bad. But, I think stopping until the end of the year is a mistake (assuming your finances permit you to handle any possible losses). Re-read your post where you cashed a the tourney as the warm up. You are clearly still thrilled when you play and don't run bad.

    So, my advice is to take a shorter break to clear your head. After that, take some time and really put in some work off the tables. Think about some of your hands and your decision making. Go out and read or watch some strategy poker strategy to improve your game. Get some software like Equilab or one of the "solver" programs and run a shit ton of hands through them so you really get comfortable with the math behind various situations. Then, come back refreshed and a stronger player and keep putting in the work off the tables.


  21. @zzjitterzz - that seems reasonable. But, don't neglect work away from the table. It's always important, but it can help get over runbad.


  22. @zzjitterzz - good to hear some enthusiasm about poker back in your post. Keep grinding and go crush the MSPT!


  23. @zzjitterzz I like your progression. Its sounds like you play solid and you're getting closer in these tourneys. Hang tough.

  24. I think we've all dreamed of hitting the big bad beat. I had a royal flush draw that busted and cost me about $100 here at a American Legion Hall Indianapolis. But from reading my mans blog,I recouped and ended up winning $270 in that same game at the American Legion. There's nothing better than walking in with $280 in walking out with $560.

    You guys should all keep grinding and stay tuned two boys like this that help you get better.

  25. @NineTenHearts I apologize for the typos in the previous reply.

  26. @zzjitterzz - I don't know what to tell you about being down $4,700. You play a lot of tournaments and the variance is really high in those. I'd look closely at the cash game results and see what you win rate in big blinds per hour is over that time for each game that you play. That will give you a much better idea of how you are doing in general and even then it's likely going to be a really small sample size in terms of hours played. Hope you run well at the MSPT buddy!


  27. @zzjitterzz - You talk about a hand where you got stacked. If you don't mind, I'm going to critique your play.

    "I straddled, he called UTG+1, a couple of other players called, and I raised to $19 with AhJh. He and 2 others called. Flop was Q-3-Q one heart. I c-bet $40, he raised to $100, others fold. Turn Th. I shove my remaining ~$120, he snap-calls with 33 and my multi-way draws are stone dead. "

    I'm assuming it's a button straddle to $4. So, I like the preflop raise.

    On the flop, you have 3 opponents, and you flopped 1 overcard, a backdoor straight and backdoor flush draw on a paired board. I hate your c-bet. With 3 opponents, it is not going to work anywhere near often enough to make betting profitable over the long term. You have ace high on a board that isn't going to hit you very often and 3 opponents who limp-called the straddle preflop, so at least one of them is likely to have a pocket pair and look you up when you c-bet. Yes, you have 2 backdoor draws, so there are a lot of good turn cards that will allow you to barrel, but I don't think just that is enough to justify a c-bet. And honestly means that this flop is also a good one to consider a delayed c-bet those times when you pick up equity on the turn.

    Once the guy raises you to $100, WTF are you thinking calling him? You have Ace high, you beat nothing, you have backdoor draws that on a paired board might be worthless. Let it go and save those 30 big blinds.


  28. @zzjitterzz - okay with a UTG straddle, I can see raising to thin the field with AJ suited. Not sure about the number of limpers, but with at least 3 calls of the straddle, I'd go bigger than $19, I'd probably make it more like $24 or even $29. Assuming that there are just 3 calls of the straddle and 2 of them are from the blinds, then there is already $16 in the pot and it costs them $15 to call your $19 raise. That's not a bad price to try to stack someone who has an additional $220 behind with a small to medium pair or a suited connector.

    I really do think that the flop is where you made your mistake. Against 1 player, I'm C-betting 100% when I hit and something like 60% when I miss, I choose boards that favor my range. With 2 opponents, my C-bet % when I miss is much lower -- something like 25%. With 3 or more, it's basically nonexistent because the C-bet when you miss is a bluff and it's really, really unlikely for a bluff against 3 players to work. So, C-betting there is just burning money. Like I said the board is good for your range (the high card being paired means the flop probably missed your opponents) and you can turn a lot of equity. So, if the flop checks through, you have chances for a delayed c-bet when you pick up equity on the turn from one of your backdoor draws. So, I think that's the line I would take instead of a flop C-bet.

    As far as calling the raise, I think it's a HUGE mistake. You say that you thought "the raise was him playing back at me with a middle pair" I ran the hand through Equilab. If we give him just JJ to 22 (so we are including the 33 he actually had), then you have 30% equity there. The pot is about $220 and it costs you $60 more to call. Based on your read of middle pair, you are barely getting the right immediate price to call and you are going to have to fold a lot of turns. Plus, you are playing out of position, which means you are going to have more trouble actually realizing your equity in the hand. Given that, I think you have to fold to the raise. I agree you can get away from a blank turn, so the 10 of hearts sucked given his actual holding. But, realistically, you made the mistake before that turn card came out.

    One other thing, you say "He called a not-insignificant raise from early position with a small pair and got lucky, what am I going to do?" He had called the straddle -- which I assume is $4, then had a number of other calls (let's say 3 others), and a raise to $19. Assuming both blinds called the straddle, that is $19+4+4+4+4 in the pot -- for $35 total and it costs him $15 to play. He's got position on the person who raised and the raiser has about $220 behind. That $220 is about 15 times the $15 he has to call preflop to set mine -- I think Ed Miller recommends set mining if you can get 15 to 20 times the amount of the raise preflop. I like to use something like 15 times what I have to call preflop. So, with just your raise and his $4 call of the straddle, he is getting the right price to set mine. Plus, there is an additional $20 in the pot already, and once he calls as the next to act, he can expect to get a call or 2 behind. So, honestly, he didn't "get lucky", he took a calculated risk getting the right price to do it and that risk paid off.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh. But, you are going through a downswing, so you need to have your feet held to the fire on hands like this.


  29. @DapPoker @zzjitterzz I agree 100% with the Dave. The continuation bet is not bad at all and, with a flop like that, should have worked. However, when the Floridian raised, you should have known there was trouble brewing.

    We all misplay hands. Paying the price on this particular hand may save you far far more money somewhere down the road.

  30. @zzjitterzz Good luck at the MSPT!!!

  31. @zzjitterzz - congrats on a nice profit for the trip!!!

  32. @zzjitterzz - nothing you are going to do about those 2 hands at the final table. You put yourself in good position to take it down and that's the key. If you keep doing that, you will log some big wins.


  33. @zzjitterzz - awesome. I hope you do as well. Crush some tourneys and build that bankroll back up buddy!

  34. @zzjitterzz I really respect how your game is progressing. I spent the month of November relocating to Las Vegas so I would have replied to your comment sooner... you played well and there was nothing you could do about anything at that final table! Nice work, man!

    Hey does anyone know where to go or where to stay away from here in Las Vegas? Tough poker here...