Is AVP gone?

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So I no longer see the link to the old AVP forums on the front page, and my bookmarked link leads to a 500 error. Are they gone? Has my blog disappeared? Please say no.


  1. That link at the bottom just points to the table talk discussion of the move over to poker atlas, not to the AVP forums.

  2. ZZ - honestly, other than your blog and the updates on your poker room, there was very little except prodigious amounts of spam in the AVP forums -- I was deleting 15 or so spam posts a day. So, I'm not surprised to see it go away.

  3. Yeah Dave it was pretty spammy over there. I didn't archive my blog so I guess that's gone. Sucks for me!

  4. It would be nice if you at least received an answer to your question.

  5. @PokerAtlas Thank you! Thankfully I've only dealt one straight flush in the interim. :D

  6. Replying here so i remember to put it on my blog if it comes back- I dealt what I think was a King-high straight flush in the Omaha8 game about 2 weeks ago, so another non-paying one. I played last week in my room. $1/2 didn't go well- best hand was T6o getting a 6-6-X flop and beating 86o. I moved over to $2/5 and immediately doubled up Ks9s>TT on a Ts-6s-3s flop, but lost all of that profit in two hands against a guy who I couldn't beat. I had a high pair and each time he would make 2 pair to beat me. Lost a few hundred in the session.

  7. Glad to see the AVP flame is still flickering.

  8. Glad to see the AVP flame is still flickering. Vegas is booked for the week of March Madness.
    And I enjoy reading the blog zz.

  9. Another update to put on my blog if it comes back. Played the tournament and a little cash in my room yesterday. KK and AA both held for decent pots in the tourney, but TT lost to 99 AIPF- 9 right in the window- to nearly bust me. With 1bb, I shoved next hand to bust for real. Hopped in the cash game but was so card dead I played near zero hands and left after 2 hours down $30. Overall, a meh playing day.

  10. Well, I finally dealt a straight flush after I don't know how long, because the tally was on my AVP blog. It was 7-high and I got a good tip from a guy who was just joking that I was one of his least favorite dealers. I moved out of that unenviable position with that pot and bonus, lol.

  11. Played the tournament and cash games in my room earlier today. It didn't start well in the tourney- AKo & AdQd both went down in flames to cost me half my stack. I continued to lose until it all went away when I got it in with A8o on a 9-8-x board, only to run into A9o, lol. I re-entered and my new table was infinitely better. I chipped up by picking up orphan pots and well-timed aggression. Won AJo>JTo to bust a guy then that favorable table broke. The next one was tougher and I went on a chip rollercoaster but prevailed to have more than I came with. We broke again and down to the final two tables. My first hand at the new one I had AKo UTG and raised. A couple of people called but the BB shoved. I overshoved to isolate and was pleased to learn she had KJo. But, wouldn't ya know it, a freaking Jack fell on the turn. I doubled her up and lost a chunk. I never really recovered and the blinds got high so later I shoved in late position with A7o but the BB woke up with AKs. No miracle for me and I was out in 14th. Got into a new cash game then table changed to an established one. I shouldn't have- the one I left looked juicy. I was so card dead I couldn't get any traction, finishing down $80 after 2 hours. Another losing session but I like the way I played in the tournament. I have some poker trips coming up so hopefully it turns around soon.

  12. @zzjitterzz - you have to watch table selection in cash games, best thing you can do for your win rate.

  13. Funny you mention that Dave. I table changed to that one because another dealer that was playing said he "wanted a piece of me." Okay, so I went over there and as soon as I did, he table changed back to the one I left. I shouldn't have left my first game because it was soon populated by a second dealer and a couple of loose players. Oh, well! I'll get 'em next time.

    I dealt another straight flush- a Royal, in fact- earlier today. I got a good tip from the player who I believe was from out of town. He was elated to get $200 extra. Oh, and he flopped it. After not dealing any for some time, two in a week seems like the floodgates are opening. I'd be okay with that, especially if it results in dealing our nearly-$190k bad beat jackpot. That'd be nice!

  14. I believe I have opened the floodgates- I dealt yet another straight flush today- 6 high. Got a small tip from a regular. Also, I was 1 card away from dealing the bad beat- I dealt 1 guy AA and another 88. Flop was A-8-8. It was a $4/8 limit game so once they got heads-up they raised again and again until 88 guy was all-in. It blanked out and after the hand it was learned the the last Ace was folded. So close! It's over $190K now so business has increased as a result, including multiple limit games on the weekends. Plus, the backup is now over $100K. Gonna be busy for a while!

  15. I'll update the Prairie Meadows page with the following information should AVP ever come back, but as of next Thursday, we will no longer have straight flush jackpots. We will add a second backup to the bad beat jackpot, however. BTW, the current jackpot, as of 10pm CST on 2/15 was $196,500, and the backup was $105,000. We continue to be busy as the high BBJ (second highest on record) is driving players to the room.

  16. I actually sent a message several months ago wanting to buy the AVP domain and database and even offered to buy this site as well. Not interested. Both seem to be being neglected soewhat

  17. Well, in 3 hours from now as I write this, the straight flush jackpots will be no longer in the Prairie Meadows poker room. Player reaction has been mixed- some long for the days when they were progressive and some reached over $1k, some were neutral, and some even understood the reasoning- that our current high BBJ is driving people to the room, so management have a vested interest in keeping it high. With 3 jackpots being funded it means we will likely never get down to the $2500 minimum, which has happened in the not-too-distant past when the bad beat goes off twice in rapid succession. I guess I can stop counting how many I've dealt since they will no longer pay. I believe my final tally is 40 in the 20 months I've been dealing poker, but I'm not sure because AVP is still down. Sounds like a good, round number tho.

  18. I wondered how long it would take me to deal a straight flush after we stopped paying out for them, and you can cash your tickets if you had 2 days, lol. Dealt a ten-high in the $4/8 limit hold 'em game and some of the players wondered what was happening when I just pushed the pot, swept up the cards and board, and started dealing the next hand. Once they learned we no longer pay out for straight flushes, they calmed down and decided to change their play to not play so many low suited connectors or one-gappers. This might actually make the bad beat harder to hit as they'll keep fewer potential qualifying hands. I think we'll be busy for the foreseeable future, tho.

  19. Played a little in my room earlier. The tournament didn't go well after a great start- my first hand was AA and I won a small pot. Got 99 a bit later, flopped a set, and won that one. Then, I lost two races when it counted when I had the pair and my opponent caught a 6-outer. I was done after an hour and a half, and I still haven't cashed in our tourneys since we've been able to play. The cash game that followed was a roller coaster to say the least. I made a super thin hero call against a player where my read was that he missed, and I was right. Gave some of that away when I flopped a flush but the other guy flopped the nut flush. Next big positive was with JsTs- I flopped top pair and a flush draw. The turn brought my flush. The river blanked. I decided to check. My hand was good and my opponent said he would have called about $125 on the river. I gave a lot of that back when my straight & flush draw rivered the straight but was already losing to the turned flush. I won a huge one with QJ on a Q-Q-x flop. I got all of that player's chips by shoving the river and he had an inferior queen. Then, a huge 4-way all-in developed. I had KK and called two all-ins of <$200. The flop was Jack-high. The remaining player got the rest of his chips in and I called. He had T8 and rivered the straight to scoop the whole thing, about $950. I addition to my KK, he beat QQ and AA. I didn't last much longer than that. That table was good, tho, so maybe I should have stuck around and tried to get some back. Oh, well. I profited a whole $55 for that cash session, which means I'm stuck $5 for the day after the tournament entry. [shrug emoji]

  20. Sounds like a fun session. Tournament poker can is hard when opponents get on a heater.
    I chopped a local tourney for just under $700 ( Cdn) so that will help my bankroll for Vegas during March Madness week. Can't Wait!!! Best hand was 33 with 5 left. Short stack shoved and got two callers including myself preflop. Flop comes QJ5 with the QJ suited. Checked around. Turn is a 3 that misses the flush:) Checked to me and I bet almost half the pot and I get two calls:) River is a K that hits the flush draw. We get it all in - my full house beats a flush and a straight to get us down to 3. Hopefully I'll see cards like that on holiday.
    Keep on dealing those good hands zz and watch for a trip report in a few weeks.

  21. Dealt another straight flush today- King high. I guess I'll keep tracking them to see if they decline because we no longer pay out for them. By the way, the guy hit a 1-outer to beat a flopped full house. Must be nice!

  22. Played the Tuesday noon tournament earlier today in my room. Played a patient game, picking up pots with timely aggression. I never went to showdown but at the first break I had run my t6000 starting stack to t11,100. It was a smaller field than normal so First ended up being $924 rather than the normal $1000-1100. I finally got some #RunGood kick in when I saw a flop of 9 8 3 holding 9 8 . I checked, my opponent c-bet, I shoved 29bbs over the top, and he called with K 6 . The 8 on the turn sealed the deal for me and I more than doubled up. By the second break I had t34,000, still being patient and picking my spots carefully, but other than a pocket pair I was card dead. Also, it would only 8.5bbs coming back. Thankfully, I finally ran a little better than average- down to 2.5bbs, I shoved A9o and doubled up. Then, on the bubble, I called a short stack with 7 3 for only a bit more than my BB, but he had AA. Oops! But, I went runner-runner to make a straight and get us to the final table and the money! I was still stealing with shoves and the shorties were dropping off. Then, right before the second break, I was third in chips, got AJo and pushed. The second place guy found AQo and called. Flop was a paired and an Ace, so a chop was possible. I was calling for it when a miracle Jack hit the river! That got me the chip lead, then I took a sizable pot off the former leader when my K J beat his QJo on a K-Q-X flop. Going into the third break, I had t240,000, or over half the chips in play, still six handed. With the blinds so high, tho, it was about to become a rollercoaster, especially when my ex girlfriend pushed in to deal. I don't run good with her, lol. Anyway, I did bust the sixth place guy, doubled up a shorty second nut flush < nut flush, and started bleeding chips. The fifth and fourth places busted, leaving us 3-handed, when a monster hand developed. The shorty, who happened to be the AQ guy from earlier, pushed in his 2bb with Q9o. I overshoved with ATo, and the chip leader called it all with 55. A 9 appeared on the board but no Ace or Ten so the shorty tripled up and I was out in third for $364, so I'm still not even for tournaments in my room. I needed first for that, lol. Disappointing, considering my chip position earlier, but you have to run good consistently for several hours to take down one of these dailies. The next time I'll play in my room will be in three weeks. I'm going to Missouri next week and will play at the Hollywood casino Kansas City Kansas in my way back, and the next week is the Mid-States up at Meskwaki. Then, coming up in the first week of April is the WSOP-C in Council Bluffs. Lots of play in the near future!

  23. Dealt another straight flush today- Jack high. That's, what, the third one since we stopped paying out for them? Heh, but of course I would start dealing a ton of them after we stopped giving bonuses for them. Also, the hand was one card away from the bad beat. That's the third time in the past month or so where I've come within one card of dealing it. For the record, our BBJ is at $216k and is still driving business up. You would think I'd be making a lot of money, and for the most part, I am, but last week was down almost 20%, which is more than one standard deviation. I'm back on pace to have a normal week so hopefully it was an anomaly.

  24. Dealt yet another straight flush earlier today- 7 high. That's the FOURTH one since we stopped paying for them 2 weeks ago, lol. I kinda knew I'd have a flood of them now that I won't get tipped extra for the hand. Oh, well.

    As a side note, my ex quit today. She wasn't planning on staying on much longer anyway because we aren't hiring or promoting right now, so she would be stuck in part-time limbo for the foreseeable future, but this is sudden. When we last talked on Tuesday, she was planning on calling in late on her extra shift tomorrow and possibly working one more week, but apparently she had a change of heart and just gave up on it. She "pointed out," which means she's ineligible for rehire, but she told me that dealing was never her back-up plan. I'm sad I'm never going to work with her again but she plays poker so I'm sure I'll see her in there again.

  25. Dealt ANOTHER straight flush today- a steel wheel. Unbelievable. That's FIVE in the two weeks since we stopped giving bonuses for them. Who knows how much in tips I've missed out on because of that. But I have made quite a bit this week because of how busy the room is due to the monster BBJ. So, it probably evens out.

  26. Played a little bit at Hollywood casino Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas on my way home from a short trip to Missouri earlier today. Before I got to the poker room, I dusted of $100 in the pit playing Mississippi Stud. I got into a new game. I had absolutely no reads on anyone and on the first hand I got bluffed off. The three biggest hands were 2 positive, 1 negative- The negative was bricking a gutshot straight flush draw against a flopped set. We got it all in on the flop. Either would have been good if it didn't pair the board. Oh, well. The first positive was the next hand- with 9 8 I flopped two pair and checked in EP. MP bet, LP called, I shoved, MP folded (later I learned it was QQ-wow) and LP called with Q9. I got all of his chips. Later was the second positive- I made a correct call with K J on a 5-K-X, X, 5 board against a guy with had just called the previous 2 streets, but bombed the river. He claimed KTo. This got me to +$200. I bled off $100 before I racked up and left +$100 for the poker session and exactly even for the day. I'll take it! that's a very nice room and I'll be back. They also started a $25/50 mixed game and that had thousands on the table. Impressive money if you're rolled for it!

  27. @zzjitterzz

    looks like the spammers are back

  28. Yeah I don't think they ever really left.

    I dealt yet another straight flush earlier tonight- jack high. That's the sixth in the 3 weeks since we stopped the bonus payouts. And that one was to a former dealer who would have tipped generously. Speaking of former dealers, my ex came in and played. I didn't push her many pots unfortunately. It would suck if we were each others' cursed dealer. I don't have to worry about her dealing to me anymore, but I know I would like to be on the better side of variance when I deal to her.

  29. Played both cash and a tournament at Meskwaki casino near Tama, Iowa yesterday. I got there at 5pm just as the afternoon MSPT qualifier was wrapping up and a cash game was starting. I just ran well, including having the A on a 2-spade flop and going runner-runner spades to get all of one guy's stack. I also used timely aggression to steal pots when scare cards came up. I made $575 in just under 2 hours when it broke for the tournament. I continued to run good but played a tight game. I remember making one soul read with 4th pair to take a decent pot with 25 players left. I also got runner-runner clubs to bust the 11th place guy and bring us to a final table, where I had the big stack of t929k. Blinds were t30k/60k/6k tho, so no one was out of danger. I actually played no hands at the final table- I just watched 5 others go out and then we chopped 5 ways for $365. It's always a good day when you come home with almost $900 more than when you arrived. Looking forward to playing Thursday. Hopefully the PLO game will be better than last November. Also, Lisa the redhead from Maine is in town to deal. I ran good when she dealt to me and it's good to see her dealing again.

  30. Played a little at Meskwaki again today, although I woke up feeling like I was getting sick, so I laid back down for a bit. I got up eventually and headed out the door, about an hour later than I originally wanted. Anyway, when I got up there the lists were long, so I got on the $1/2NLHE, $2/5NLHE, and $1/3(5)PLO/E lists. They opened up a $2/5 game so I sat down with the max $500. I just ran good- the big lucky spot was with K9o I got a flopped King, a turned King, and a river 9, to suck out on a guy who had KQo. Wow! I didn't win every pot, of course, but with that kind of #RunGood, I cashed out for $1550 after 1.75 hours. That was because I got called for the PLO game. Unfortunately, my RunGood didn't follow me- I lost my first buy-in right away when my flopped straight got crushed by river quads. Not a promising start! It never really turned around. I ended up losing $630 in that game, quitting after my illness came roaring back, so I decided to go home. Still, a $420 profit for the day ain't bad, and it continues my March upswing. Next play is the Tuesday noon tournament. Let's go!

  31. Dealt my seventh straight flush - Queen high- since we stopped paying for them. That's the kind of luck I have- don't deal one for several weeks then a flood of them come when it doesn't matter. Lol.

  32. I don't remember when exactly but I dealt a spade Royal flush sometime this week, so that makes 8 in the 5 weeks since we've stopped paying for them. Lol.

  33. I had a concert to go to in Omaha last night so I figured I'd go to the Horseshoe in Council Bluffs to play some poker. The WSOP-C is in town so I thought the games might be good. In fact, the tournament I chopped last year- $250 non-ring PLO- was being played (as PLO8) but because of the show I didn't have time to play it. I wanted to play cash games for about 3 hours and I wanted to try their $2/3 NLHE game- kind of a stepping stone between $1/3 and $2/5- because I heard it was good. And, boy, was it. I bought in for $500 (of $600 max) and quickly ran it up- with A 4 , the flop came 2-3-5 and I got quite a few chips from a guy who would go on to punt his entire stack. I rivered a full house with Q5 but got no value on the river. In about 45 minutes, I had doubled my stack. Normally, I would go on lockdown and try and preserve most of it, but i had so much time to kill I played on. A poor decision as the cards turned against me. 6 6 got run over by runner-runner flush, 9 9 bricked a 4-way, 3-bet pot, and other such hands meant my $500 profit dwindled to just $70. But, hey, that's still a win! Especially since I usually run awful in that room. Combined with a $300 win playing Mississippi Stud while waiting for my seat makes it a decent day. I had an excellent meal and the concert was fantastic. A good day!

  34. @zzjitterzz - You said this:

    In about 45 minutes, I had doubled my stack. Normally, I would go on lockdown and try and preserve most of it, but i had so much time to kill I played on. A poor decision as the cards turned against me.

    It sounds like you have the same problem that I have, you put together a good win playing your A game and then you get concerned because you have a decent win and you start to play differently. It's something you (and I) need to work on. If your best game is good enough to build up a win, then you need to keep playing it. The ONLY adjustment you should be making is to how strong a hand you'd be willing to play for stacks. Even with that, you should only make that adjustment when you are in a hand against another big stack; against any other stack with a standard buyin or less, you need to play exactly like you did when you were building the big stack. Again, I'm "lecturing" you because it's something I really need to work on as well and we both need to do better at it if we are going to put together some really big wins.


  35. Dave, I'll tell ya, I did loosen up a bit when I was up. However, about the only hand I truly shouldn't have played would have been 99 in LP against an EP's limp-3-bet. I knew he had a big hand there but I called, along with 2 other players, knowing I could win a huge pot if I spike a set. I did not. Otherwise, it was just a series of second-best hands and getting run down by draws.

    I played again today at my casino. I originally wasn't going to, but my ex called me out of the blue wanting to get breakfast and play, so I did so. I got unlucky twice- once, with AKo, an idiot called a preflop raise with K2 off and got the magic 2-X-K flop. I lost the minimum by checking back the river. The second time was with A Q - I caught a queen-high flop, got called by AKo on a straight draw and he got there on the turn. Left with crumbs, I shoved 86o in the BB only to get called by 77 and then he flops a set, lol. On to cash games! It did not go well for the first hour, and I wondered if I was going to have my first losing session in a month. I added $100 to my stack and the upswing began- I picked off a 3-barrel bluff by another dealer playing today on a pure soul read. I had only top pair but it was good. The action kind of died at that table so I switched. The new table had lots of chips to be had. I got A 10 OTB and decided to be aggressive, raising to $20 pre. The flop was T-K-X one diamond. I followed my preflop raise with a c-bet, getting two callers. Turn was a 2d. I bet out $125, getting one caller. River was a blank. We checked it down and my pair of tens was good! Next big hand was 6 4 , with which I called a small raise pre. Flop was 8-7-5r. I check-called. Turn was an Ace. Check-call again. River was another Ace. Not my favorite card, but this time I led out big and got a call. My flopped straight was good! I was getting hungry so I decided to lock up my +$610 win and get a sandwich. Meanwhile, my ex got third in the tournament and took some of her winnings to play cash. She told me later she lost a bit but still left a winner for the day. I thanked her for suggesting we play- it profited us both! It may be a bit before I play again because I've played a lot lately, but the siren call of the $240K+ bad beat jackpot at my casino might get me again.

  36. I see the Ace of diamonds symbol doesn't work here either. That's what I had with the ten of diamonds in that hand.

  37. Well, the ~$247k bad beat hit at my casino last night, about 2 hours after I left, and a dealer hired after me dealt it. I swear I'm never going to deal it. i got the 72OFF license plate for a reason, lol. Our backup is ~$138k so not bad.

  38. I got a call from my ex this morning which woke me up. She was calling to suggest we go eat breakfast and play at my casino. I agreed so we met there. We got finished 2 hours before it started so I went up to play cash while she wandered off. My table was awesome- chips were moving around freely but I couldn't make any of them move my way. I lost ~$250 in the session before the tournament even began. The tournament was a roller coaster- start with t6k, up to t14k, back down to t8k, back up to t16k at first break. My ex was at my table and she was running even better- she caught a gutshot straight for a huge double-up. It was, frankly, a bad call on her part but you have to get lucky to run deep in these. I was steady as she goes, with my stack at t26k at the second break, which would only be 6.5bbs. I looked for opportune spots to pick up chips and that worked brilliantly. I was able to steal several blinds, enough to propel me to the final table and the money! My ex also made it so now it was a matter of who would finish higher. Well, she did- I had 52o in the BB and 1 limper and I saw a flop of 7-5-4. I shoved my remaining few BBs in and he insta-called with Ah7h. No five or deuce for me and I was done in ninth for $113.50. It was an easy shove because that guy is literally ATC. My ex busted in sixth so to commiserate we had dinner together. So, my first losing day in over a month, but a minimal one at that. I really like that I'm running deep in tournaments lately. It's 40 days until my Vegas trip and I'm getting excited. Hopefully I can last more than an hour and a half in the WSOP event #1 this time!

  39. Dealt my 9th and 10th straight flushes earlier today- ironically, 9-high and 10-high. So that makes 10 in the 7 weeks since we stopped paying for them. If my blog was up I'd graph when I've dealt them, just to see how many more this is than when we did. *sigh* LOL

  40. Played in my room again yesterday, again at the behest of my ex. I played before the tourney and won enough to more than cover my buy-in. No real big hands, just picking up pots here and there. The tournament was frustrating- I had a lot of big hands that got no value, like TT and AA won the blinds, and KQo flopped two more kings in a 3-way pot but I got no action in the side pot. Finally, after the first break, I had just over starting stack, which was 11bbs. I peeked at 22 and shoved UTG. A loose player overraised with AcJc to isolate and we saw the flop, which, of course, had an Ace. I picked up a straight draw on the turn but bricked to bust. It was a small field so it may not have been worth it to play. Anyway, I went back to play cash but couldn't make any hands, losing $100 quickly and adding it back on. Then, I won an interesting pot- I had JsTc and flopped an open-ender. I turned a straight draw and the river bricked. It turns out I was against an inferior draw and jack-high was good! I recovered about half my losses. By then, my ex had busted and texted me how nice it was outside. I figured I should quit so I racked up down $100, but with my earlier win it was only a loss of $15 for the day. Another losing day but once again the loss was tiny. As long as I can continue to minimize my losses and max out the gains, I'll keep growing my bankroll. Vegas in 5 weeks!

  41. @zzjitterzz -- yeah build that bankroll up so you can come out here and crush it -- except in pots with me :)

  42. Dealt 2 straight flushes yesterday- 10-high and 7-high- both in the Omaha8 game,so if we still paid for straight flushes, neither would have received bonuses. But still, 12 straight flushes in a little over 2 months since we stopped paying is a lot.

  43. Played the Tuesday tournament and cash games earlier today. The tourney was a disaster, but I thought it would go well when I had 99 and rivered a 9. I needed it because most of that went poof when my TT got a J-T-9 flop and I was on the wrong end of set over set against JJ. I lost the rest of my first buy-in when my KQo ran into AhJh and got a A-x-J flop. No ten for me and I re-enter. My new table was good action, but also a minefield- with AA, I just call a loose EP's 3-bet. The older player to my left cold-calls, and we see a flop of T-7-x. EP checks, I shove, Old guy calls, EP folds. Old guy shows me 98 for and OESD (nice cold-call pre, dude) and gets there immediately with the 6 turn. It's still in the reentry period so I fire a third bullet. The ex busts after reentry ends but she only entered once. My new table was an interesting mix of loose and tight players, and the tournament chip leader who was running hot. I had t3700 at the first break, which would be 6bbs coming back, so I was in shove mode. i found JJ and pushed after several limpers. I got called in 3 spots, including the CL. Flop was King-high. The CL and another player eventually get it all-in themselves, with CL having AKo, beating the other guy's KQ and my jacks. He collects a huge pot and I'm done. I set a new personal record with 3 bullets. I get on the cash list, blow $20 on video poker, then get in the game I wanted and get to work. Two significant hands were all my profit- I had AJo and flopped TPTK and called down a sizable river bet against a player I had previously caught bluffing a few weeks ago. The other one involved the Grump- 4 2 . I flopped bottom pair and an open-ender, turned a flush draw, and got the straight on the river, getting value from a slow player who bet his two pair. That pot got me up to $599, so I was within $1 of being even. The table was beginning to break, so I racked up and left. After tipping out I had a $5 loss for the day. Again, if I can minimize my losses and continue to get the occasional big score, my bankroll will go nowhere but up. Vegas in 3 weeks!

  44. @zzjitterzz

    spammers were back yesterday

  45. - Dude the spammers are on here multiple times daily. And I'm serious about that because I used to clean up the AVP forums and I'm friends with the guy who cleans out these forums. It's a testament to his efforts that the boards aren't continuously 4 or 5 pages deep with spam posts because it is becoming that bad. Hopefully, management will see this post (I'm not holding my breath) and do something to make it harder to create an account. That's the only viable long term solution to the automated spam bots slamming the site.

    Sorry, rant over.

    P.S. Honestly, I'm glad other people care enough to notice. Thank you for being one of those people!

  46. I report every spam post I see. We need to start banning IP addresses because they're probably coming from the same source.

    I forgot to document my play yesterday. I went and played the Tuesday noon tournament yesterday at my casino. I got a call from my ex about 10 minutes in but I couldn't answer because my hand would have been killed. I wondered what she wanted but I didn't have to wonder for long- she entered and sat down right next to me! I had no real hands of note, and had to fold to two check-raises from older players. Coming back from the first break, I had t5100, which would be just under 9bbs. First hand I look at A 9 in EP and shove. A shorter stack in one of the blinds calls off with 8 8 . A flop of Q 7 J gave me outs of any ace, any 9, or any club. But, the turn and river bricked out and I was left with just over 1bb. Next hand I put it all in with J 10 . That flop was K-9-7, which gave me a double-gutter. A deuce turn and blank river gives my opponent two pair holding 92. Out! On to cash games. My ex busted right before I did and got right into a cash game. I had to wait almost 45 minutes then they opened a new table. My ex joined us at our new game with a short stack. I played a hand blind all the way to the river but I got bluffed off my bottom pair which would have been good! Oh, well. I added on and recovered some of it when my ex busted and asked me to dinner. I wanted to buy her a meal because she just got a new job so I racked up and left. Had I stayed I'm sure I would have not only fully recovered my initial losses but made money, but i had a good time with my ex so no regrets.

    Side note: I did the math using my spreadsheet of my poker wins and losses since September, and as of right now I'm +$2545 in all levels of NLHE, -$615 in tournaments, and -$1000 in PLO. That PLO total is deceiving because it doesn't count the ~$800 I won in July, but I didn't have the spreadsheet back then. I should be able to play next week at my casino but in less than two weeks is Vegas!

  47. I did indeed play in my casino earlier today as one final tune-up before Vegas. My ex started her new job so she will no longer be joining me on Tuesdays, which is sad because I enjoyed playing with her. I was absolutely card-dead. I saw no pairs at all in the tournament. Right before the first break I found K 3 and shoved, just to try to win the blinds, but the BB called off his shorter stack with A J . I got lucky and flopped a King. That win still didn't get me above starting stack so coming back I would have approximately 8bbs. I pushed with A J and got called in 3 spots. Flop was Jack-high and I ended up chopping with a guy who had A J but increased my stack due to the multiple callers. I was still short so when I saw A 9 I insta-shoved. The lady next to me overshoved and I knew I was in trouble. Yep, she rolled over A A . I was done. I waited for about 15 minutes for a cash game to open. I lost a chuck when my 10 10 got run over by Q Q on an 8-high board. I should have known better- that player would never have shoved all-in without a big pair or better. Oh, well. I added on then worked back up to almost even, but I wasn't feeling the best so I racked up and left. I, once again, had just a small daily loss. I will take a small daily loss every day in Vegas, because some day's losses have been colossal in the past. By the way, I won't be updating here while in Vegas. The vast majority will occur on Twitter- - and if anything big happens I'll post on the OGs of AVP Facebook page. If I win a bracelet I'll make it my profile picture. I arrive Monday and leave next Friday. Good luck to me!

  48. @zzjitterzz - if you have a chance get in tough with me when you are in town (if you don't have my number then send me a friend request through the OG's group on Facebook and I'll get it to you via a private message.


  49. In case you didn't read my Twitter feed, here's a synopsis of my trip- I lost. In fact, this is the first trip where I had no winning sessions. I've lost money overall before, but I won money in at least one session of poker. Not this trip! I did last twice as long in the employee event as I did last year, so that's something, and I did make the final table of the Dealer's choice tournament at Planet Hollywood, finishing 7th when they were paying 4. I only played NLHE cash once- Monday night at Mirage. I got stacked by runner-runner flush after I flopped two pair. Idiot called on the flop with no pair and only a backdoor flush draw. Of course he got there! I also played mixed games at the Wynn where I ran very well for a time, getting to up $170, but I didn't quit there, so when new players that I couldn't beat sat down, I lost all that and an additional $80. After I ran like dog doo-doo in the Wynn daily noon tournament on Thursday, I just shut it down. That was about 2pm, or about 20 hours before I had to leave for the airport. I guess the highlight of the trip was drinking with AlaskaGal on Monday night. Met a crazy woman who got me to drink more and do shots. Thankfully, I didn't feel too terrible the next morning so it's all good. Anyway, I'll be taking at least 2 weeks off from poker. I'm just all pokered out!

  50. Dealt a straight flush in the tournament today- Jack high. That's 13 since we stopped paying for them, and I swear I've dealt one in the month since I last documented it. I also dealt a bad beat qualifying hand in Sunday's tournament. I will never deal the actual bad beat with luck like this. :/

  51. Dealt another straight flush today- 7-high- in a PLO game that went today. It wouldn't have paid if we still did that, but that's still 14 in the 3 months since we stopped paying. Also, that PLO game was awful- they were down to heads-up with 2 players that weren't tipping. Ugh. Thankfully, it broke when I came back from break and I got forced out.

  52. Dealt the 15th straight flush since we stopped paying- Queen high in a $1/2 NLHE game. yeah, they're coming in bunches.
    BTW, I'm not playing right now because I'm all pokered out after getting back from Vegas. I won't play next week because of birthday festivities, so the soonest I'll be able to get back to the felt would be the week of the 25th, but who knows if I'll actually play.

  53. Hello! This thread-blog is not abandoned, I swear. Just moribund.
    Dealt my 16th straight flush since late February, a 6-high in the Omaha8 game, so it wouldn't have paid if we still did that.
    I've been contemplating coming back to the poker tables lately, but my allergies have been brutal until this weekend. I haven't played since May 31st when I was in Vegas, so it ha been a minute. I'll probably play the tournament and some cash on Tuesday. The summer MSPT is coming up at the end of this month so I need to get in tune for it starting now.

  54. Played poker for the first time in nearly 6 weeks earlier today. My ex quit her job last week so she was able to join me. Overall, it did not go well. I got runner-runner flush for some chips early in the tournament, but lost almost all of those of those over a few unlucky hands. I was down to t1800 and went all-in several times while still in the re-entry period, but no one called, except when I got AdQd>KdKh and flopped an Ace. So I chipped up to t9300 at first break. I got AA but ran into a short stack's flopped set of queens, but got lucky to go runner-runner straight. That table broke so at my new one I picked up QQ and shipped my ~10bb stack. KQo called and, of course, and king was right on the flop. I was out but my ex was still in. In fact, she got 4th place, the third time in the last 4 tournaments she has finished 4th. I was in a cash game where I just couldn't avoid my opponent's monster hands. Twice I rivered TPTK only to run into a much bigger hand and I couldn't get away from it. The last one was a killer- I lost ~$200 in that hand and called it quits, with my daily loss at $400. I'll be playing next week because in two weeks is the Mid-States Poker Tour at Meskwaki, where the action is great and the money flows easily. Good luck to me!

  55. @zzjitterzz - good luck at the MSPT.

  56. Took another shot at the tournament in my room earlier today. My ex was there too but we never encountered nor even acknowledged each other. At least the first part went better and I feel my play and reads were much improved from last week. First positive uptick was when i got KK in EP and raised, getting 2 callers. Flop was Jack high. I bet, they both called. Turn was a brick, I bet, first guy shoves, other folds, I call. He has JJ. River- King! That helped my stack quite a bit, as did Q8 in the BB seeing a flop of Q-9-8 and busting an older gentleman who didn't raise preflop with AA. I had t18,100 at the first break, or 3x starting stack. Half of it went away, however, when I had AJo & raised pre, getting one caller with 22. He flopped a set, I got straight and flush draws on the turn and an Ace one the river, but he never bet until then so I had no reason not to call. So i started shoving pre, doing so several times, collecting the blinds each time. My table broke so at my new one I saw TT for my first hand there and open-shoved, no one called. Next hand, I had AQo and once again pushed over a 3x open who snap called with KK. Flop was 3-K-3 and I was out. Jumped into a new cash game but the #RunBad followed me, with just a series of second-best hands, bricked draws, strong hands I can't fold, and general junk. I changed to the action table where my luck didn't really improve. The final nail in the coffin was where I had AQo and opened for $11. Three callers and I saw a flop of A-2-K. Checked around. Turn 4. Checked to me, I bet $27, 1 caller. River 7, no flushes, and he shoves $150. What? It made no sense. I had most of his aces beat, along with all of his busted draws. I surmised he might have lucked into a turned set of 4s, but I called off anyway. He rolls over 22. Oh. Yeah, that makes sense. So I was basically felted. I tossed the dealer my remaining $7 and left. Still running like dog shit. I'm still going to play the MSPT next week but I may end up punting the rest of my bankroll considering how bad I'm running. Run better please?

  57. I should also mention that the $183K bad beat went off late Sunday night/ early Monday morning, while I was at home, of course. Our new bad beat is at $57K. We needed the large BBJ to drive business to our room in the slow summer months, so I guess I'll be getting out earlier more often for the next 3 months or so.

  58. I played up at Meskwaki casino yesterday, and it did not go well. In fact, the bad luck followed me home. More on that later. My ex quit her job so she was able to join me, but she didn't do well either. It started with the $65 satellite to the $250 qualifier. I was never very far above or below starting stack for the first couple of levels because I had no hands of note. I had brought my t10k starting stack up to t11,900. After the break, the blinds caught up with me, so I shoved my 6bbs with Kh2h. One guy tanked then called with TT (lol). I flopped a straight draw but bricked out to bust. Got on the cash game list and it started not long after. Again, I was mostly card dead. The big loss was where I called a guy who had a middle flush and got runner-runner to get there (eyeroll). Anyway, I added $100 but couldn't make a full recovery, losing $150 over the 2 hours. My ex and I ate at the buffet before the $20 rebuy tournament. AQo both won and lost me decent pots. My first buy-in went *poof* when I overshoved a shorty's push with Ad9d and got called by 88 (shorty had JJ). The 8's flopped a set and that was it. I rebought and got the bonus at break, giving me t35,700 then. It ended quickly right after- the first hand back, I look at QsQc OTB and raise 2.5x. Only the SB calls and we see a flop of J-T-9 two spades. He donk-leads 10bbs, I shove 33bbs, and he snap-calls with JTo. The turn of 6s gives me 22 outs- any K, Q, 9, 8, 6, or spade. We all that's too many outs. I bricked the river and was done. My ex wasn't far behind me so we came back to my house to play Super Mario Bros, and, well, other things. I believe I may have eaten something bad at the buffet because I didn't feel well when I woke up so I had to call in to work for the first time today. I feel better now as I write this so I'm still thinking I'm going to go up there again tomorrow. I casually mentioned to the players at my home casino that if they want some of my money they should come up because I'm likely to punt the rest of my bankroll this week. On track so far! Lol

  59. Another poker session today up at Meskwaki, and, different day, same result. Started with the $250+10 main event qualifier. I knew it was a bad omen when I drew the exact same table and seat as Tuesday night's tournament. I was absolutely card dead except for getting QQ twice, winning one and losing one. I had half of a starting stack at first break- t6200. That would be 10bbs coming back, so I had to start shoving. I got AhAx UTG+1 and did so. A player in MP called for less with JTo (What? Lol). Flop was 8h-8x-6h. Turn, 9h. River, Qc. So he hit runner-runner. Neat! Anyway, I was left with t1600. Hand after next, I shove with 99 and get a full triple. In a few more hands, I see 77, push, and double! This gives me t17.100, my tournament high point. I lose a few thousand Ks4s<KQo on a King-high board when my flush draw bricks. So, I was down to 10bbs again. I see JJ and call off a friend's shove. He had AQo. He turned a queen but that gave me an OESD. But, I missed yet another draw to bust. At least they went to a good home. I immediately got into a $1/2 NLHE game. It was another session of missed draws, getting rivered, and general card death. I gave up after a little over 2 hours down $200. So, the positive point is I didn't put my entire bankroll, just most of it- I've lost around $2500 since the beginning of May. I'm going to take some time off from playing poker. It's going to be an open-ended break but at least through the rest of the summer. If my ex wants to play a small tournament I'll probably do it but that's going to be it for a few weeks. I just need to wait for the #RunBad to go away. TTFN

  60. @zzjitterzz Sorry to hear it's been such a rough run. While you are on your break do some work away from the table -- reading, watching poker strategy videos, running hand through equilab, whatever. Just do some work on your game and try to figure out spots to improve.


  61. Dealt TWO 10-high straight flushes today, one that would have paid and one that would not have. I wonder how many I've dealt that haven't gone to showdown, since we no longer pay for them you don't have to show it anymore to win the pot. Also, PROTECT YOUR HAND! I accidentally swept the cards of a player that went all-in and mucked them before I realized what I did. He put his cards forward so as I was sweeping up the other mucks his got mixed in. His hand was dead and the chips were forfeit. I totally didn't mean to but if he had protected his hand it wouldn't have been an issue.

  62. Addendum (I hate that I can't edit posts): That's 18 known straight flushes I've dealt since we stopped paying for them 5 and a half months ago.

  63. Dealt TWO straight flushes today, in the same hand! Unfortunately it wasn't a bad beat because both players were only using 1 card in their hand. K Q J 10 were on the board- along with another king- and one player had the 9 and another the A , and he didn't reraise! Strange hand. That's probably the closest I'll get to dealing the bad beat. I'm just not lucky enough to get it done. I don't remember if I counted those kind of straight flushes in my count, but if I did, that's numbers 19 and 20 since we stopped paying.

  64. Wow! I hope you were tipped decently.

  65. I wish! Since we don't pay $200 for straight flushes anymore I don't get extra tips for those payouts. Also, it's been a bad week for tips overall. I can endure a bad week, tho. I have tomorrow off so I can go to the State Fair, which may be the break I need.

  66. Well, I did it. I put in for time off and booked a hotel room at Harrah's North Kansas City so I could play at the RunGood poker series in 3.5 weeks. I need to return to the tables to tune up. I've played the RunGood before- a year and a half ago at the Horseshoe Council Bluffs- and while I didn't run good, it was a well-run tournament. Plus, the PLO game was really good. So I guess this means I'll be playing at least the tournament this coming Tuesday. I really want to play a "new" game my room has started spreading- $10/20 H.O.S.E. Our "E" is Omaha8, and Razz is not yet approved, but we're working on it. Apparently it went last Tuesday and both the dealers and players had a blast. I'd venture to say it would even be +EV because not a lot of players in my room know how to play Stud or Razz. We shall see!

  67. Played the tournament in my room earlier today. I haven't played in a month because the #RunBad just won't go away, but I need to get in tune because I booked a room and took a day off to play in the RunGood Poker series at Harrah's North Kansas City in three weeks. My ex was able to join me but thankfully she was at a different table. I was card dead for the first 2.5 levels but then I got some hands- 88 flopped a set and got a shove into me (lol), AQo got an Ace on the flop and won with a c-bet, and KK picked up the blinds and limps. Just before the first break, I should have limped with Kc9c, because it limped around, the flop was K-K-9, and a slow, annoying player shoved the flop. Dang it! Oh, well, I had plenty of chips- t13,400 at the break. About a half hour later, I got a monster hand- with Ah8h I called a small all-in of t1500. Two other callers and the 4 of us see a flop of 8-7-3r. Checked around. Turn is an 8. I lead t1800, a different slow, annoying player raises to t4000, the third player folds, I shove, he calls. Slow player has 99 and the initial all-in has A9. River is a blank and my trips are good! this gets me up to around t29k. I bleed off some chips by calling with less than ideal hands and losing to go all the way down to t17k when my table breaks. At my new table is a good player with whom I'm familiar. He loses a race for most of his stack, I lose against a player who shoved his little stack into my BB, then familiar player and I mix it up. First time is when he open-shoves trying to get the blinds, but I wake up with 55 in the BB and call. He has J8o and we see a safe flop. The Q turn gives him some outs I can't remember, but the river jack is a killer. There goes most of my stack. He gets the rest when we once again go all-in- me with 66, he with A7o, Ace right on the flop. I need to get rid of this bad luck. My ex busted around the same time so we met at the entrance and went across the street to eat. I could have come back and played cash games but i just wasn't in the right mindset. Too bad because I'm pretty sure the $10/20 H.O.S.E. game went again and that sounds juicy. I will get this monkey off my back and get to the winning side.

  68. @zzjitterzz - when you go to the RunGood tournament, don't even think about your recent runs, stay in the moment and crush the tourney field. Until then, keep grinding away. I've been talking to a former blogger over on AVP (the guy who always hypes the U Miami sports teams, even in his screen name), and he told me that poker is a volume game, you have to keep playing for the odds to even out. So, keep the mental focus strong and keep grinding away until you bink that tourney in a couple weeks!


  69. Played poker in my room again earlier today in an attempt to tune up my game for the RunGood Series at Harrah's North Kansas City in 2 weeks. I felt I had good reads and generally played well. I ran pretty good at first, too- I had AA and won with a c-bet. QQ was beat by AK but I lost the minimum. AJ proved to be a good hand- I busted one player who had KJ when he shoved on a A-K-5 flop, then I won a 3-way all-in with it against KJ and QJ. The case jack fell on the flop and the guy I eventually busted to said he had AK so I would have won most of his chips, too. I had t17,200 at first break. There was a regular from Meskwaki who is known splasher and I won a couple of good pots from him with timely aggression. Then, disaster fell- UTG opened for 3x, I 3-bet 6.5x with AA, and he just called, which cost him half his stack. The flop was T-8-x. He shoves, I snap-call, he has 77. Turn 8, river, a f***ing Jack. Holy wow I'm running bad. Anyway, I call a shove in the BB with JTo, he has A2. A 2 on the flop and turn double him up, with a jack on the river for the extra needle. A couple of hands later OTB, it folds to me, I shove 7bbs with Q9, and that same guy calls with KhJh. I get the open-ender on the turn but brick out completely, natch. Just running awful but I feel my game is solid enough to continue playing. I will conquer this #RunBad and get to the positive side of the ledger!

  70. @zzjitterzz - Good attitude. A good poker player told me that poker is a volume game, you've got to play enough volume for the luck to even out. So, as long as you are playing good, keep grinding!


  71. Dealt a six-high straight flush today, my 21st since the end of bonuses for them, and the first one in 3 weeks. The board was paired but I'm incapable of dealing the corresponding pair to someone for a bad beat.

  72. I got to deal stud today! It was fun! We had a table of our $10/20 H.O.S.E. game go for a few hours earlier, and it just so happened that I pushed in with 1 hand left of "O" and dealt Stud8 for almost the whole half hour. It was a blast and I made no mistakes, I'm happy to say. Let's hope I get a chance to deal it again soon!

  73. Played poker in my room earlier today in once last effort to tune up my game in preparation for the RunGood series next week in North Kansas City, and it went well. I admit to running good and getting hit in the face by the deck- I had AQo and shoved over a raise for not very much more and got a fold! Then I busted a player by pushing over his open with AQo again on a Q-high board and he had TT. It held! Then I upgraded to AA, and it held up too! First time was against QJo on a Q-high flop. The next time was a monster- After a small raise and call, another player shoves all-in. I raise to isolate with AA and get the others to fold. The shover has QQ and the board runs pure and I collect his chips. Apparently the others folded AK and AQ. Wow! I could have had heaps but instead merely the chip lead. I got lucky to chop with AK vs. AK when he had a four-flush. I gave a little back when my AQ couldn't outrace TT to leave me with t28,500 at the first break. That table broke and my new table had a lot of chips. I gave a little back A4o against AQo in a blind vs. blind situation, but gained more than that back when my A9 got a flop of A-9-T and got value against an unknown hand. I speculate with 9h8h but have to fold to an all-in, she shows QQ. The very next hand, I get AA again and open raise. The same lady shoves and I snap-call. Her AhKh gets no help so I collect her stack. Then, I give some to the player to my left in a BvB hand, my ATo rivers a straight but his 44 had already turned a full house. Oops! With aggression, I gain back those chips to have t42,000 at the second break. There were about 18 players left with 10 paying. I use selective aggression near the bubble to chip up a bit, then I get another BvB hand, only this time on the positive- my A9o is better than his A7o. A few more chips added to my stack gets me t76,000 at the final table and the money! My first tournament cash in months, and it feels good. It took a long time to lose people at the final table and the short stacks got their doubles. I shoved twice to collect the blinds to remain steady. Finally, with blinds at t10k/20k, I had 3bbs and shoved from the button with 7c6c. It was stupid because the BB had a ton of chips and was never folding. He did call with Q9o. I outflopped him when a 6 appeared and I had a straight draw, but a Queen turn gave him the advantage and I couldn't improve on the river. Incidentally, that was the same guy who busted me last week. He went on to win with my chips last week and duplicated the feat this week. I finished in fifth for a $213 payout. I immediately sat down at a cash game across from my ex, but I didn't stay there long as they opened a $10/20 H.O.S.E game that I really wanted to play. I took my chips over and added on. I was mostly down for the session but got momentarily unstuck when my 66xx flopped a set and rivered an underfull in Omaha for a nice pot. I did give some of that back but I stopped playing down $105, which means after tips I was profitable $25 on the day. My first positive day in 4 months! I think my game is well tuned for the RunGood series next week and I'm looking forward to playing!

  74. So I dealt two straight flushes in the Omaha8 game today, and I'm not sure I should count the second one. The first one was a legit 9-high SF- he used two in his hand and 3 on the board. The second one was all on the board- flop was 8 9 10 , turn J , river 7 ! I don't think I've ever done that before. I also don't think anyone had K Q or 6 5 for a legit SF either. I'm going to go ahead and count it, because it was so unusual, so that's 22 and 23 since late February.

  75. Dealt another straight flush today- King high- in the tournament. Lol. Since we don't pay for them anymore, it's alright I'm dealing them in all these scenarios that wouldn't pay anyway. That's 24 since February.

    I'm leaving for Kansas City early tomorrow afternoon to play in the RunGood series at Harrah's. I'm looking forward to it! Follow me on Twitter- @zzjitterzz - for updates. I'll give a quick summary when I get back on Wednesday. Hopefully I can haul back some hardware!

  76. Well crap, just wrote out a long post about how I ran bad at the RunGood at Harrah's North Kansas City and it's gone. More #RunBad, I guess. The high and lowlights: $135 bounty on Monday: could have had the bounty if I would have made a stupid call with Qx against two all-ins, and his mystery bounty was $1000! Ugh. made an ill-advised raise with 99 on an 8-high board, got reraised, and probably incorrectly folded. Busted with KdJd against 88 and 66 when a six flopped. Shouldn't have played cash, but I did, losing $190 in an hour in a dumb game.
    $180 deepstack on Tuesday: Correctly folded AA on a K-J-T, X, X board to a string of weird bets. A lady had flopped a straight with Q9 so good job me. got some back with JsTs when I flopped a straight and got 2 streets of value. Went stone card dead after the break. called a raise pre with 77, saw a flop of 6-6-3, and called an all-in against AQo. Blank turn but a damn queen river crippled me. Shoved the next hand with AdJd, was up against KdTd. flop was J-9-x. Turn another damned queen. Another jack on the river for the needle. Went out for a drive and to get my ex some meds but I wasn't feeling well so I shut it down. I lost $505 in 1.5 days. Probably done with playing poker for the rest of the year.

  77. Ugh, sorry to hear about the run bad. But, I think stopping until the end of the year is a mistake (assuming your finances permit you to handle any possible losses). Re-read your post where you cashed a the tourney as the warm up. You are clearly still thrilled when you play and don't run bad.

    So, my advice is to take a shorter break to clear your head. After that, take some time and really put in some work off the tables. Think about some of your hands and your decision making. Go out and read or watch some strategy poker strategy to improve your game. Get some software like Equilab or one of the "solver" programs and run a shit ton of hands through them so you really get comfortable with the math behind various situations. Then, come back refreshed and a stronger player and keep putting in the work off the tables.


  78. Well, Dave, other than losing 2/3 of my bankroll in this downswing, money really isn't the concern. I make plenty so I have no issue there. It's just frustrating to constantly make the right plays and lose, or be card dead for hours on end. It won't be a literal shut down for the rest of year- I did tell my ex if she invites me, I'll play. I'll probably mix in some online play too, just to keep up. But, I'm definitely not going to travel for a tournament series and I'm unlikely to play the MSPT at Meskwaki at the end of next month. All subject to change, of course, if I start the run of a lifetime. I'll ride that as far as it goes! But really, I want to start prepping now for next summer, and clearing my head and trying to outlast this #RunBad is my goal for now.

  79. @zzjitterzz - that seems reasonable. But, don't neglect work away from the table. It's always important, but it can help get over runbad.


  80. I dealt a straight flush sometime in the past two weeks that I forgot to document. I don't remember what the high card was, but I do remember it beat an Ace-high flush, and it was red. That's 25 since February. I suppose if my actual AVP blog doesn't come back, I'll stop documenting them at the end of this year.

  81. Dealt another straight flush today- 7 high, I believe. He got a full double when the Ace of that suit rivered a flush then he asked when we stopped giving bonuses. I told him February and that was the 26th I've dealt since then.

  82. Dealt a steel wheel in hearts today. In fact, the player flopped it and got max value when his opponent shoved the river. That river also paired the board, but noooooo, I can't deal the bad beat. Twenty-seven since February.

    By the way, I'm going to close this thread on New Year's Eve and start a new one next year just so it won't be so unwieldy. I've pretty much given up on ever seeing my old blog again. AVP is truly gone. RIP.

  83. I really feel the need to play again. One of the players today commented that he wanted me on the other side of the box because I didn't see his full house coming. We had a good laugh about that one. Also, one of our players is in Council Bluffs at the Horseshoe for the RunGood Poker Series, and he chopped the Deepstack 3-ways for $5800+. Seeing him succeed has sparked the desire in me. I still have time to decide whether or not to play up at Meskwaki for the MSPT in 3 weeks. After Kansas City 3 weeks ago, I swore it off, but the pull might be too hard. I should probably make a decision in the next couple of days. I think we all know I'm going ;)

  84. Dealt a Royal flush in diamonds today in the Omaha8 game, so it wouldn't have paid, but that's 28 since February.

    Also, I just submitted the time off to go up the Meskwaki for the MSPT in 3 weeks. It was inevitable.

  85. Played in my room for the first time in a month earlier today. My first tournament buy-in didn't last long- AA in LP, open for 3x, only the button calls. Flop Q-7-6. I bet, he called. Turn 6, bet-call. River 9, no flush, I bet, he shoves, I call. He has 77 for the flopped set and I'm left with crumbs. The next hand, I'm not involved, but AA gets cracked again. The hand after that, I shove with JTo and get called by AA- in fact, it's the same guy who just had his aces beat. He had back-to-back AA! Jack on the flop gives me some hope. I yell out "Aces no good! Ten on the river!" and it comes! I may have screamed a little too loud after that suckout, but it was just amazing that AA was no good three hands in a row. Anyway, with still just 12bbs, I shove holding AsTs, get called by 88, and lose the race. Re-enter! The second buy-in goes a little smoother- in fact, I catch a heater right before the first break- AA and JJ are good for decent pots, then 99>AK for a full double on the last hand before- to have t28,700. I couldn't hold it, tho, as I went card dead and couldn't catch a hand, while my opponents did, so by the second break, I had t14,000, or 3.5bbs. In my t4k BB, an aggro in LP min raises, so I 3-bet shove with Q9, thinking I'm probably live, but no, he calls with AQo. No miracle 9 and I'm out in 20th. I get on the list for $10/20 H.O.S.E. and wait for a seat. About 45 minutes later, it starts. We change Hold 'Em to Big O, so now we're playing B.O.S.E. I didn't really have any big Stud8 hands, but I didn't lose my shirt, either. I did catch a couple of lucky full houses in Omaha to scoop a couple of pots. At one point I was up over $200, but one hand where my top 2 pair got beat by a set and a low means I left after an hour and 15 minutes up $75. I had a great time playing it, too, so I will be back. Two weeks from today in the start of the MSPT at Meskwaki, so I'll definitely be playing next week to get back into rhythm. Good luck to me!

  86. @zzjitterzz - good to hear some enthusiasm about poker back in your post. Keep grinding and go crush the MSPT!


  87. Dealt the 29th straight flush since February in the Omaha8 game today- Jack high in diamonds. The guy that won it was one of the slowest players I've dealt to- and we have another player that is nicknamed "Speedbump." i really wanted him to bust so the game- and tips- would speed up. But, no, that doubled him up. He busted later but then the game broke, lol. I got one more down then the game ahead of me broke, too. That got me forced out on a Friday. It was early enough that I thought about going back and playing, but as soon as I got home I got comfortable and that ended any thoughts of going back out. I'm definitely going to play on Tuesday, and maybe Monday, because a convention is booked for those days where the organizer bought $130,000 in casino chips. Not promo chips, actual gaming chips. Maybe they'll spread them around in the poker room and I'll gain a few.

  88. Dealt a 7-high diamond straight flush earlier today, in an actual cash game that would have paid a bonus were we still paying for them. That's 30 since we stopped. He got a full triple up, beating a set and an Ace-high flush, and he also tipped me well, which means I would have gotten even more when he got his bonus money. Oh, well. I could have used that extra money too- it was a shit weekend. I got a 4-hour EO yesterday and wasn't upset because I didn't make very much at all, so it was better to get out of there and do something fun. I was thinking about playing tonight, but none of the conventioneers I mentioned earlier were there and, frankly, I wasn't feeling well. Hopefully I can get some hours in tomorrow and Tuesday.

  89. Played for a bit in my room earlier tonight, looking for that conventioneer money, of which there turned out to be none. I got on both the $1/2 NLHE and $1/2/5 PL OE lists and waited about 15 minutes for a new no limit table to open. My first hand was 72o OTB, and I played it for giggles. I flopped a pair but the runout was horrible so I folded it on the river. That was against a player from Florida who turned out to be a good player. In fact, he stacked me in the following hand- I straddled, he called UTG+1, a couple of other players called, and I raised to $19 with AhJh. He and 2 others called. Flop was Q-3-Q one heart. I c-bet $40, he raised to $100, others fold. Turn Th. I shove my remaining ~$120, he snap-calls with 33 and my multi-way draws are stone dead. I reload for $300 more. A seat opens on the PLO game so I take most of that plus $200 to that game. I bleed out ~$150 with extreme card and flop death and add yet another $200, then I finally get a hand- I flop the nut straight and bet enough to get everyone else to fold! Not nearly enough in the pot to get me even, but a positive step. However, epic card death returns and other than winning one $30 pot, I don't get pushed any more. I leave after 2.5 total hours down $620 overall. Get this- since the peak in early April, I'm down $4700. No lie, it hurts. I may or may not play tomorrow. If my ex wants to, then I will, but if I don't feel like it when I wake up in the morning I won't. I'm still planning on playing next week at Meskwaki for the MSPT so I may end up punting the remainder of my bankroll after all. At least I don't need this money and I have a good job. Positive thoughts.

  90. So, I did not play today. My ex did but she didn't call me beforehand so I had no motivation. She didn't last long so we hung out when she got done, which means we probably wouldn't have if I had played. A player with whom I am an acquaintance won it, so good for him. Next session will indeed be next week up at Meskwaki. Good luck to me!

  91. @zzjitterzz I like your progression. Its sounds like you play solid and you're getting closer in these tourneys. Hang tough.

  92. I have made a decision. I will not be playing at Meskwaki next Tuesday, only on Thursday. It didn't make sense to play on Tuesday because I have a friend's birthday that night I must attend, so I'd only be able to play the $65 satellite and maybe a little cash. Instead, I'll play in my room to see if I can make a little money to use on Thursday. This saves me about 2 hours of driving, too. I'm going to play the $250 qualifier no matter what on Thursday, so I don't need to play the satellite and this way I could potentially make more money. Also, I can play longer because of not having to be on the road for so damn long. Win-win, in my book.

  93. Oh yeah, and the bad beat went off in my room earlier tonight, right before I got off. It was quad tens beaten by a Royal Flush on thew $2/5 table. It was full of regs so I know that money will stay in the local poker economy. No, I didn't deal it, it happened about an hour after I got done dealing at that table. I'm just not going to deal it. One of our veteran dealers did it, and the losing hand/big end winner won the big end of a bad beat about a year and a half ago. I'm familiar with almost all the players that were at the table, so I can only hope they spread some tip money around over the next few days. It's happened once before, so at least I know that's possible, lol.

  94. I think we've all dreamed of hitting the big bad beat. I had a royal flush draw that busted and cost me about $100 here at a American Legion Hall Indianapolis. But from reading my mans blog,I recouped and ended up winning $270 in that same game at the American Legion. There's nothing better than walking in with $280 in walking out with $560.

    You guys should all keep grinding and stay tuned two boys like this that help you get better.

  95. @NineTenHearts I apologize for the typos in the previous reply.

  96. @zzjitterzz - I don't know what to tell you about being down $4,700. You play a lot of tournaments and the variance is really high in those. I'd look closely at the cash game results and see what you win rate in big blinds per hour is over that time for each game that you play. That will give you a much better idea of how you are doing in general and even then it's likely going to be a really small sample size in terms of hours played. Hope you run well at the MSPT buddy!


  97. @zzjitterzz - You talk about a hand where you got stacked. If you don't mind, I'm going to critique your play.

    "I straddled, he called UTG+1, a couple of other players called, and I raised to $19 with AhJh. He and 2 others called. Flop was Q-3-Q one heart. I c-bet $40, he raised to $100, others fold. Turn Th. I shove my remaining ~$120, he snap-calls with 33 and my multi-way draws are stone dead. "

    I'm assuming it's a button straddle to $4. So, I like the preflop raise.

    On the flop, you have 3 opponents, and you flopped 1 overcard, a backdoor straight and backdoor flush draw on a paired board. I hate your c-bet. With 3 opponents, it is not going to work anywhere near often enough to make betting profitable over the long term. You have ace high on a board that isn't going to hit you very often and 3 opponents who limp-called the straddle preflop, so at least one of them is likely to have a pocket pair and look you up when you c-bet. Yes, you have 2 backdoor draws, so there are a lot of good turn cards that will allow you to barrel, but I don't think just that is enough to justify a c-bet. And honestly means that this flop is also a good one to consider a delayed c-bet those times when you pick up equity on the turn.

    Once the guy raises you to $100, WTF are you thinking calling him? You have Ace high, you beat nothing, you have backdoor draws that on a paired board might be worthless. Let it go and save those 30 big blinds.


  98. @DapPoker Dave it was a UTG straddle, the only kind allowed in my room. A lot of people limped so I was trying to thin the field. The villain was from Florida and we had never played together before. I've gotten into a pattern where I c-bet 100% of the time, maybe that's where I made the biggest mistake. After the flop, I figured if no one hit it, I would take it down. I honestly put him on something that missed- suited Aces, KJ, KT, K9, JT, and middle pairs. I discounted QJ and QT type hands because of the two on the board. 33 never entered my mind. I thought the raise was him playing back at me with a middle pair. I knew I was behind but I didn't think I was drawing stone dead. The ten of hearts on the turn was a killer. If a blank falls, I'm getting away from it. He called a not-insignificant raise from early position with a small pair and got lucky, what am I going to do?

  99. @zzjitterzz - okay with a UTG straddle, I can see raising to thin the field with AJ suited. Not sure about the number of limpers, but with at least 3 calls of the straddle, I'd go bigger than $19, I'd probably make it more like $24 or even $29. Assuming that there are just 3 calls of the straddle and 2 of them are from the blinds, then there is already $16 in the pot and it costs them $15 to call your $19 raise. That's not a bad price to try to stack someone who has an additional $220 behind with a small to medium pair or a suited connector.

    I really do think that the flop is where you made your mistake. Against 1 player, I'm C-betting 100% when I hit and something like 60% when I miss, I choose boards that favor my range. With 2 opponents, my C-bet % when I miss is much lower -- something like 25%. With 3 or more, it's basically nonexistent because the C-bet when you miss is a bluff and it's really, really unlikely for a bluff against 3 players to work. So, C-betting there is just burning money. Like I said the board is good for your range (the high card being paired means the flop probably missed your opponents) and you can turn a lot of equity. So, if the flop checks through, you have chances for a delayed c-bet when you pick up equity on the turn from one of your backdoor draws. So, I think that's the line I would take instead of a flop C-bet.

    As far as calling the raise, I think it's a HUGE mistake. You say that you thought "the raise was him playing back at me with a middle pair" I ran the hand through Equilab. If we give him just JJ to 22 (so we are including the 33 he actually had), then you have 30% equity there. The pot is about $220 and it costs you $60 more to call. Based on your read of middle pair, you are barely getting the right immediate price to call and you are going to have to fold a lot of turns. Plus, you are playing out of position, which means you are going to have more trouble actually realizing your equity in the hand. Given that, I think you have to fold to the raise. I agree you can get away from a blank turn, so the 10 of hearts sucked given his actual holding. But, realistically, you made the mistake before that turn card came out.

    One other thing, you say "He called a not-insignificant raise from early position with a small pair and got lucky, what am I going to do?" He had called the straddle -- which I assume is $4, then had a number of other calls (let's say 3 others), and a raise to $19. Assuming both blinds called the straddle, that is $19+4+4+4+4 in the pot -- for $35 total and it costs him $15 to play. He's got position on the person who raised and the raiser has about $220 behind. That $220 is about 15 times the $15 he has to call preflop to set mine -- I think Ed Miller recommends set mining if you can get 15 to 20 times the amount of the raise preflop. I like to use something like 15 times what I have to call preflop. So, with just your raise and his $4 call of the straddle, he is getting the right price to set mine. Plus, there is an additional $20 in the pot already, and once he calls as the next to act, he can expect to get a call or 2 behind. So, honestly, he didn't "get lucky", he took a calculated risk getting the right price to do it and that risk paid off.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh. But, you are going through a downswing, so you need to have your feet held to the fire on hands like this.


  100. @DapPoker @zzjitterzz I agree 100% with the Dave. The continuation bet is not bad at all and, with a flop like that, should have worked. However, when the Floridian raised, you should have known there was trouble brewing.

    We all misplay hands. Paying the price on this particular hand may save you far far more money somewhere down the road.

  101. Played in my room earlier today, just for fun. My ex texted me this morning not really wanting to go, but I offered to buy brunch, so she came along. Afterwards, I went upstairs to get into a brand new $1/2 NLHE game before the tournament. Pretty steady session- I never got out of line, nor did anyone else, really. I honestly played it pretty snug after being kind of a donk in my last session. The guy to my left busted & left, and was replaced with my ex. She went on a bit of a run, thankfully not at my expense, turning her $100 into about $250. She was also able to witness my big hand- with KcTc, I called a small raise from late position. Flop was Ac-Qc-Jc. I flopped a Royal Flush! My first live Royal! Anyway, my opponent bet $15, and I smooth called. He checked the turn, I checked behind. He bet $25 on the river, I raised to $60, he folded. I flipped over my hand and bemoaned my lack of huge pot with my flopped Royal. My ex commented that I would have gotten her stack because she apparently had two clubs but folded pre. Obviously no bonus, lol. That was my peak, up about $75 or so. It went downhill after that and I don't think I won another significant pot. The game broke right before the tournament started, and I cashed out down $20. The tourney wasn't very good, frankly- I folded QQ face up when I got reraised preflop and on the flop. That took about a third of my starting stack. My ex bet 90% of her stack then folded when she got shoved on, thinking a flush came in. She busted next hand when she put her 1 remaining blind in and lost. She rebought and went to a different table. I called an all-in with 66 after opening with it, and ran into 88. I got the straight draw sweat on the turn but blanked. Then I got my remaining chips in with TT, got called by AK, and got Barry Greenstein'ed- Ace on the River. I re-entered and drew my exact same table & seat, but thankfully it quickly broke. My new table was active so I was hopeful for a double. Lost a few small hands to get down to t3900 at first break, or 6.5bbs. I found AdKd OTB and shoved, getting called by Js9s. Flop was K-T-9 one spade. Turn was 8s for the maximum sweat, but the river blanked and I get the full double. The blinds went up and I was still short, so I shoved AJo UTG+1 and got called by the big stack in the big blind holding 55. Nothing on the flop, turn, or river and I lose the race to bust. My ex has built a nice stack on the neighboring table, but i don't stick around to watch her. I text her good luck and go home. About 2 hours later she texts me that she got 6th. She cashes an awful lot- I've had 1 in the past six months, but she's had at least a half dozen. My next play will be Thursday at Meskwaki for a MSPT qualifier and cash games. wish me luck!

  102. @zzjitterzz Good luck at the MSPT!!!

  103. I came the closest to dealing the bad beat today than I ever have- I don't remember the specific hands, but we needed the ten of clubs for two qualifying straight flushes, and when I turned over the burn cards, it was there, AS THE LAST BURN CARD. I was one thin card away from dealing it. Gah! So close! Maybe someday.

  104. Played the MSPT at Meskwaki casino earlier today, both a $250 qualifier to the $1100 main event and cash games. First, the qualifier. I got there about midway through the first level, bought in, and sat down. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it was one of the last tables, so I wouldn't be moving. That's the initial good news. I did not run well in the beginning. I lost hands and blinded down to t4450, about a third of my t12k starting stack, in level 3, t150/300/25, when I looked down at 77 and shoved. Ak called me and the race was off. A 7 appeared on the flop! I got the full double and then some up to t8800. I was playing a really patient, tight game, which means I wasn't gaining too many chips. At the first break, I had t8600, or about 14 big blinds when we came back to t300/600/100, so I still had to shove. The next hand I played was in the SB. A shorty shoved for t5400 with 99, I overshoved for t7100 with JJ, and the big blind folded an Ace face-up. No 9s on the board- a river Ace made the BB cringe- and I get enough for a double up to t14,100. I lost a chunk to a player that looks a lot like Dutch Boyd when his KJo caught a bigger piece of the board than my Ad7d did, but I got a lot of those back when I shoved JJ over his 2.5x open and he tank-folded. I still had only 15bbs at t500/1000/100. Still playing patient and waiting for ideal spots. The next big hand I played was about an hour later at t1k/2k/300- I shoved 8bbs (t16k) with KcTc- the same hand with which I flopped a Royal Flush on Tuesday. A player shoved over the top with TT and I was in trouble, that is, until the K-x-K flop! I had him drawing dead and I got another more than double up to t38k. I had just under that at the second break- t36,500, but that would be only 12bbs coming back to t1.5k/3k/500. In the BB, I didn't have to call any additional chips to a guy who had less that 1bb holding T5 vs. his As7s. I got a pair and all of his chips, plus the antes. I then had QQ and got it all-in against another shorty's 88, but he turned an 8 to double through me. I didn't panic, though, and continued to play patient. Later in the BB, I had K2 and checked. Flop had a king & I called a bet. Turn blanked & we both checked. River was another king and I lead out with a bet he could call with his big stack, and he did. My trips were good and I collected the pot. We were on the bubble for what seemed like an eternity but I used the time to chip up and gain some security with a big stack. Finally, a player busted on the other table and the remaining 19 of us got seats! I immediately sold mine for $1000. The $740 profit is my biggest positive result since this spring. It feels good to get off the snide and book a big win.
    I went to eat before possibly dipping my toe in cash games. I had to get on the list as there were no open seats. One opened up on $2/5 NLHE, so I took it. I was a little up and mostly down session. I got AA three times but only one twice, and the one that I lost I checked the river back on a wet board and my opponent turned a straight. I was really card dead. I should have just gone home after the tournament win but I was there to play. I also should have left the game before I did because it got short and rocky but I stuck around because my ex was due to deal it and, yes, I wanted to see her. We couldn't socialize because of the work rules up there so this was my only opportunity to have any contact. I ended up leaving 2/3rds of the way through her down because I had to get home. I left down $145 but I was still very positive for the day. One of these times, I'm going to take the entire weekend off and play the main event. I feel I could get multiple tickets through the qualifiers and just sell the ones I don't use, essentially freerolling it. I'm going to make that happen.

  105. @zzjitterzz - congrats on a nice profit for the trip!!!

  106. Dealt a king-high straight flush in hearts today in the $2/5 game. Looks like the 31st since February, and the first in over 3 weeks. With the onset of sudden cold weather here, our business has increased, and I'm getting overtime. Not a lot, like 30-45 minutes each, but it's happened 5 or 6 times in the past 2 and a half weeks, and it's going to continue- Sunday and next Wednesday are likely to be busy. Good time to bank some money!

  107. Dealt a Royal Flush in hearts in the Omaha8 game today, so it wouldn't have paid a bonus, but that's 32 since February.

  108. Played in my room earlier today. I had been meaning to play the tournament since I did so well up at Meskwaki almost 3 weeks ago, thinking my tournament game is strong right now. My ex called me but her money is tight right now so I staked her. I played some $3/6 limit before the tourney just for fun, and while I lost $36, I did have fun. In the tournament, I played a patient, TAG-style game, and it paid off. I had AA and KK hold up for decent pots in the first few levels, so by the first break I had t18,700, or more the 3x the starting stack. I continued to run pure- TT held for a nice pot- and basically stealing with timely aggression, building my stack up to t77k at the second break. We had 17 players left and I was in a good position to make a deep run. My ex was out by then but sat down and played cash while I grinded the tournament. And what a grind it was- the play got noticeably better and nobody would bust- I double up a shorty on the bubble but still made the final table and the cash! With nine left, another player's Ace was exposed during the deal, so when I looked at KJo, I shoved. That player called with ATo, saying he would have had Aces. His hand held so I was knocked down to 11bbs. I played patient, tho, so I didn't shove with just any two cards, waiting until I had some showdown value and thereby picking up blinds occasionally. At the third break, I had t100k, which was above average, but it was only 5bbs coming back and we still had 7 players! The super short stacks finally blinded out, and 4-handed I won a huge pot A9o>KQo to bust the 4th place guy and take a huge chip lead. Then, it just went all wrong- against the toughest player left, I got it all in with Ah8h against his Ac3c, and he hits a 3 to double up with a 3-outer. That was for 90% of the chips in play. Left with crumbs, I got it all-in again a few hands later also against him with QJo versus his Q6o, and he hits a 6 for another 3-outer. These used to be the bane of my existence and I guess they're rearing their ugly head again. Oh, well. I'll get 'em next time. I finished 3rd for a $431 payout. I tipped the $31, so after subtracting the buy-in and my cash losses, it was still a little bit more than a $300 profit. Not bad, and it's another nice win after 6 months of losses. My poker log graph finally has a couple of upticks on it, lol. My ex cashed out and we ate dinner to celebrate. i look forward to continuing to score some nice wins, but I don't feel a great need to play right away.

  109. @zzjitterzz - nothing you are going to do about those 2 hands at the final table. You put yourself in good position to take it down and that's the key. If you keep doing that, you will log some big wins.


  110. @DapPoker I agree Dave. If given that exact same circumstance, I wouldn't change my play at all. I'm really happy with how I played all day. I feel my tournament game is strong right now and I will eventually take one down. It just clicked while I was playing at Meskwaki, so I'm hoping to continue playing at a top level for many months.

  111. @zzjitterzz - awesome. I hope you do as well. Crush some tourneys and build that bankroll back up buddy!

  112. So on Monday, my ex suggested I buy the Masterclass all-access pass while they had a 2-for-1 sale, so I did. Masterclass is an online study course from dozens of teachers, one of which is Daniel Negreanu. I screwed up something, tho, because the membership didn't go through. But, after several emails back and forth by both of us, we got it working. She said she already completed the course and to demonstrate, she came in and played today, leaving with a nice profit. I've started the course and found it very informative. Some of the concepts I already knew, some of them I needed a refresher, and others are new concepts to me. I look forward to completing it and strengthening my game even further!

  113. @zzjitterzz I really respect how your game is progressing. I spent the month of November relocating to Las Vegas so I would have replied to your comment sooner... you played well and there was nothing you could do about anything at that final table! Nice work, man!

    Hey does anyone know where to go or where to stay away from here in Las Vegas? Tough poker here...

  114. Dealt a Queen-high straight flush today. It was 6 cards long, in fact. It was to a gentleman who would have tipped well had we still paid a bonus, but that was 33 since we haven't, and the first in almost 3 weeks. Still no closer to dealing the bad beat, however.

  115. Dealt an 8-high straight flush today, so they're coming in bunches. 34 since February.

  116. Played at my casino earlier, both tournament and cash. I got a bonus check on Friday so I had some extra fun money. I didn't think my ex was available today but to my surprise she called me and said she'd like to play. I didn't start off with very many playable hands- in the first hour, I won with KQ against AJo when I got a king on the flop, JJ won on a 9-high board. I lost half my stack when I called from the SB with A4o after several limps and the flop came Ace-high. Everybody checked the flop, I bet the turn, got 1 caller, and she shoved on the king river. I called and she had AKo. Nice play, I guess. That table broke and I was moved to the one where my ex had a decent stack. I had to shove because I was in the stack size danger zone, so I shoved AdJd and picked up the blinds. The next hand, in the BB, I looked at 88 and shoved after 5 people limped. One of the limpers overshoved and he revealed KK. Nice limp, dude. No help on the flop or turn but a miracle 8 on the river doubled me right before the first break. Justice! I had t11,000, which would be 19bbs coming back, so I couldn't rest on my laurels. I saw AhQh and shoved, getting called by KJo. A stupid King flops, I get a fourth heart on the turn but no ace or heart and I'm down to crumbs. Not long after I see QQ and push, again getting called by KJo. This time, both a king and a jack come, I turn a straight draw, but no saving card on the river and I'm done. I get on the cash list and wait. About a half hour later, they open a new table. It was kind of limited action and I wasn't hitting any hands, so I asked for a table change and added on $100. I went to buy a pastry and when I came back, a seat at the other table was open. I was familiar with many of the players and was ready to play back at them and have some fun. I was able to bluff them off some pots to get back to close to even. I then remembered this was fun money, so after a $4 straddle and a $12 blind raise, blind re-raised to $25. I didn't win that hand but man, was it fun. I blind raised one other hand but didn't win that one either, so I stopped doing that. I was down just a bit when my ex finished 5th, so I racked up and left to go eat dinner with her. I lost a little bit today but I had a blast. Looking forward to playing again, maybe just a bit less maniacal next time. Or not, lol.

  117. Played in my casino again earlier today, probably for the last time this year. Next week is Christmas and the week after is New Year's Day, so I'm unlikely to play either of those days. My ex called me and joined me. The only open seat in a cash game before the tourney was in $3/6 limit so I sat down with $100 and proceeded to lose almost every hand to bust that buy-in in 15 minutes, lol. I don't remember any specific hands but I do know I got rivered at least once and runner-runnered once, too. Anyway, on to the tournament. My ex and I got seats across from each other at the same table. I was mostly card dead, but I played patient and picked my spots. Using my tight image, I raised Ah7h on the button and got 1 caller. Flop was all hearts, he checked, I continued, and he folded. That was my only big win and my peak- about t8k. My ex busted in strange fashion- I guess she was just trying to pick up the blinds by shoving with K5 suited, but she got called down by a superior hand and didn't catch. I thought she re-entered but then I didn't see her anymore after that. After re-entry closed, I committed ICM suicide by raising to t2200 after a couple of limpers at t400bb with AJo. The SB slammed all of his chips in the middle, so I knew he was strong, but for some reason I can't explain now, I called. He did indeed have AKo and I was left with crumbs. Two hands later, I shove with AhJh but lose to bust. On to cash games! I got into a new game with action players, an ideal situation. I had AKo flop top 2 and T5o flop trips and river quads, but somehow I was still stuck a little. The rest of that buy-in went bye-bye when holding Ah7s saw a flop of 8h-9h-4h against one other player. I checked, he bet $35, I raised to $100, he called. Turn was a Ks and I insta-shoved. He tanked but called with Kh4s. The Ad river didn't help and I had to re-buy. I never recovered and was still card dead so I called it a day, down $375. When I came home, I completed my poker log for the year, and the results are depressing. Until today, I was up in NL cash, but down in all other categories- tournaments, PLO cash, and other cash. But today's bad results put me in the negative for all of them. I finished down a little over $3300 for the year, and from my peak in early April, down over $4500. Kind of depressing but I can put that behind me and hope for a better 2019!

  118. Dealt TWO straight flushes today. The first one was to a loose, action player who flopped a jack-high SF in clubs, checked twice, but didn't get called on his river shove. The board was paired, too, but alas, I cannot deal the bad beat. Had we still paid bonuses, I know he would have tipped well. The other was in the Omaha 8 game, where a player caught a 1 outer on the turn to make a Royal flush in hearts. That's 35 and 36 since February. I'm going to restart this count in 2019 when I start a new thread-blog.

  119. So I broke down my tournament numbers from the past year. They are as follows:

    At my home casino, Prairie Meadows, I entered 20 tournaments. Three of those I entered twice, and one I entered three times, for a total of 25 entries. Each one was $60, so that's $1500 in total entry cost. I cashed 4 times- on March 6th, I got 3rd for $364, April 17th I got 9th for 113.50, September 11th I finished 5th for $213, and on November 20th I finished 3rd for $431, for a total of $1121.50 (before tip). That puts me at -$378.50 net for there.

    At the nearby casino, Meskwaki, I entered 5 tournaments. Two were the $20 Tuesday rebuy, one at $35, and one at $60. One was a satellite to a MSPT qualifier ($65), and two were those qualifiers ($260 each), for a total of $680. I cashed twice- I chopped the March 20th rebuy 5-ways for $365, and I won a seat in the November 1st qualifier and immediately sold it for $1000, for a total of $1365. That means I'm +$685 there. If it wasn't such a dead room and an hour drive away, I'd play there more often.

    Elsewhere, I did not fare well at all. In fact, away from central Iowa, I had no cashes. They are- Planet Hollywood in Vegas, I entered two $130 tournaments, both in the same day. The first one was a Dealer's Choice where I made the final table of 7 but went out there and they were paying 4. I entered the WSOP Event #1, the Casino Employees event for $565, but went out in 3 hours, well short of the money. And at the Wynn, I played a $140 noon daily but busted quickly for no profit. Therefore Las Vegas was a -$965 loss. I also played 2 tournaments at Harrah's North Kansas City in September, a $135 pro bounty and a $180 deepstack, neither of which resulted in a cash (Had I made a dumb call with Q2o in the pro bounty, I would have busted our table bounty and collected his mystery prize, which turned out to be $1000. Grrrr! LOL). That means Kansas City was -$315, the total for other locations was -$1280, and my overall 2018 tournament net before tips was $973.50. *sigh* If there's one specific area I'm determined to improve in 2019, it's tournaments. I know they're high variance, but I believe the recent things I've learned will help and I know I can and will do better.

  120. I dealt a straight flush sometime in the past week. I don't remember what suit or game, but I know I did after the day I dealt two, so I'm counting it, the 37th since February.